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  • Report depicts China as launching pad for avian flu

    first_imgFeb 10, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – An analysis of influenza viruses collected from thousands of wild and domestic birds in China and Hong Kong suggests that H5N1 viruses have been circulating in southern China for nearly a decade and have spread repeatedly from there to spark outbreaks across Asia.The study by 27 researchers from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the United States provides strong evidence that migratory birds can spread the virus for long distances, a contention that has been controversial in recent months. The report was published online today by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.Perhaps more surprising is the group’s discovery of H5N1 viruses in some apparently healthy chickens in live-bird markets in southern China. Ducks are known to be capable of carrying the virus without appearing sick, but the virus has been regarded as almost invariably pathogenic or lethal for chickens.”We have shown that H5N1 virus has persisted in its birthplace, southern China, for almost 10 years and has been repeatedly introduced into neighboring (e.g., Vietnam) and distant (e.g., Indonesia) regions, establishing ‘colonies’ of H5N1 virus throughout Asia that directly exacerbate the pandemic threat,” says the report, written by a team that included leading flu expert Robert G. Webster, PhD, of St. Jude Children’s Research Institute in Memphis.The scientists took more than 13,000 samples from migratory birds in Hong Kong’s Mai Po Marshes and at Poyang Lake in southeastern China over three winters from 2002 to 2005. Among these they found six H5N1 viruses, all collected from apparently healthy migratory ducks at Poyang Lake just before their migration north.The team also tested samples gathered from more than 51,000 apparently healthy birds in live-poultry markets in southern China from January 2004 through June 2005. Testing detected 512 H5N1 viruses, including isolates from 58 of the 22,390 chickens tested, with most of the rest found in ducks.The analysis also included viruses recovered from the outbreak in migratory birds at Qinghai Lake in north-central China in 2005, along with isolates collected from poultry in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia in the past 2 years.To trace the relationships among H5N1 samples, the researchers sequenced the genomes of 69 viruses recovered in China since January 2004 and 59 isolates gathered in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia from August 2003 through May 2005. This enabled them to construct a phylogenetic chart, or family tree, of the viruses.Among other things, the analysis revealed that the hemagglutinin protein of all the viruses stemmed from the patriarch of highly pathogenic H5N1 viruses, a strain found in geese in China’s Guangdong province in 1996. It also showed that viruses from particular regions formed “distinct sublineages,” which, the authors say, demonstrates the long-term persistence of the viruses in those regions.Parts of southern China represented an exception to this picture of regional “sublineages,” in that the strains there were more diverse, falling into four different genotypes, the report says. “Because the precursor of these H5N1 viruses . . . was originally detected in southern China in 1996 and because H5N1 viruses in this region have the greatest genetic diversity, southern China is the most likely source of the emergent and reemergent HPAI [highly pathogenic] H5N1 influenza viruses,” it states.The phylogenetic analysis also showed that one May 2005 virus from Vietnam was much more closely related to a January 2005 Chinese strain than to other strains from Vietnam, indicating that the virus probably had been recently introduced to Vietnam from China via poultry. In fact, the authors say their findings suggest that H5N1 strains spread from southern China to Vietnam three times—in 2001, 2003, and 2005.”Therefore, control of this regional epizootic and its attendant pandemic threat requires that the source of virus in southern China be contained,” they assert.The researchers found that viruses from the Qinghai Lake outbreak matched up with those from migratory ducks at Poyang Lake, more than 1,000 miles away, which “strongly argues that migrating birds can transfer the virus over long distances.” The team found further support for this notion when they exposed a number of ducks and geese to H5N1 viruses and found that most of the ducks survived; the surviving ducks shed the virus for as long as 7 days after infection.The report says only six of the isolates that were sequenced had a mutation in the M2 protein that confers resistance to the older antiviral drug amantadine; the rest all had structures indicating sensitivity to the drug. US officials recently recommended against using amantadine and rimantadine to treat flu patients this winter because most of the circulating viruses had become resistant to them. Also, previous evidence of H5N1 resistance to the two drugs has led to a general assumption that they would be of little use if that virus evolves into a pandemic strain.The authors say the diversity they found among H5N1 samples “challenges the wisdom” of relying on just one strain to make a candidate vaccine for pandemic preparedness. The strains used to develop human vaccines “must reflect the antigenic diversity observed across this wider region,” they write.Chen H, Smith GJD, Li KS, et al. Establishment of multiple sublineages of H5N1 influenza virus in Asia: implications for pandemic control. Proc Natl Acad Sci 2006 Feb 10 (early online publication) [Abstract]last_img read more

