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  • Intense 5th round bowls off as tourney nears end

    first_img2018 GCB/CGI Jaguars 50-Overs League…Monday’s Round Five of the Jaguars 50-Overs League will feature mouth-watering encounters as a number of in-form players as well as franchises are rearing to finish this season as the number one team.Anthony AdamsAt Enmore, Lower Corentyne and East Coast look to better each other, especially after East Coast’s last game was rained out on Wednesday. Lower Corentyne have always been a top franchise, with the likes of Jason Sinclair, Junior Sinclair, Kevlon Anderson and Jonathan Foo leading the batting, despite their lack of runs in the last game, which cost them a win against Essequibo.East Coast could likely capitalise on the loss, as their batting line-up features Windies U-19 all-rounder Bhaskar Yadram and his brother Kamesh, along with Windies A batsman Chandrapaul Hemraj, who could come to the party on Monday. Spinners Amir Khan and Gajanand Sukhanand are in good form. So too are the Berbicians in spinners Kelvin Umrao, Foo, Kassim Khan and Veerasammy Permaul.East Bank suffered a loss to defending Champs Georgetown in their last game, with in-form opener Trevon Griffith continuing his form with a ton, and Vishaul Singh being the only other batsman to hold his ground with the bat, as his teammates found some quality bowling hard to play. This encounter against West Berbice at Bush Lot could see the home team pulling out the stops, given their easy 7-wicket win in the last game.Much will revolve around Guyana Jaguars duo of pacer Keon Joseph and left-arm spinner Gudakesh Motie, fresh off a 4-for, while Guyana’s U-9 players Javid Karim and Kevin Sinclair will also have huge roles to play.In the bowling department, East Bank will rely heavily on national youth all-rounders Ronaldo Alimohammed and Trevor France.The defending champs Georgetown, fresh off consecutive wins in the 3rd and 4th rounds, would want to continue their form against the likes of West Demerara, whom they battle at Everest. Skipper Leon Johnson, with two unbeaten fifties, could convert into something big; while veteran all-rounder Chris Barnwell is also in good form with both bat and ball. Georgetown would also want more from Robin Bacchus and Raymond Perez with the bat, while Ashmead Nedd and his U19 teammate Qumar Torrington, along with the in-form spinner Ramaal Lewis, would suffice with the ball.West Demerara are a talented side, but their washed out game against East Coast in the round prior could see them having to push in extra work against the champs. Spinner Richie Looknauth, former national youth skipper Travis Persaud, and Ewert Samuels will have huge roles to fill, while the likes of ex-Windies U19 wicket-keeper batsman Tevin Imlach will need to lead from the front with bat.The fourth encounter of round five will see Upper Corentyne and Essequibo locking horns at the Port Mourant Ground in the Ancient County. The Berbice side would want Alex Algoo and Clinton Pestano to continue their batting form, as both batsmen have fifties under their belts; while Joshua Ramsammy and spinner Eon Hooper have thus far shown their class with the bat.Shawn Perreira, a former Guyana U19 skipper, and Andy Mohan were the only performers with the bat in the last game, but they would need to play more important roles come this round. Essequibo, former Franchise champs, are with few worries, especially given their bullish attack which features centurion Kemol Savory, Kevon Boodie, Ricardo Adams, the legend Shivnarine Chanderpaul, who could feature before the league ends, and a few others.Their bowling unit, probably one of the best in the competition, are in top-form, with left-arm spinner Anthony Adams, brother Akenie, Ricardo and a renewed pacer Ronsford Beaton are all capable match-winners. Round five’s matches will bowl off from 9:00h, weather permitting. (Clifton Ross)last_img read more

