• My Family Was Asked to Do a Reality Show

    first_imgThough her family might not bring the drama that reality TV fans are used to seeing, the Christmas Town actress admitted that producers have floated the idea to her once before.“We were approached for reality [TV], but a long time ago and it just wasn’t something that works for us,” Cameron Bure explained. “I’ve never been approached for Housewives [or] anything, nor have I ever seen a Housewives show. [I] don’t think that one’s for me.”Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Her Family Was Approached About Doing Their Own Reality ShowCandace Cameron Bure Broadimage/ShutterstockThe Dancing With the Stars season 18 alum wed hockey player Valeri Bure in June 1996 after being introduced by her Full House costar Dave Coulier at a charity sports event. The duo went on to welcome three children: daughter Natasha, 22, and sons Lev, 20, and Maksim, 18. While spending time together at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, Cameron Bure and her family have been trying to make the most of a difficult circumstance.- Advertisement – “It totally tested us, but in the best of ways,” the Dancing Through Life author told Us of her quarantine experience with Valeri, 46. “I’ll be honest because we try. We both travel so much. So we were like, ‘This might be the most amount of time we’ve actually spent together in years. This is either going to make us or break us.’ And you know what? It’s made us.”The Emmy nominee has been “really grateful” for the extra time she’s been able to spend with her husband. After more than 20 years of marriage, the couple has only grown “stronger.”“So many things are put in perspective just being at home and then you talk through a lot of things and you realize, ‘What are the things we have to work on? What are the things that are working well?’” she explained to Us. “I’m so grateful for my family time because I’ve re-evaluated my work schedule, the time that I’m away from my family and realized that that was not a good balance for me.”- Advertisement – While the former The View cohost feels lucky to spend time at home with her loving family, she realizes not everyone is as fortunate. For the third year in a row, she’s working with The Salvation Army to bring Christmas magic to millions of families in need across the country.“They do so much good work throughout the year and this year because of the pandemic and COVID things are, are different,” she told Us. “So we’re asking everyone to go to rescuechristmas.org and donate there, or drop a few dollars in when you do see the red kettle or set up a monthly donation. … It really does make a huge difference.”With reporting by Christina GaribaldiListen to Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood as each week the editors of Us break down the hottest entertainment news stories! Sticking to her script. Candace Cameron Bure isn’t sure she and her family are cut out for the reality TV lifestyle.“I don’t think we’re interesting enough to have a reality show around us,” the Fuller House star, 44, joked while speaking to Us Weekly exclusively about her partnership with The Salvation Army. “I think we’re pretty boring.”- Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