  • Turnbull hopes long journey can come full circle for women’s hockey

    first_imgFour years ago, Wisconsin women’s hockey forward Blayre Turnbull arrived in Madison wide-eyed with her sights set on the future.Having received offers to play collegiate hockey from multiple schools, she ultimately chose Wisconsin as her temporary home for the next four years, growing not only as a player but as a person.Turnbull, a native of Stellarton, Nova Scotia, made the almost 1,800 mile-journey to Wisconsin after seeing the campus, facilities, talent pool around her and hearing head coach Mark Johnson’s sales pitch.“Everything about this place is amazing,” Turnbull said. “After being here for four years, I look back and think about other options I had and realize I wouldn’t have been as happy as I am here or successful as I’ve been. It’s provided me with every opportunity possible, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”The success Turnbull has had as a player wasn’t always proven, though. The now-captain began her NCAA career with some mild promise — a player whose talents flourished in isolated moments but couldn’t gain a consistent rhythm.Through 34 games her freshman year, Turnbull tallied 14 points through seven assists and seven goals, recorded a plus-minus rating of +11, and even scored the winning goal against the then-No. 4 ranked Boston University Terriers.Her productivity helped propel the Badgers to an NCAA Championship Game against bitter rival Minnesota.“It was nerve-wracking,” Turnbull said of taking on the Gophers. “I think playing on a stage that big as a freshman, you don’t really know what you’re getting yourself into. Once the game started, you get through a few of your first shifts and things calm down, but there’s definitely a lot of nerves.”Once the 60 minutes were over, Wisconsin’s players collapsed to the ice in disappointment. The final score read 4-2 in favor of Minnesota, ending the Badgers’ otherwise promising season in disappointment. Fellow senior Karley Sylvester also participated in the contest.“It’s pretty hard to get someone who hasn’t been there to relate to it,” Sylvester said. “It’s a devastating feeling when you lose, regardless of whether it’s a semifinal or championship game.”The following year, Turnbull arrived again in Madison as a sophomore only to have her worst season, production-wise, in her entire career. Her promising start from her freshman season did not flourish into an even better year as many had hoped. Instead, Turnbull fell into the dreaded sophomore slump.Turnbull accrued only eight points the entire season, playing in 35 games and recording only three goals and five assists. The Badgers’ play followed her trend as they finished in third place in the WCHA and lost in the first round of the conference tournament, missing out on the NCAA’s.Knowing that she needed a big year, Turnbull prepared a considerable amount for her junior season in the summer. Her work that year paid huge dividends.As a junior, Turnbull tallied 40 points on the season, scoring 18 goals and assisting 22 others in the process. She finally delivered on the big year her skills always hinted she was capable of.“[Turnbull] grew a lot as a player and person,” Sylvester said. “Her on-ice game had always been very good. Just over the years I watched her become more comfortable taking the puck to the net and holding on to it. She always works 110 percent and you always know what you’ll get out of her.”Turnbull’s growth as a person came in realizing that she had the talent but needed to put work in to refine it and make it more effective in games. She began to stay on the ice longer, spending extra time skating and shooting once most of her teammates had already gone back to the showers.Turnbull is still consistently the last player off the ice, day-in and day-out.It’s something she contributes to buying into Johnson’s philosophy of hard work, repetition as a learning tool and focusing on the fundamentals.“The most important thing I’ve learned is to not give up,” Turnbull said. “Even when times get tough and things don’t go your way, you can always work hard off the ice and on it to improve your game to become a better player. That’s what I did, or at least what I tried to do.”Despite losing in the semifinal of the NCAA’s that season, the Badgers had an extremely positive year, which many players look forward to improving upon this postseason.After four long years, Turnbull, through all of her ups and downs, all of her experiences, has the chance to finally win that elusive title.“We want to win,” Turnbull said. “Everyone in that locker room wants to win. I think that we’re doing everything we need to do to prepare ourselves to win that game and that starts with working hard in the weight room, on the ice, and buying into the team’s systems. I think everyone is prepared mentally and physically to get back there.”Now, the Badgers find themselves ranked No. 3 in the nation and come into the WCHA tournament holding the second seed. They will face St. Cloud State — whom they faced this past weekend — and earned the right to host them here in Madison again.“The big thing this time of year is being able to execute under the pressure,” Johnson said. “With the playoffs, you have to know that if you’re not successful, your season will end … It’s going to come down to everyone doing their part and executing and playing at a high level.”last_img read more