  • Walk This Way: Body Designs Head to Toe

    first_img(Visited 165 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 When you examine what makes us tick, you find intelligent design from the top down and from the bottom up.Complementary mechanisms for upright balance during walking (PLoS One). We usually walk without much conscious attention; some of us can chew gum at the same time. Given that the human body is much taller than it is wide, and uses only two legs instead of four, it has a challenge: keeping balance during motion. We actually fall forward with each step, and have to compensate at the right time. Babies learning to walk, and stroke victims in PT (physical therapy), know how hard that can be. Six physiologists tried to figure out the physics and signals involved.Lateral balance is a critical factor in keeping the human body upright during walking. Two important mechanisms for balance control are the stepping strategy, in which the foot placement is changed in the direction of a sensed fall to modulate how the gravitational force acts on the body, and the lateral ankle strategy, in which the body mass is actively accelerated by an ankle torque. Currently, there is minimal evidence about how these two strategies complement one another to achieve upright balance during locomotion. We use Galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS) to induce the sensation of a fall at heel-off during gait initiation. We found that young healthy adults respond to the illusory fall using both the lateral ankle strategy and the stepping strategy. The stance foot center of pressure (CoP) is shifted in the direction of the perceived fall by ≈2.5 mm, starting ≈247 ms after stimulus onset. The foot placement of the following step is shifted by ≈15 mm in the same direction. The temporal delay between these two mechanisms suggests that they independently contribute to upright balance during locomotion, potentially in a serially coordinated manner.Now figure this out for basketball players, hurdlers, and gymnasts.Atomic resolution of muscle contraction (Osaka University). When you walk or flex a muscle, there are actual pushes and pulls going on at the subcellular level. The molecular motor myosin, which traverses actin membrances, is an “engineering marvel”, these scientists find. This machine is working out hard as you work out:At the molecular level, muscle contraction is defined by myosin molecules pulling actin filaments. New electron cryomicroscopy images with unprecedented resolution taken by researchers at Osaka University reveal unexpectedly large conformational changes in the myosin molecule during the pull. These findings, which can be seen in Nature Communications, provide new insights into how myosin generates force and a paradigm for the construction of nanomachines.To biophysicists like Keiichi Namba, professor at Osaka University, the ability of tiny molecules to generate large amounts of force seen in muscle make myosin an engineering marvel.5 Reasons Why Placentas Are Amazing (Live Science). This series by Mindy Waisberger tells readers amazing things about the life-support organ that nourished and protected us – and all placental mammals from mice to giraffes — in the womb. “It is the only organ that reproductive-age humans grow entirely from scratch,” she says. The organ is constantly adjusting to the baby within it, responding to hormones and secreting others. “Surrounding the placenta is a thin, protective layer known as the amniotic membrane, an intricate scaffold of proteins that carries nutrients and stem cells for fetal development.” Its ability to protect tissues is inspiring technologies for wound healing, she reports. Don’t be tempted to eat placenta, though: there’s no evidence it is healthy, as some claim.Characterization of the human aqueous humour proteome: A comparison of the genders (PLoS One). You might remember learning the parts of the eye in school, including the humorous parts: the aqueous humor behind the cornea, and the vitrious humor behind the lens. Unless you’re an opththalmologist, you may not have learned how much that aqueous humor does for you:Aqueous humour (AH) is an important biologic fluid that maintains normal intraocular pressure and contains proteins that regulate the homeostasis of ocular tissues. Any alterations in the protein compositions are correlated to the pathogenesis of various ocular disorders. … A total of 147 proteins were identified with a false discovery rate of less than 1% and only the top 10 major AH proteins make up almost 90% of the total identified proteins. A large number of proteins identified were correlated to defence, immune and inflammatory mechanisms, and response to wounding.A little inhibition shapes the brain’s GPS (Kings College London): Who needs directions, guys, when you have a GPS system in your brain? “Researchers from King’s College London have discovered a specific class of inhibitory neurons in the cerebral cortex which plays a key role in how the brain encodes spatial information,” this article says. Want to shoot some hoops? ” In their new study, the researchers reveal that one of the main classes of basket cells plays a key role in how the brain represents and remembers our environment, called spatial information coding.”Chew on this: Physics of chewing in terrestrial mammals (Nature Scientific Reports). No matter how hard or gently you chew, your muscles stay within limits of a power law based on your body mass. This is true for big and small mammals. “All of our experimental data stay within these physical boundaries over six orders of magnitude of body mass regardless of food types.”Gene analysis adds layers to understanding how our livers function (Weizmann Institute). For your daily Wonder Wander, Weizmann tells about your liver. What does the liver do? It lives, doh! But there’s a lot in that living:If you get up in the morning feeling energetic and clearheaded, you can thank your liver for manufacturing glucose before breakfast time. Among a host of other vital functions, it clears our body of toxins and produces most of the carrier proteins in our blood. In a study reported recently in Nature, Weizmann Institute of Science researchers showed that the liver’s amazing multitasking capacity is due at least in part to a clever division of labor among its cells.A genetic analysis showed nine different types of cells in this all-purpose organ. They’re arranged in a purposeful way, too: “The scientists also discovered that certain processes, such as the manufacture of bile, proceed across several different layers, in something like a production line.”Isn’t it wonderful what chance can do over millions and millions of years zzzzz… Wake up! That was a nightmare. Time to rise and become energetic and clearheaded. Thank your liver! Now, go live, walk, flex some muscles, and think logically.last_img read more

