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  • 10-22″ inches 70g-110g Full Head Clip in 100% Real Remy Human Hair Extensions Blonde Straight 8 Pieces Standard Weft : Give a little confidence

    first_imgHad to dye mine as they were lighter than my own colour (my fault for not choosing darker) and they were still in great conditio. Arrived very fast and carefully packaged. Had to dye mine as they were lighter than my own colour (my fault for not choosing darker) and they were still in great condition after. Very nice length and would definitely buy again. Extensions in the past as they’ve always came highly recommended. I have always bought halo hair extensions in the past as they’ve always came highly recommended. However, they can be pricey and the shades of colour always look different when they arrive. I must admit i was very apprehensive when ordering these extensions as they are a bargain compared to halo products and i was worried that they would be of poor quality, but they were great and really natural in colour. I highly recommend them and can’t wait to wear them. The best i’ve ever brought & the perfect colour too :). Beautiful product will be buying some more of these, i have had issues with my own hair due to an illness, and have tried again and again to find a product that will help me cover up until my hair fully recovers, these are the best hair extensions on the market as far as i am concerned, they are lightweight in my head, no pulling on my own hair, but thick enough to fully cover, with a length that is just perfect, no need for cutting or messing around with them, simply take out the package, and clip into my hair, no fuss, looks amazing and gave me my confidence back to leave the house, i love these and will be using them again and again, highly recommend cant thank this company enough amazing service came next day delivery, cant praise this company highly enough thank you so much, at last a true and honest product,. PREVIOUS WEARER/NEW CUSTOMER Really good, please read before reading bad reviews!!!Amazing product great value for money and so easy to These are great! the only thing i would say is that Give a little confidencebeautiful highly recommendAmazing hair extensions can’t get over the price!!10-22″ inches 70g-110g Full Head Clip in 100% Real Remy Human Hair Extensions Blonde Straight 8 Pieces Standard Weft (10″-70g, #613 Bleach Blonde)Real 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions.One pack is enough to Full Head.Color: #613 Bleach Blonde, 10″-70g. Product life:5-12months(depending on care and usage).Shedding Free&Tangle Free, can be curled/straightened/dyed and washed.To stretch the hair of the entire head,usually we need 100g-150g of hair, however, to add volume, 50g-100g is enough.8 Piece 18 Clips: – These extensions can be clipped-in or out in minutes and are practically invisible, hygienic, reusable, and do not give any kind of allergy o harm to your natural hair, easy to put on and take off when you want. They matched my hair colour perfectly. They matched my hair colour perfectly. And still feel soft after using ghds on them. Amazing hair extensions can’t get over the price. I don’t tend to do reviews but these are lovely. You get loads and it’s not stupidly long.Silky and soft and attach well to your hair. I don’t wear them much but i’d recommend to anyone. They’re beautifully natural. Great extensions for the price and delivered quickly for a wedding up do, i chose these due to the length as i wanted a volume up do and the colourwas slightly lighter than i needed but blended great with natural hair to give contrasting look and easy to clip in ?. Dyed the extensions from blonde to red, washed them to. These hair extensions are brilliant very easy to use and u get lots of. These hair extensions are brilliant very easy to use and u get lots of them so plenty to cover your whole head would definitely recommend. The only thing i would say is that. The only thing i would say is that they are slightly more magenta colour in real life rather than red, however i used a strong red dye on them and they match my hair perfectly now. I would recommend and buy again :). Wrapped for christmas doesn’t look like there’s a full head there tho?. Previous wearer/new customer really good, please read before reading bad reviews. It’s been a while since i’ve worn extensions. I was sceptical buying from another seller as i was religiously buying from another a few years back. First impressions: the packaging both shipping and product was fantastic. Upon opening them, they were slightly wavy so i immediately panicked about straightening them but it really can’t be helped so all is good. Just be really gentle with the clips as they took a bit of force to get them off the card backing. Styling and application: i chose jet black 16″ as i have a short bob and pretty much dyed black hair (from mousey). There are a lot of clips and pieces.Really happy they came with single clip pieces, however they where a lot wider than i was previously used to, still gooda little on the thin side, but they’re lightweight and blend really well. Watch a good youtube tutorial before applying. So many of the 1 star reviews are based off incorrect application. Maybe even get a friend to help at first. Nice quality hair very thin though. Beautiful quality hair for the price bit on the thin side for 90g but it will do for what i want it for (taken the clips off and having it sewn in and cut into a long bob). Got these extensions as my hair has been over processed and has become short and brittle. I have seen better quality real hair extensions on the market, but these blend really well with my own bad condition hair. If you want better quality hair extensions, you must pay a fair bit more for them. Better suited for those with a thin hair type. Really pleased with this item. Really pleased with this item. I’ve washed and straightened them and still like new.Would recommend and will be ordering from you again. Pretty quality hair, arrived in fantastic time.Pleasant extensive extensions having said that incredibly skinny at the ends, you may perhaps need additional than 1 pack just to insert some thickness but cant complain as you get what you spend for.Rapid supply great quality extra clips incorporated seriously fantastic high-quality hair will. Rapid supply fantastic good quality more clips incorporated genuinely good excellent hair will get once again.Good real hair can curl it see ven dye it if u want to like ❤ them thankyou.Truly superior hair extensions while i could not use them as i experienced purchased a lighter color.They arrived the next day and feel gentle even so for. They arrived the subsequent working day and come to feel gentle nevertheless for me they are way too imagine i can mix them.last_img read more