  • Trump Pentagon Purge Could Accelerate His Goal to Pull Troops From Afghanistan

    first_imgUpdated Nov. 12, 2020, 7:30 p.m. ET “The president has had difficulty finding personnel who would faithfully execute on his preferences,” Mr. Ruger said in an interview on Friday. With the new Pentagon leadership, “the president could really cement a legacy here,” he said, adding that Mr. Trump “could be the leader who ends America’s longest war.”This week, the American commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Austin S. Miller, traveled to Washington on a previously scheduled trip as officials in both countries braced for a possible announcement as early as next week to quickly reduce the 4,500 United States troops still left in Afghanistan. Mr. Trump has said previously that he wants to pull all troops from Afghanistan by Christmas.With his recent flurry of firings and appointments, Mr. Trump has effectively pulled down a majority of the personnel guardrails against a fast withdrawal.- Advertisement – Critics of an accelerated withdrawal point to logistical challenges of the strategy. Several current and former Pentagon officials have noted that a withdrawal within two months — which seems to be Mr. Trump’s goal — would be challenging, given the amount of military equipment that would have to be shipped out to avoid becoming spoils for the Taliban.“Those in the Pentagon will use the logistics argument to slow this down,” said Dan Caldwell, a senior adviser to Concerned Veterans for America, a group that has strongly influenced veterans’ policies under Mr. Trump. “People there have slow-walked this and tried to box the president in and that likely upset the president and did not endear Secretary Esper to him.”Over the last year, the organization has spent over $3 million on advertisements in support of an Afghanistan withdrawal. Conservative news media personalities, including Tucker Carlson, have also advocated the drawdown. If Mr. Trump actually announces an expedited plan, “we are going to go big,” Mr. Caldwell said.Of course with Mr. Trump, strongly expressed intentions concerning troops often do not come to fruition.After announcing a full troop withdrawal from Syria in late 2018 — and abandoning Kurdish allies, for which he was widely criticized — he opted to leave several hundred troops in Syria.He has also told aides he wanted to greatly reduce the 700 American troops in Somalia — most of them Special Operations forces — and so far that has gone nowhere.Mr. Ruger said the pressure would remain when Mr. Biden takes office.“Regardless of who the president is, we will support good policies,” he said. “Getting out of Afghanistan is good policy.”Thomas Gibbons-Neff contributed reporting from Kabul. Mr. Trump recently nominated a new ambassador to Afghanistan, William Ruger, the vice president for research and policy at the Charles Koch Institute — a vocal and well-financed opponent of current conflicts abroad. Even before any Senate confirmation, which seems unlikely before Inauguration Day, Mr. Ruger maintains a large chair at Mr. Trump’s foreign policy table.- Advertisement – But what many Republicans failed to grasp is that Mr. Trump’s positions on the so-called endless wars were good politics. Rancor toward those conflicts has grown among many conservatives, including those in the Koch circle, as well as libertarians among congressional Republicans and even those on the left, including Senator Bernie Sanders, independent of Vermont, among others.Last year, VoteVets, the liberal political action committee, and the conservative Concerned Veterans for America teamed up to persuade Congress to revoke authorizations of military force passed after Sept. 11. Mr. Trump also replaced the hawkish John R. Bolton with Robert C. O’Brien as his national security adviser. Mr. O’Brien has said the United States needs to redirect its resources from Afghanistan and toward the competition and possible conflicts with China and Russia.Polls have shown that a majority of veterans have grown disenchanted with the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, which helped Mr. Trump earn strong support among veterans who voted in 2016. Many have been disappointed that troops remain deployed in Afghanistan and that other promises to reduce the military presence in other regions have not been fulfilled.Exit polls this month suggest that Mr. Trump won veterans 54 percent to 44 percent; in 2016, the poll found he won veterans 60 percent to 34 percent, a major shift that could stem from a variety of factors including his mixed record on these issues. WASHINGTON — Consistent is not the adjective many would use to describe President Trump’s national security policy. But there is one goal he has nurtured since the 2016 campaign: withdrawing all American troops from Afghanistan.Now, in the waning days of his presidency, Mr. Trump is scrambling to make it so, aided by conservative antiwar forces who see it not only as good policy but also as a linchpin to any future he may seek in politics.- Advertisement –center_img President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. will find himself having to address these political dynamics at home and the realities on the ground as progress toward peace between the Taliban and the Afghan government stalls.Critics of a fast withdrawal before the Taliban meet the conditions of a recent peace agreement fear that any attempt to pull all American troops by year’s end would potentially result in deaths on the ground. Citing recent escalating violence across the county, they worry that the Taliban could succeed at seizing more territory, especially in the south, the group’s historic center of power.“It’s irresponsible to make troop reduction your entire political objective,” said Evelyn N. Farkas, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense. “If you withdraw irresponsibly, you put strategic objectives and military lives at risk.” This week, Mr. Trump dismissed his defense secretary, Mark T. Esper, who had repeatedly expressed reluctance for a fast pullout from Afghanistan, replacing him with Christopher C. Miller, the former director of the National Counterterrorism Center, who may lack the stature and experience to push back effectively on Mr. Trump’s 11th-hour foreign policy actions.Notably, Douglas Macgregor, a retired Army colonel and fierce proponent of ending American involvement in Afghanistan, was named this week as a senior adviser to Mr. Miller. Mr. Trump’s views on reducing the United States’ footprint overseas are long standing and a central component of his “America First” foreign policy agenda. After originally supporting the war in Iraq, he spent years criticizing President George W. Bush for America’s wars in the region. During his 2016 campaign, Mr. Trump astonished fellow Republicans by directly attacking Mr. Bush about the war in Iraq and suggesting he failed to prevent the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. – Advertisement –last_img read more