  • Cyclist to rack up the Ks to help the elderly

    first_img17 April 2014The aQuelle Tour Durban, one of KwaZulu-Natal’s and South Africa’s premier road cycling races, is a tough enough challenge for the average participant, but for David Kleynhans this year’s race will be part of an epic 3 300km journey to raise funds and awareness for the elderly.Epic journeyKleynhans, 42, an avid road cyclist, will ride from his home in Welgemoed in Cape Town to Durban, covering the 1 600 km trip in seven days, to arrive in Durban in time to start the 105km aQuelle Tour Durban road race on Monday, 28 April.After the event, he will set off on his return journey to his home in the Cape.While Kleynhans is very fit, the trip is more about raising money and drawing attention to the difficulties facing the elderly through his FRAIL charity.‘My first Tour Durban’“This will be my first aQuelle Tour Durban,” he said in a statement on Wednesday.“After I started to cycle, I saw the need to support others. Over the last 10 years I have done one or two tours a year, sometimes three tours in a year.”Kleynhans grew up in the Addo area of the Eastern Cape before moving to Cape Town as a teenager, and spent time in the care of the elderly, and was moved by their plight.‘Heartache’“Through family I was shown the heartache that some seniors have to live with,” he said. “I was shown love, and now I wish to share it with our seniors, who cared for me when I was toddler.”“I am able-bodied and able to care for myself, but who cares for those less fortunate to have any family members?” he asked.FRAILKleynhans’ FRAIL (Friendship, Relatives, Acceptance, Involvement, Love) programme will benefit from his fundraising efforts, which will be driven by sponsorships and the sale of raffle tickets.“I am asking people to sponsor me four cents per kilometre. That’s R65 one way,” Kleynhans explained. “Every R65 sponsorship will get an entry into the raffle.”He will also be interacting with community and local government leaders on each stage of his trip to seek support.Charity driveThe aQuelle Tour Durban has a very strong charity drive, and through Club Cappuccino the race supports the Domino Foundation, which serves the Amaoti community. Numerous individual riders use the race to either raise funds for charities of their own, or simply ride to raise awareness of these organisations and causes.KLENYHANS’ SCHEDULE20 April: Cape Town to Laingsburg. 275km21 April: Laingsburg to Beaufort West. 200km22 April: Beaufort West to Graaff-Reinet. 204km23 April: Graaff- Reinet to Queenstown. 280km24 April: Queenstown to Qumbu. 280km25 April: Qumbu to Port Shepstone. 250km26 April: Port Shepstone to Durban. 120km28 April: aQuelle Tour Durban. 105km29 April: Depart Durban for Cape Town.5 May: Arrive in Cape Town.To learn more about Kleynhans’ ride, or to support him, please visit the following websites: The Hub Cycling Forums, Frail Cycling to Help Old Age Homes on Facebook, Frail David Kleynhans on Facebook, or Frail Kleynhans on Twitter.last_img read more