  • Getting Power From Solar Equipment When the Grid is Down

    first_imgA new, low-cost approachAs I said, we didn’t go with full islanding capability, even though I would have liked to do so — and may in the future. The cost of the battery system and other components was just too much for our budget that has been stretched pretty thin with our complex building project — which is finally nearing completion.What we did do, however, was install a brand-new inverter from SMA that has an outlet that can continue delivering some electricity when the sun is shining during a power outage. SMA calls this feature “Secure Power Supply.” Mounted beneath our 5-kilowatt (kW) Sunny Boy 5000TL-US inverter is an outlet that can deliver 1,500 watts (12.5 amps at 120 volts) during the daytime the power grid is down. Unlike other islanding systems, there is no requirement for battery storage with this option.This isn’t enough power to operate all the loads in our house that I’d like to power during a power outage, but it’s far better than nothing. The cost is essentially the same as a standard Sunny Boy inverter (though a separate outlet has to be installed). Ours was installed by Integrated Solar Applications in Brattleboro, which installed the  entire 18-kW grid-connected system (with 6 kW of the system being owned by a neighbor).Like other models in the SMA TL line, our 5000TL-US is a transformerless inverter, which is smaller and lighter than standard inverters, and it offers even higher efficiency: roughly 97%. One of the biggest complaints I hear about most solar-electric (photovoltaic or PV) systems is that when the grid goes down you can’t use any of the power that’s produced. Consumers have spent thousands of dollars on a PV system, and during an extended power outage on a bright, sunny day when the PV modules are certainly generating electricity, they are disappointed that none of that electricity can be used.This problem applies to grid-connected PV systems that do not include battery back-up. Off-grid systems work just fine when the grid is down, but the vast majority of the roughly 300,000 PV systems in the U.S. are grid-connected systems without batteries, and most of them lose all functionality when the grid is down.Given my focus on resilient design (including my founding of the Resilient Design Institute last year), I wanted to install a solar-electric system at Leonard Farm that would have at least some functionality during power outages. Fully islandable PV systems require specialized inverters along with battery banks that allow them to function off-grid. The battery bank not only provides for functionality at night, but it also establishes the proper waveform during the daytime when the grid is down so that AC power can be delivered to the house.Some islandable systems, such as the OutBack Radian and Schneider Electric’s Xantrex XW-series inverters, rely on a single inverter that can connect to the grid and a battery bank; these inverters switch back and forth automatically. Such inverters communicate with and draw electricity from the battery bank during a power outage and also send electricity into the grid during normal operation. These are sometimes referred to as bi-modal inverters.There are other, battery inverters that can be added to a PV system that already has one or more PV inverters. Inverter manufacturer SMA offers such an option, the Sunny Island inverter that switches between the battery bank and SMA’s Sunny Boy grid-tie inverters with fully integrated controls. SMA’s approach is proprietary, in that the Sunny Island battery inverters only talk to Sunny Boy grid-tie inverters.The MS-PAE inverters from Magnum Energy offer similar functionality, but can be integrated into systems with inverters from other manufacturers. There are various companies that package this type of inverter with a battery bank and the needed controls to provide islanding, or “AC-coupling” when the grid is down. MidNite Solar is one such packager of retrofit kits.With any of these options, there is a significant cost for this type of islanding capability. For a typical, residential-scale 6-kilowatt (kW) system, the cost ranges from about $8,000 to $16,000, according to Mark Cerasuolo of OutBack Power Technologies, who did an analysis of AC-coupling options. This cost includes the specialized inverter, battery bank, and necessary controls. Still in limited supplyI had heard about the new 3000TL-US, 4000TL-US, and 5000TL-US inverters late last year, and heard that they would be shipping in the first half of 2013, but it turns out that we got one of the very first to be installed in the U.S. — or at least in the Northeast. Demand is very high for these systems.I suspect that within a few years, most grid-tie inverters will include this emergency-power option. I haven’t had to test it out yet, but will be ready for that ice storm this coming winter! Emergency power usesWhile 1,500 watts is a significant amount of available power, this Secure Power Supply feature is not really intended for loads that have significant surges as they cycle on, or loads that could be harmed by fluctuating current, such as refrigerators. It’s really designed for charging cell phones and laptop computers.But I’ll be carefully examining power consumption and surge demand when we shop for a new chest freezer — it would be very nice to be able to power that freezer during the daytime during extended power outages.There may be a Sundanzer chest freezer, for example (a freezer made especially for solar systems that can work in DC or AC mode), that will work well with the limited output from our inverter. At the very least, we’ll be able to keep our cell phones and laptops charged and power our cable modem and router. Full islanding capabilityI wish we had full “islanding” capability with our PV system. Islanding refers to the ability for a PV system and the loads connected to it to be separated from the utility grid during outages so that no electricity could be fed into the grid and injure utility workers who are trying to repair down lines. RELATED ARTICLES Our Barn Roof Gets an 18-kW Solar ArrayInstalling a Photovoltaic SystemAn Introduction to Photovoltaic SystemsPV Systems Have Gotten Dirt CheapGenerating Electricity from the SunPodcast: Photovoltaics, Part 1 Alex is founder of BuildingGreen, Inc. and executive editor of Environmental Building News. In 2012 he founded the Resilient Design Institute. To keep up with Alex’s latest articles and musings, you can sign up for his Twitter feed.last_img read more