  • Letters to the Editor for Friday, June 14

    first_imgKerr listens to her Milton constituentsAn important issue that the town of Milton needs to address is the noise from the planet junkyard. My neighbors and I hope something can be done about the noise there. Barbara Kerr has listened to us about our situation, and Barb really cares about our plight. I’m not sure if anything can be done to reduce the noise, but Barb has taken the time to listen to us and understand our problems. Please vote for Barbara Kerr on June 25.Kim WhiteBallston SpaWe must act now to stop bubonic plagueBubonic plague is an acute, severe infectious disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis. The bacterium is found in fleas and wild rodents such as rats and squirrels, and it is on the horizon.Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City. It’s only a matter of time.Inept, corrupt administrations playing got-you politics with the homeless are pushing the United States to a catastrophe.When the children of the middle class start dying, then maybe someone will wake up.Edmond DayRotterdamPolice try to improve our quality of life According to recent articles by the NYCLU, the police are not going to divulge to everyone what weapons or aids they may carry for defense of the public and themselves.As I recall, Article 35 CPL dictates when deadly physical force is justified in detail. The use of other devices depends on many things. Each call is different. Police officers are not the punching bags for the public. If you assault them, they will respond in force.Schenectady Police Department , I believe, does what I call “selective enforcement.” They go where crimes are being committed to reduce them and improve the quality of life for law-abiding citizens in that part of the community. They are not driven by racial prejudice, as inferred. Legalization of marijuana would be especially bad for students. THC disrupts functioning of brain areas controlling memory, balance, coordination, posture and reaction time. Schenectady schools had the lowest graduation rate in the region (58 percent) last year. Obviously marijuana use impairs thinking and ability to learn and perform complicated tasks. Schenectady police are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. They are trying to help improve the quality of life for all citizens. Give them your support.Ray WempleSchenectadyThe writer is a retired sergeant with the Schenectady Police Department.More from The Daily Gazette:Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the census Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionUse trained dogs to protect school kidsGuns and Noses: Should someone carry concealed weapons in schools? Well, if you are a parent whose child was a victim of some fame-seeking psychopath, you might say, “If only someone…”If you are a member of the gun-control group, you might say, “Over my dead body.”That might be an inappropriate thing to say, however.But, how about this: Put one, just one, highly trained police dog in the hands of a competent hall monitor in every school. Why not? Those dogs are faster than a gun-toting retired or off-duty patrolman. In a New York minute, a German Shepard or a Doberman could run down and hold, literally hold, a perpetrator at bay. And, kids, well most kids, like dogs. The students could name their new hall monitor and its handler. What a mascot for the school. “Hey, you should see our new dog. He’s our friend.”  Oh, yes, I know. We would soon have the ‘No dogs parents’ group bull-horning its way into board of education meetings in protest. But, until then, I’ll bet those fame-seeking cowards who prey on our children might think twice about how they are going to take care of those nasty bite marks on their arms and legs. Just sayin’.Allen R. RemaleySaratoga Springslast_img read more