  • How to Tell If Your Air Conditioner Is Oversized

    first_imgHow much capacity did we need?As I mentioned, I did a load calculation on our condo before I got the new AC. The result was that we needed about 1.6 tons of air conditioning capacity. As I wrote in an earlier article about how to find out if your AC is oversized, I wanted to go with the 1.5-ton AC, but I chickened out and put in a 2-ton unit instead.Our place is about 1,500 square feet, so that’s 750 square feet per ton. The standard rule of thumb that a lot of contractors still use around here is to install one ton of AC capacity for each 500-600 square feet of conditioned floor area. Since our place is old and leaky (yeah, yeah, cobbler’s kids and all that), 750 square feet per ton is pretty good. But, was it good enough? Your air conditioner should be sized to run almost continuously at the design temperature. That’s the idea behind a Manual J heating and cooling load calculation, a protocol developed by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). But there’s some slack built into it, so you don’t need to worry about being hot on a day when the temperature is a few degrees over your design temperature. If you’re getting runtimes of 45 minutes or more per hour when it’s near your design temperature, your AC is probably doing a pretty good job. Air conditioner runtime on a hot dayOnce you have an air conditioner installed, it’s not hard to tell if it’s oversized. All you need to do is time how long it runs on a hot day. If it runs a lot and still keeps the place cool, you’re in good shape. If it runs only a few minutes at a time and spends the majority of the time turned off, your AC is oversized.In the world of air conditioning, “hot day” has a specific definition. There’s this thing called the summer design temperature, which is the temperature that your location goes above only 1% of the time. Out of the 8,760 hours in a year, the summer design temperature is the temperature exceeded only 87.6 hours, on average. Rick Chitwood’s favorite strategyI got an email from Rick Chitwood a couple of weeks ago in which he mentioned how he likes to do air conditioner sizing and installation. Here’s what he wrote:Use Manual J to estimate the size of AC required;Use HOBO’s to monitor run times (at design temperatures) and indoor temperature – so you know if you did Manual J correctly.Of course, if you get the Manual J wrong, as I did, using data loggers doesn’t change that. It does help you figure out how to get the load calculations right and make sure you do better on the next job, though.There you have it. The data don’t lie. If you want to find out how oversized your air conditioners are, just get out your stopwatch. If you want to get a better picture of what’s happening, get yourself a data logger. Allison Bailes of Decatur, Georgia, is a speaker, writer, energy consultant, RESNET-certified trainer, and the author of the Energy Vanguard Blog. Check out his in-depth course, Mastering Building Science at Heatspring Learning Institute, and follow him on Twitter at @EnergyVanguard. Show me the data!After sorting through a few months of data, I settled on one day that seemed to be perfect for illustrating how well sized our air conditioner is. That day was last Friday August 29, and I looked at the 24-hour period from midnight to midnight.I also made sure to keep the indoor temperature constant. The thermostat was at 75°F for nearly the whole day. The only time it wasn’t was in the early morning morning when I lowered it to 74°F.You can see the data below. The first graph shows the average temperature for each hour of the day (green), the amount of time the AC was off during each hour (red), and the amount of time the AC was on during each hour (blue). (The temperature data are from Weather Underground.)Our design temperature in Atlanta is 92°F. Last Friday, we had a good 5 hours when the temperature stayed right there, around 91-92°F. We had another couple of hours above 89°F, so it was perfect for seeing if our AC is oversized.The first thing to notice is that there was only one hour in the whole day when the AC was on more than it was off. From 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., the AC was on for 31 minutes and off for 29.Note that the first graph isn’t showing the actual on/off cycles. I binned the data so that each red column shows the number of minutes in its hour when the AC did not run, and each blue column shows the number of minutes the AC was on in an hour. When it got hot in the afternoon, there were about three cycles per hour.Over the whole 24-hour period, the air conditioner went through 35 cycles, as shown in the second graph. It started the day turned off and ended the day turned off and came on 35 times in between. (The red columns at the beginning and end don’t show the whole off periods. The first one shows only 29 of 53 minutes off, and the last shows only 4 of 63 minutes turned off.) The takeawaysSome of the main lessons we can learn from these data are:I wouldn’t have had any trouble with the 1.5-ton air conditioner.There’s a time lag between when its hottest outdoors and when we have the highest cooling load indoors.There’s a huge difference between the longest and shortest off periods (54 minutes) but not so much with the on periods (7.6 minutes).Even with an old, leaky condo, the 500-600 square feet per ton rule of thumb results in greatly oversized air conditioners.I didn’t do a good job with that Manual J.At 9 minutes per cycle, our air conditioner isn’t doing as good a job at dehumidifying as it could. (I’ve got some really interesting data about humidity coming up soon, too. Stay tuned!) A few interesting numbersI’ve been studying these data for a while now, and there’s a lot to see here. Here are some of the numbers that jumped out at me:Maximum on time: 14.8 minutesMinimum on time: 7.2 minutesMaximum off time: 64 minutesTotal on time: 315 out of 1,440 minutes (22%)Mean on time per hour: 13.1 minutesMean on time per cycle: 9.0 minutes Back in 2009, I had a new air conditioner installed our condo. The previous one was an ancient 25 years old and barely limping along. It wasn’t cooling much, and the summer electric bills had risen.So, I did a Manual J load calculation on our condo to find out what size we should replace it with. I wanted to install one that wouldn’t be too big so it would have long runtimes and keep our place cool and dry. Well, I put one of my new data loggers to use this summer to find out if I succeeded. The (doctored) photo below, which is not our condo, might give you a hint how well I did. Measuring our air conditioner runtimeWell, this summer I got finally put a data logger on our air conditioner to see just how oversized it really is. I previously wrote about using a stopwatch to determine that our AC was oversized because the on-periods weren’t long. I measured about 9-10 minutes max on a hot afternoon shortly after I got the new AC. The data logger I used in my latest experiment was the Hobo UX90-004 from Onset.All you do is stick it on a motor (it’s held there by magnets) and it tells you when the motor is on and when it’s off. I opened up the furnace and stuck it on the blower motor, as shown in the photo below. The display shows how many total hours and minutes the motor ran while the logger was deployed, but you get a lot more detail when you download the data. RELATED ARTICLES Calculating Cooling LoadsAir Conditioner BasicsClimate-Specific Air ConditionersHot-Climate DesignSaving Energy With Manual J and Manual DWho Can Perform My Load Calculations?An AC Sizing Benchmark for High-Performance HomesManual J Load Calculations vs. Rules of ThumbFour Ways to Find the Size of Your Air Conditionerlast_img read more