  • P.Kashyap’s star is on the rise as Indian badminton thrives in the Commonwealth Games

    first_imgP.KashyapNo Saina, no chance. It was a thought that cropped up when the reigning queen of Indian badminton was forced to skip the Glasgow Commonwealth Games (CWG) to recuperate from injury and prepare for the Worlds beginning on August 25 and the Asian Games starting in September. A few years,P.KashyapNo Saina, no chance. It was a thought that cropped up when the reigning queen of Indian badminton was forced to skip the Glasgow Commonwealth Games (CWG) to recuperate from injury and prepare for the Worlds beginning on August 25 and the Asian Games starting in September. A few years ago, the idea of finding a replacement for any sure-shot medallist would have consumed India’s tiny world of non-cricket sport. But times have changed, particularly for Indian badminton.At Glasgow, Saina Nehwal’s peers stepped up to show that they can don the mantle in her absence. P.V. Sindhu, all of 19 but growing constantly in confidence and consistency, won her first CWG bronze. The women’s doubles pair of Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponnappa went down in the final to clinch silver. RMV Gurusaidutt, 24, lost a hard-fought semi-final and went on to win a bronze medal in the men’s singles. And, the icing on the cake, Parupalli Kashyap defied the odds to win India’s first gold medal in men’s singles since Syed Modi in the 1982 Games at Brisbane.After a series of jump-smashes in a nail-biting final against Singapore’s Derek Wong, Kashyap peeled off his shirt soccer-style, pumped his fists in the air like a cricket centurion, and grabbed the Indian tricolour from a fan to take a victory lap as if he was a champion sprinter. “It’s the first time I have won gold in a mega event. That’s why that celebration,” Kashyap said, explaining his delirious post-match reaction. “I have been a quarter-finalist in the World Championships, at the Olympics, and in the All England Open. Believe me, I know what it means to win gold at the CWG!”advertisementThough he had clinched a bronze at the Delhi Games in 2010, a gold medal appeared elusive for Kashyap and came only with a little help from his friend, Gurusaidutt, who beat the top seed Chong Wei Feng of Malaysia in the quarter-final. With defending champion and World No. 1 Lee Chong Wei staying away, like Nehwal due to injury, it was Kashyap’s time to grab his chance.The 27-year-old has made it a habit of beating the odds ever since he was a young hopeful. After turning down an engineering college seat because of his love for badminton, Kashyap’s sporting career almost came to an end as a promising 19-year-old when he was diagnosed with asthma. Instead of giving up, he decided to battle on at former all-England champion Pullela Gopichand’s badminton academy in Hyderabad, where Nehwal and Sindhu also train. Often finding himself in rickety halls fitted with dusty air conditioners, Kashyap played to win despite the strain the effort put on his lungs.Finally, with Gopichand by his side, Kashyap learnt how to live with the disease. Even at Glasgow, the SWOT analysis of potential rivals plotted in advance by Gopichand helped Kashyap plan his strategy carefully. He made Kashyap watch the semi-final between Wong and Gurusaidutt, providing his expert advice on how to play. During the final, he kept whispering from the sidelines that Kashyap must stay calm and stick to his natural game. “He just asked