  • Five things you must know before buying Brisbane real estate

    first_imgBuying well in Brisbane takes some insider knowledge. Picture: Tara Croser.Brisbane rocks. We have less severe winters than southern capitals, you can find a carpark within two minutes walk of your destination, dress shorts are acceptable business attire (black thongs for formal wear) and if you jump in your car and pop on Powderfinger’s Double Allergic, you’ll be at the world’s greatest beaches before the hidden track suddenly cuts out.Brisbane property is also a winner. We have a median house price that would barely secure a rancid garage in inner Sydney. In addition, our allotments are so big that scoring a “six and out” in backyard cricket requires a herculean wallop to clear the neighbour’s fence.That said, successfully buying into the Brisbane property market can be perilous without a little insider guidance.Here’s a list of must-knows to help you secure success. Great schools, like Brisbane State High School, add value to surrounding real estate. Photographer: Liam Kidston.4. Schools boost valueState school catchments have never been more important to property investors, Ms Hetherington said.“Public schools that have good reputations, a strong P and C (Parent and Citizens association) and a strong principal. We are finding that there can be upwards of 10 per cent difference from being inside the catchment of those schools rather than outside the catchment.”Ms Hetherington said good examples of desirable state school catchments include Wilston, Bulimba, Brisbane High, Ashgrove, Mansfield and Ironside.5. Brisbane City Plan is a good starting pointBrisbane City Council has thrown open a wealth of information via the City Plan, and it’s all online.“Within the City Plan is a whole lot of information that directly effects and impacts on rentability and future saleability of an investment property,” Ms Hetherington said.“Getting the know how to use that plan and how to interpret the information is one of the best research sources for an out-of-town investor.”City Plan includes information on flooding, overland flows, local zonings and designations as well as planning restrictions and relaxation. Hetherington says aerial photography from 1946 and 2012 can also help confirming what housing is pre- or post-war. Hillside living holds appeal in the capital. Picture: Patria Jannides3. The hills are aliveWhile owners in other cities like the easy stroll afforded by low lying property on a flat topography, Brisbane loves an elevated vantage point. Ms Hetherington said hills are part of Brisbane’s charm with improved airflow and natural light being among the benefits.“So sometimes those areas that are down flat and quite walkable are the areas that might suffer from flooding or rising water.”Orientation and aspect also have a part to play. A north-facing home that catches morning warmth but is shielded from the harsh sunset will always appeal. Ms Hetherington said it even matters if you’re on the north side or south side of town.“South of the river and having that northern view to the city picks up a little more value than perhaps being on the north side with a southern view to the city.”center_img Brisbane’s relaxed lifestyle influences appealing home design: Adam Armstrong1. We live a little differentlyMeighan Hetherington, a director at Property Pursuit Buyers Agent, says investors must avoid imposing out-of-town rules on our Brisbane lifestyle. She says homes that adapt to our love of relaxed outdoor living benefit most.“The important things are the layout of the property and how it flows out to entertaining areas.“We’re also not that fussed about having lockup car accommodation — a carport is quite acceptable. I find a lot of push back from interstate investors not understanding that that’s completely acceptable and won’t negatively impact potential for capital growth or the rentability of a property in Brisbane.”Airconditioning is now essential for owners and renters too, Ms Hetherington said.“Tenants use to be quite satisfied with ceiling fans, but it’s become a must to have it (air conditioning) installed in about the last 18 months.”2. Know your styleCharacter homes differ between Brisbane and the other states Ms Hetherington said.“Brick and tile lowset on concrete slabs are not as well regarded by owner occupiers who are hopefully the future buyer of your property and where your capital growth will come from.Character Queenslanders up on stumps are the most popular, despite potentially higher maintenance costs.“Properties with the tin roofs and the timber walls and the cracks in the walls and the air coming through the window (joinery) — those sorts of properties. While they look like a nightmare to an interstate investor, they’re probably the ones that are most sought after by future buyers,” Ms Hetherington said.More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this home2 hours agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investor8 hours agolast_img read more