  • BCCI asks Committee of Administrators to sanction Rs 5 crore for martyrs of Pulwama attack

    first_imgBCCI acting president C.K. Khanna on Sunday appealed to the Committee of Administrators (CoA) chief Vinod Rai to sanction at least Rs 5 crore for the families of the Indian soldiers martyred in the Pulwama terror attack.”We are saddened and join our fellow Indian citizens in condemning the dastardly Pulwama terror attack. Our heartfelt condolences to the families of the martyred soldiers,” Khanna wrote in a letter to CoA, office bearers and State units.”I request the Committee of Administrators that BCCI should contribute at least Rs 5 crore through the appropriate government agencies to the families of the martyred soldiers,” the acting president further wrote.The acting president also requested the State associations as well as the IPL franchises to make generous contributions to the cause.”I am also going to request the State associations and the respective Indian Premier League franchise owners to consider making contributions.”Khanna also requested that a two-minute silence be observed in the memory of the martyred soldiers during the opening game of the India vs Australia series as well as the IPL.”As a mark of respect to the Central Reserve Force personnel martyred in the terror attack, we should observe a two-minute silence during the first match of the India vs Australia series starting February 24, and during the opening ceremony/inaugural match of the Indian Premier League starting March 23,” he wrote.Former India opener Virender Sehwag has already declared that the children of the martyr’s families will be provided free education at his Sehwag Intrernational School’ if they wish to apply.advertisementThe Vidarbha team also announced that they would donate their entire Irani Cup winners’ prize money.Also Read | 14th February was a black day for India: Sania Mirza on Pulwama terror attackAlso Read | Pulwama terror attack: Pakistan Super League telecast suspended in IndiaAlso Read | Pulwama terror attack: Shikhar Dhawan to donate money to families of CRPF martyrslast_img read more