me to focus on the next point instead of the outcome of the match. All I did was back my instincts and play my shots,” says Kashyap. “If I am in the Top 20 in the world today, it is only because of Gopi sir. He understands me better than anyone else.”For Gopichand, the basic principles are simple and sacrosanct. “Total dedication is the first requisite to excel. I insist on everyone scrupulously following a schedule from morning to night and being on time for every session. It builds determination. Only then can one develop skills like being fast and agile, staying fit and preparing tactically for every match,” he says.It’s a philosophy that his other wards follow religiously as well. One of them, Sindhu, faltered in the semi-final and paid the price for her lapses to settle for bronze. “Winning at the highest level depends, apart from skills, on the ability to turn out the best performance on a particular day. I have to focus on my drop shots and smashes and continue to improve,” she says. Now ranked No. 10 in the world, Sindhu is without doubt an ascendant star in the world of badminton with two Grand Prix golds and a bronze in the 2013 BWF World Championships.The doubles pair of Ponnappa and Jwala train with Gopichand’s former coach S.M. Arif. Jwala is planning to open a centre in Hyderabad to rival Gopichand’s academy in the city. Jwala and Gopichand are known to not get along. “What Gopi has done for the men’s and women’s singles is needed badly for the paired events. There is no one once the Jwala-Ashwini pair fades out,” says former national coach Vimal Kumar, who runs the Prakash Padukone Academy in Bangalore. But Gopichand is optimistic about reaping a rich harvest from the talent available in the long run.advertisementBut, for now, more grinding assignments beckon. The Indian badminton troupe will be together again at the World Championships in Copenhagen from August 25-31: with four fresh Commonwealth Games medallists, and a fit-again Saina leading the charge.Follow the writer on Twitter @AmarnathKMenonTo read more, get your copy of India Today here.last_img read more

  • Heartbroken Serena Williams Not Dating for Next 10 Years

    After playing the love game, tennis champion Serena Williams has decided to call dating quits.“I have given up on dating,” Williams told Celebuzz. ”It just hasn’t worked out well for me.”The 30 year-old superstar, who has dated rappers Common and Drake, has given up on dating due to her failed relationships in the past, according to Celebuzz. Williams claims that her past relationships have hurt her to the point where she doesn’t care to date anymore.“I’m a really emotional person. I give my all and everything. I do make mistakes—like every human does—but the last relationship just was too much of a heartbreak for me. I just can’t go through that anymore. It was hard,” Williams said.Williams told Celebuzz she is focusing her attention on playing tennis, not dating.“I just have to remove myself from that atmosphere for about the next decade or so,” Serena added. “I can’t get involved.”On Atlanta’s V-103 radio station, DJ Ryan Cameron read aloud a text he had received from Common in response to a text Cameron sent to him about whether he was responsible for breaking Serena’s heart.“‘It wasn’t me,’” Common wrote back, according to Cameron.Williams is set to compete in the London Olympics this summer. She told Celebuzz she hopes to reclaim her title as the No. 1 ranked female player. read more