  • Investor surge tipped if Labor wins election

    first_imgThe Gold Coast is also a popular destination for investorsBlackwater Real Estate agent Jason Campbell said the rental market was strengthening, with an increase in investor and owner occupier activity in the area.“We went through a tough period at the end of the resources boom in 2012 and bottomed out in 2017 but values are slowly increasing,” he said. “We are even recommending that leases only be for six months at a time as we are seeing rents increasing.”Mr Campbell said they were seeing an increase in interest from interstate investors due to the affordability of housing and strong commitments from mining companies in the region.But he warned that changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax could have dire consequences for regional towns, which often relied on investors to boost the rental pool.“I think those changes will affect us even more than they (Labor) are suggesting,” he said. “Places like this get a lot of investors and people who come here temporarily so any changes would likely stifle the market and create a housing shortage.”He pointed to the housing shortage and exorbitant rents charged in Moranbah at the height of the mining boom.“For people to come to these area, there needs to be houses and there needs to be investors who provide those houses,” he said.Recent vacancy rate analysis by REIQ showed vacancy rates across many regional towns were trending downwards, including Toowoomba, Fraser Coast, Gladstone, Townsville and Cairns. Chelsey worked two jobs while studying law full time to buy her first investment property. She and her partner had planned to buy another one in 12 months, but will fast-track those plans if there is a change of government. Picture: NIGEL HALLETTRecovering mining towns are offering value for investors keen to take a punt on the property market, while some of Brisbane’s most affordable suburbs have come out on top.Buyers agent Daniel Walsh said now was the “hour to invest”.“Unless investors buy new properties — and most smart ones don’t — then that taxation benefit will no longer be around (if Labor wins office),” he said.Brisbane buyers agent Nathan Wunsch of Property Pursuit said he expected to see an increase in investor activity if there was a change of government, with many investors holding off until after the election.“I would say that we might also find some people trying to liquidate their assets, and others trying to get in on the back of that, so it could also be a good time for buyers trying to get in to the market,” he said.MCG Quantity Surveyors managing director Mike Mortlock said the vast majority of investors were families with only one or two properties, often retaining their first home and upsizing or downsizing to another property.They are the “accidental investors”, he said.Terry Ryder of Hotspotting said would-be investors should look at solid markets like the Sunshine Coast, which remained affordable and benefited from a number of major growth drivers. A cartoon from back in 2016 when the policy was first pitched. Cartoon: Warren Brown.The Courier Mail has crunched the numbers, and taken a look at median values, rental yields and vacancy rates across the state. Pauline Hanson dines with voters at the Pit Pony in CollinsvilleCollinsville Real Estate principal Eileen Meyer said she had been seeing increased investor activity over the past six months, and more young families making the move to the Bowen Basin township.“We are seeing more hits (on listings) and people from outside of the region watching our market,” she said. “Those people who already have properties, a lot of them are also hanging on to them because they are getting good rental returns.“Those tenants are contractors looking for long term leases … young families with hubby in the mines not wanting to do the commute anymore and getting rental subsidies to stay locally.”But Ms Meyer warned that new stock would be needed as projects, like Adani, got the green light.“Without it, there will be a shortage of housing,” she said. TBrisbane skyline (REIQ). (AAP Image/Darren England) Local agents pointed to new developments in the area, which are attracting younger tenants and investors.In terms of houses, Richlands came in a close second with a rental yield of 5.2 per cent. The median asking rent in Richlands is $430 a week, with the median house value sitting at an affordable $428,000.But the number of houses available for rent are limited, with only three listed on realestate.com, auThe suburb with the highest median house value in the top 10 was Nudgee with $620,000.Houses in that area have a median asking rent of $575 a week equating to an indicative rental yield of 4.8 per cent.Ray White agent Renee Rennie said the Nudgee-Banyo area was very popular with both local and interstate investors due to its proximity to the airport, major arterials, good