  • Seniors hope to get final kicks with win over Michigan in finale

    It was four years ago when Joe Moore, Andrew Magill and Doug Verhoff came to Ohio State to play soccer.Now, the three seniors will be playing their last regular-season home game on Saturday. “The time’s gone really fast. … It’s sad but at the same time it’s exciting,” Moore said. “We got a chance this weekend to do something special, to end our senior year on a special note.”“It seems like yesterday we were coming here for preseason not knowing what to expect,” Magill said.The three seniors have had ups and downs the last four years. They have been to the NCAA tournament the last two seasons, and they’re hoping to get there this season. They were also part of the team that went to the NCAA College Cup in 2007.All three seniors have enjoyed their time at OSU and feel like they’ve achieved many goals, both individually and as a team. They would like nothing more than to go out on senior day and get a win against rival Michigan. “Ohio State fans hate Michigan,” Moore said. “So when you get a chance to not only beat them, but beat them in one of the biggest games of your career, it makes it even more special.” Not only is this a rivalry game, it is also an important game for the Buckeyes attempt to win the Big Ten.If Penn State loses or ties Friday night, a Buckeye win Saturday will put them on top of the Big Ten.If they win the Big Ten they receive an automatic bid. The seniors will take the field for their last regular season game 6 p.m. Saturday at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium.Moore expects the game to be more physical than usual, as both teams will be fired up and ready to go, especially since it is a rivalry game. “You’re going to see a lot of physical play, there going to be some hits and probably a few more yellow cards,” Moore said, “but all in all it will be a good game.For both teams, it’s the last regular season game of the year, and for OSU it’s a chance to send their seniors off with a win. “We’re going to miss all three of them,” coach John Bluem said. “They’ve been great players in our program.” read more

  • Commentary Ohio State footballs tarnished reputation worst punishment for NCAA infractions

    Vacate the games. Slash scholarships. Fire the coach. However the NCAA decides to punish the Ohio State football program can’t be worse than the damage that’s already been done. The program’s previously impeccable reputation is dead, or at best, is on life support. OSU hasn’t always been considered the best team in the country, but it was always considered clean and transparent. Sure, there were a few bumps in the road, such as Troy Smith taking money from a booster and Maurice Clarett’s litany of offenses — but the issues were always dealt with and appeared to be isolated incidents. The overall reputation of the program was upheld. Until recently, the lowest I ever saw OSU fans was walking out of the Horseshoe after the Buckeyes lost to USC in 2009. After losing back-to-back national championships and a series of big games, OSU and coach Jim Tressel had the reputation that they couldn’t win the big one. They beat up on the weaker Big Ten teams, but when put on a big stage with some real competition, they choked because they just weren’t good enough. Buckeye fans hated that reputation. It ate them up. The USC game in 2009 was a chance for redemption and the Bucks lost on an 86-yard touchdown drive led by a kid fresh out of high school. It broke hearts. Walking out of that stadium, I remember OSU fans yelling and groaning in utter despair. One image that’s burned into my memory is two middle-aged OSU fans with their faces completely covered in scarlet paint nose-to-nose, ready to fight. I thought that was rock bottom for OSU. It couldn’t get any worse than that. I was wrong. At least OSU still had dignity. At least it still ran a clean program. Or so we thought. The Buckeyes might have had the reputation that they couldn’t win the big game in 2009, but it was still better than having the reputation of cheaters. Winning a few prime-time games and consecutive BCS contests can eliminate the “can’t win the big game” stigma, but cheating is an entirely different issue. Not only are the fans left to wonder if what they’ve cheered so passionately during the past 10 years was real, but the program’s reputation has been tarnished. In college football, reputation matters. OSU has seen the benefit of a good reputation in the past. The Buckeyes have received BCS at-large bids over teams with similar résumés, and they often have gotten the edge in the polls over unproven teams with identical records. Other factors obviously are in play, but reputation is a factor. Now that OSU’s image is in the gutter, these benefits may start to disappear. OSU will truly have to earn everything. Nothing will be handed to the program. It seems inevitable that the NCAA’s punishments will have some effect on the program’s future, but the damaged reputation will have lingering effects long after the punishments expire. The cheating reputation is now a permanent facet of OSU football history, and that’s what hurts the most. read more