  • Ernesto Valverde agrees new oneyear contract extension at Barcelona

    first_imgBarcelona have announced that they’ve reached an agreement with Ernesto Valverde to extend his contract until June 2020.Since replacing Luis Enrique as manager in 2017, Valverde has impressed greatly at Barcelona with 65 wins and just nine defeats in 96 games across all competitions.The 55-year-old made an instant impact in his first campaign in charge last term by leading Barcelona to a record 43 matches unbeaten in La Liga before losing their penultimate game to Levante UD in a 5-4 thriller.Nevertheless, Valverde led the Blaugrana to a domestic double in his debut campaign by winning La Liga and the Copa del Rey.This season has seen Valverde begin to implement changes to an ageing Barcelona squad with the likes of Arthur Melo, Phillippe Coutinho, Malcom and Clement Lenglet all coming in last year to help strengthen the team.And it appears to have done the trick with Barcelona enjoying another strong season under Valverde’s leadership.Currently, the Catalan giants are enjoying a six-point lead at the top of La Liga and are in the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey with a last-16 tie against Lyon in the Champions League coming up on Tuesday.Despite this though, doubts had been going about in Spain over Valverde’s long-term future at Camp Nou after he suggested he could leave at the end of this season.Gerard Pique, Neymar, BarcelonaLa Liga Betting: Match-day 4 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Despite it being very early into La Liga season, both Barcelona and Real Madrid have had unprecedented starts to their campaigns. With this in…Last month, Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu went to dismiss these fears and has now handed him a new contract until 2020 with an option for a further year.“FC Barcelona and Ernesto Valverde, the first team coach, have reached an agreement to extend the contract between the two parties for another season (2019/20) with the option for one more (2020/21),” read a club statement.“The signing of the extension will take place on Friday 15 February at 10.15am CET in the Presidential Suite at Camp Nou.”Barcelona will host 15th-placed Real Valladolid at Camp Nou on Saturday for their next La Liga match with kick-off set for 8:45 PM (CET).❗ [LATEST NEWS] Agreement to extend Ernesto Valverde’s contract More info 👉 https://t.co/LiAjy53jnP pic.twitter.com/ehuoU4V5ms— FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) February 15, 2019last_img read more

  • Canadian residents save with Holland Americas Canada Super Sale

    first_imgCanadian residents save with Holland America’s ‘Canada Super Sale’ Thursday, April 13, 2017 Tags: Holland America Line Travelweek Group Posted by SEATTLE — Discounts for Alaska cruises and Land+Sea Journeys worth more than Can$1,000 per person are the first of many deals for Canadian passengers available with Holland America Line.The cruise line’s Canada Super Sale covers a variety of cruises and destinations around the world across its fleet of 14 ships. The promotion kicks off with special rates on the line’s Alaska cruises and Land+Sea Journeys, combining a Holland America Line Alaska cruise with an overland exploration to Denali National Park and the Yukon.Additional cruise itineraries will be available through the promotion.“Our Canada Super Sale is the perfect opportunity for Canadian residents to take advantage of fantastic savings and book their dream cruise with Holland America Line,” said Holland America Line President, Orlando Ashford. “This year marks our 70th anniversary of Alaska exploration, so it’s fitting that we start the sale with some great rates on our Alaska product. Cruisers should book soon because the savings are capacity controlled and won’t last long.”More news:  War of words between Transat, Group Mach ramps upThrough the Canada Super Sale, ms Zaandam’s 14-day Land+Sea Journey can be booked for $3,599 per person for an interior stateroom, $3,899 for an oceanview and $5,999 for a suite, representing savings of up to $1,300.Seven-day Alaska and Canada/New England cruises start at $899 per person and a week-long Bermuda sailing starts at $799 per person. Taxes, fees and port expenses are additional. << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more