schools and amenities. In Brisbane, one of the best performing suburbs for rental yields is also one of the city’s most affordable areas.Ellen Grove, which is about 20km southwest of the CBD, boasts the region’s highest indicative rental yield and one of the lowest median house vales.The median house value is currently $296,500 — the Greater Brisbane median house value is $531,000 — but those houses have a median asking rent of $315 per week, or a rental yield of 5.5 per cent. This Nudgee house is on the market for $664,500She said the majority of interstate investors were “younger generation investors” who could not afford to buy in their home city. Those buyers are often labelled ‘rentvestors’.Local investors, she said, generally lived within the suburb and knew they could get a good rental yield.For units, Robertson, Kuraby and Taigum came out on top, with rental yields between 6.6 per cent and 7 per cent.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus13 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market13 hours agoFor Greater Brisbane, the entire top 10 list of suburbs for highest rental yields were for units, with Beachmere, Raceview, Caboolture and Woodridge taking out the top five spots.REIQ data shows that Brisbane’s vacancy rate remained steady at 2.5 per cent in the March quarter, while Greater Brisbane saw vacancy rates tighten from 2.3 per cent to 2.2 per cent.The Moreton Bay region had the tightest vacancy rate at 1.7 per cent. A small town southwest of Bowen currently boasts the state’s highest rental yield.Collinsville, which has experienced the highs and lows of the various mining booms, could again be sitting on a property goldmine, with a host of new mining and green energy projects underway or in the pipeline.House values tanked from a high of $250,750 in 2008 to a low of $80,000 in the last quarter, with five homes currently listed for under $100,000 on realestate.com.auThat means landlords who picked up a house for around $80,000 can command a median asking rent of $298 a week — a whopping indicative gross rental yield of 19.3 per cent based on current values.Rents have jumped by $98 a week, up from $200 in 2017, but vacancy rates remain high. *** QUEENSLAND TOP 10 SUBURBS WITH THE HIGHEST INDICATIVE RENTAL YIELDS — GREATER BRISBANE At the peak of the mining boom, some Moranbah houses were being rented for in excess of $1000 a week. This house could be yours for $179,000. A Shorten Labor government would restrict negative gearing to investors who have bought newly built dwellings and halve the capital gains tax. Picture: THINKSTOCKPROPERTY experts are predicting a likely surge in investor activity if Labor wins the federal election — and it’s got nothing to do with buyers supporting their policies.A Shorten Labor government would restrict negative gearing to investors who have bought newly built dwellings and halve the capital gains tax, with the changes expected to start next January.Properties purchased before then will be grandfathered, with industry experts predicting investors will move swiftly to ensure they retain the current concessions. Hotspotting property analyst Terry Ryder.He said Cairns was another place to consider, saying that market “is promising”, and Mackay and some Central Queensland markets were showing signs of recovery.Townsville and Toowoomba were also worth a look, as was Gladstone, which suffered a significant blow during the resources downturn.But he said yield was not the only factor to consider, saying places like Collinsville still had high vacancy rates.“Resources towns are often high risk,” he said. In the southeast, Mr Ryder said Brisbane was “like a car revving strongly with the handbrake on” but it had all of the right ingredients for an upturn.He said Moreton Bay, in general, was a strong performer.*** BRISBANE/GREATER BRISBANE TOP 10 SUBURBS WITH THE HIGHEST INDICATIVE RENTAL YIELDS — BRISBANE- HOUSES Collinsville 2019Snapping at the heels of Collinsville was Beachmere, a bayside suburb north of Brisbane.Popular with retirees and downsizing Baby Boomers, 10 units sold in Beachmere during the last quarter, recording a median value of $91,000.But the majority of those units were located in an over 50s community.Beachmere Real Estate agent Paul Culley said outside of the retirement living sector, there weren’t too many units hitting the local market.“Newer ones tend to get snapped up quickly,” he said.Of the top 20 towns with the highest indicative gross rental yield, many were in resource regions where values have fallen but rents have remained strong.Blackwater — a coal mining town in the Central Highlands — had the third highest rental yield with 14.4 per cent.Median asking rents have increased by $45 a week, rising from $205 in 2017 to $250 last quarter, according to CoreLogic’s Market Trends report.Vacancy rates are at 5.5 per cent and falling.last_img read more