  • Paris SaintGermain star Javier Pastore lined up for stunning £20 million

    first_imgWest Ham United are in negotiation with Paris Saint-Germain over a £20 million transfer for Javier Pastore.Pastore is being lined up for a move to the London Stadium. It seems New Hammers boss Manuel Pellegrini is searching to add quality and reinforce his team and if this report happens, it will be the Argentine’s first signing, according to TalkSPORT.The 28-year-old star had a struggling year under the new Arsenal boss Unai Emery while in Paris, featuring only 14 times for the club with 11 of those coming from the bench.Kaveh Solhekol tweeted: “West Ham in talks to sign PSG midfielder Javier Pastore.“PSG willing to sell this summer.€20m deal.”Opinion: Neymar will earn respect back from the PSG fans Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 After completing his incredible return to Parc des Princes, we predict that Neymar will earn the respect back from PSG supporters.The situation between Neymar… West Ham in talks to sign PSG midfielder Javier Pastore. PSG willing to sell this summer.€20m deal— Kaveh Solhekol (@SkyKaveh) June 1, 2018In the past, Pastore has been linked with moves to Arsenal, Manchester United and even Chelsea. He began his career with Talleres and then Huracán in his native Argentina before moving to Serie A team Palermo in 2009 for a reported transfer fee of €4.7 million. In 2011, French side Paris Saint-Germain bought him for a reported €39.8 million.He joined the Parisians in 2011 from Serie A side Palermo and has netted 29 goals in 189 appearances.last_img read more

  • Inter Milan revive their interest in Barcelona flop

    first_imgInter Milan have reportedly set their sights on Barcelona outcast, hoping to take advantage of frustrating player’s situation as early as JanuaryThe Brazilian winger Malcom, was one of the most exciting players in the summer transfer market. AS Roma and Bordeaux virtually agreed all the terms of Malcom’s passage to Serie A, but Barcelona’s last-minute involvement eventually blow up the whole thing.The 21-year-old forward has opted to stand Giallorossi up and move to Catalonia, which proved to be the worst choice he could’ve made.Former Corinthians star has barely collected 25 minutes under Ernesto Valverde this season, as he desperately looks to find the new accommodation and revive his career.David Villa, SpainQuiz: How much do you know about David Villa? Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to test your knowledge about Spanish legendary forward David Villa.According to the Italian newspaper, Corriere dello Sport, Inter Milan would be willing to offer Malcom an escape route, as they’ve already initiated first contacts with the Blaugrana.The Nerazzurri, who also tried to sign the youngster during the summer, are now looking to exploit a complex situation and bring the player at the Stadio San Siro.Meanwhile, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal have both showed their affection towards Malcom although they are yet to concretize their interest.However, the Catalan giants are not ready to renounce the pacey winger unless some interested party is to come up with a €40 million bid.last_img read more