  • NZ First to put forward bill stripping paedophile name suppression

    first_imgStuff co.nz 25 March 2015A new bill to remove name suppression from paedophiles when the victims want their attacker named, is to be introduced to Parliament by NZ First.Leader Winston Peters, who is in Northland campaigning as for the by-election in which he is a candidate, announced the new policy today.He said there had been many cases of sexual violence where the offender hid “behind a cloak of secrecy imposed on the basis that secrecy protects the victim”.“In cases where the victim wants exposure of the crime and not secrecy, the sub-judice rule, name suppression and the legal cone of silence will be removed.“In addition to this measure, we will also introduce a sex offender register, so parents and families can know if one of these offenders is in their community or in their neighbourhood,” Peters said.It’s not yet clear what draft form the legislation is in, or whether it would only apply in cases of child abuse or for all cases of sexual abuse.http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/politics/67503976/NZ-First-to-put-forward-bill-stripping-paedophile-name-suppressionlast_img read more

  • BCPO rolls out 2 ordinances to stem COVID-19 spread

    first_imgAnyone who will be found violating the ordinance shall be penalized P500 or serve an eight-hour community service in the barangay where the person resides within the next 24 hours from his apprehension. If the violator is not a resident of this city, then he/she shall be fined P1,000, the ordinance cited. The second ordinance, meanwhile, requires the wearing of face masks and application of physical distance mandatory in all public areas during this COVID-19 pandemic. An individual who will be caught violating the order shall be penalized P200 or serve an eight-hour community service. If the violator is not a resident of this city, then he/she shall be fined P300. These are the “non-social ordinance” and “face mask and social distancing ordinance.” BACOLOD City – The city police office is set to implement two city ordinances for the enhancement of preventive measures against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The first order states that all residents of the city from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. every day during the period of emergency are prohibited in public places. BCPO spokesperson, Police Chief Inspector Ariel Pico. DOMINIQUE GABRIEL G. BAÑAGA/PN Pico advised the public to follow the health protocols to avoid the charges./PN Bacolod City Police Office spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Ariel Pico said they can start implementing the ordinances once they receive the copies and the citation tickets.According to Pico, there were almost 5,000 individuals caught violating the health protocols against the spread of the viral illness.For now, persons who will be apprehended for violating the non-social, wearing of face masks and physical distancing rules will face charges for violation of Article 151 of the Revised Penal Code, or resistance and disobedience to a person in authority or the agents of such person, he said.last_img read more

  • Elliott completes drive to checkers at Dodge City’s SportMod Mayhem

    first_imgBy Lonnie Wheatley  DODGE CITY, Kan. (Aug. 24) – Robert Elliott became the fifth different winner of Dodge City Race­way’s IMCA SportMod Mayhem event by racing to victory lane in Saturday night’s 30-lap feature. Robert Elliott took the $1,000 checkers at Dodge City Raceway Park’s sixth annual IMCA SportMod Mayhem. (Photo by Lonnie Wheatley) Elliott pocketed $1,000 by winning the sixth annual event after taking command at midway and holding off Dakota Sproul and Blaine Walt.  Robert Elliott made his way to third by the fourth round behind Walt and Sproul and then pounced on the second position following a lap seven restart.  He stalked Walt over the ensuing rounds before battling into the lead on the 16th circuit  Feature results – 1. Robert Elliott; 2. Dakota Sproul; 3. Blaine Walt; 4. Troy Boynum; 5. Jeff Kaup; 6. Matthew Crowell; 7. Mitch Boesel; 8. Mike Roach; 9. Brendyn Nordyke; 10. Brian May; 11. Shay Simoneau; 12. Race Elliott; 13. Freddy McCoy; 14. Kyle Wiens; 15. Shannon Maughlin; 16. Ryan Kirchoff; 17. Mike Lunow; 18. Jarett Lunow; 19. Kaleb Roach; 20. Brandon Wise. Sproul moved into second behind Elliott on a restart and pressured for the point the rest of the way, working the high side as Elliott circled the bottom of the track.  Elliott was up to the task, keep­ing his chasers at bay all the way to the checkered flag. Elliott crossed the stipe ahead of Sproul, who raced from ninth, with Walt on the podium in third. Troy Boynum was fourth with Jeff Kaup racing from 12th to round out the top five. Race Elliott and Ryan Kirchoff led the way to the initial green flag. Robert Elliott worked his way forward from seventh with Walt bolting from fourth to take the lead away from Race Elliott on the second lap.last_img read more

  • 16 educator grants awarded locally

    first_imgLawrenceburg, IN—The Dearborn County Retired Teachers Foundation recently awarded sixteen educator grants to teachers in both the local public and private schools.  These grants are for projects which would not otherwise be funded because of budgetary shortfalls. Christie Andres and Christina Lecher will be able to purchase books for their Port Chicago 50 Project at the Sunman-Dearborn Middle School.  This was because of a generous donation from the Betty McLaughlin Endowment.Heather Lunsford, Sunman Elementary, will have Flexible Seating provided by Haag Ford.Barb Katenkamp, North Dearborn Elementary, will be able to purchase books for her One School, One Book project.  Katenkamp’s project was paid for by the Dearborn County Retired Teachers Foundation.Valley Utilities sponsored Beth McClamroch’s Stand Up for Education alternative seating project at Bright Elementary.Hayley Miller, Sunman Elementary, was sponsored by Maxwell Construction.  Her project, STEM Tinker Crate Class Set, will help the third-grade classes meet state standards for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).The Dearborn County Retired Teachers Foundation will fund Brenda Osman’s Playschool at East Central High School.Lauren White, a French teacher at East Central High School, will have materials for her Sustained Silent Reading in French paid for by the Dearborn County Retired Teachers Foundation.Kevin Zugelter has purchased a document camera for Aurora Elementary with funds from the Dearborn County Retired Teachers Foundation.South Dearborn’s FCCLA Sponsor Brian Schuerman was able to accompany his student Torrey Hiibbard to the National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, CA with funding from the Margaret Seitz Agency and Los Primos Mexican Restaurant.Duke Energy sponsored Nicole Bosch at Manchester Elementary.  Bosch requested fees for the Robotics Club.HighPoint Health will provide meals and snacks for Donna Sizemore’s Healthy Learning, Healthy Living classes at Aurora Elementary.Walmart and CIVISTA worked to provide funding to purchase a DNA Machine for Peter Brown at South Dearborn High School.Katherine Magalski has been awarded money from the Dearborn County Retired Teachers Foundation to Upgrade the Art Room at Central Elementary.The Knights of Columbus Councils of Bright and Lawrenceburg supported the teachers in the private schools.  Pam Leiker, Lindsey Jenkins, and Mary Ann Atwood, St. Lawrence School, will have funding for their Stirring Lessons for Early Learning, while Bryan Wagner will have money for his PE Improvement Plan.  Kimber Ampt at St. John Evangelical Lutheran School will have money for STEAM Day Robotics.Independent Financial Advisor Greg Horn provided meals for all award winners, sponsors, and guests.  Additionally, he was able to obtain matching funds from LPL Financial for another grant.Applications are available at the schools each January.  Any Dearborn County teacher or administrator is eligible for the funding.  They can be nominated to be recognized for their work by members of the public.  For additional information, contact Dearborn County Retired Teachers Foundation, Inc. Director Betty Bourquein, 812-934-4454.last_img read more

  • Mooney and Sammy fined for swearing

    first_imgAll-rounders John Mooney and Darren Sammy both admitted Level 1 offences for swearing audibly during Ireland’s World Cup win over West Indies in Nelson on Monday, and were fined 30 per cent of their match fees. Mooney lost his temper when a catch was put down by one of his Irish team-mates, and former Windies captain Sammy voiced his irritation while batting. Both players accepted the sanction. All Level 1 breaches carry a minimum penalty of an official reprimand and a maximum penalty of a 50 per cent match fee. Press Associationlast_img read more