  • Walk This Way: Body Designs Head to Toe

    first_img(Visited 165 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 When you examine what makes us tick, you find intelligent design from the top down and from the bottom up.Complementary mechanisms for upright balance during walking (PLoS One). We usually walk without much conscious attention; some of us can chew gum at the same time. Given that the human body is much taller than it is wide, and uses only two legs instead of four, it has a challenge: keeping balance during motion. We actually fall forward with each step, and have to compensate at the right time. Babies learning to walk, and stroke victims in PT (physical therapy), know how hard that can be. Six physiologists tried to figure out the physics and signals involved.Lateral balance is a critical factor in keeping the human body upright during walking. Two important mechanisms for balance control are the stepping strategy, in which the foot placement is changed in the direction of a sensed fall to modulate how the gravitational force acts on the body, and the lateral ankle strategy, in which the body mass is actively accelerated by an ankle torque. Currently, there is minimal evidence about how these two strategies complement one another to achieve upright balance during locomotion. We use Galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS) to induce the sensation of a fall at heel-off during gait initiation. We found that young healthy adults respond to the illusory fall using both the lateral ankle strategy and the stepping strategy. The stance foot center of pressure (CoP) is shifted in the direction of the perceived fall by ≈2.5 mm, starting ≈247 ms after stimulus onset. The foot placement of the following step is shifted by ≈15 mm in the same direction. The temporal delay between these two mechanisms suggests that they independently contribute to upright balance during locomotion, potentially in a serially coordinated manner.Now figure this out for basketball players, hurdlers, and gymnasts.Atomic resolution of muscle contraction (Osaka University). When you walk or flex a muscle, there are actual pushes and pulls going on at the subcellular level. The molecular motor myosin, which traverses actin membrances, is an “engineering marvel”, these scientists find. This machine is working out hard as you work out:At the molecular level, muscle contraction is defined by myosin molecules pulling actin filaments. New electron cryomicroscopy images with unprecedented resolution taken by researchers at Osaka University reveal unexpectedly large conformational changes in the myosin molecule during the pull. These findings, which can be seen in Nature Communications, provide new insights into how myosin generates force and a paradigm for the construction of nanomachines.To biophysicists like Keiichi Namba, professor at Osaka University, the ability of tiny molecules to generate large amounts of force seen in muscle make myosin an engineering marvel.5 Reasons Why Placentas Are Amazing (Live Science). This series by Mindy Waisberger tells readers amazing things about the life-support organ that nourished and protected us – and all placental mammals from mice to giraffes — in the womb. “It is the only organ that reproductive-age humans grow entirely from scratch,” she says. The organ is constantly adjusting to the baby within it, responding to hormones and secreting others. “Surrounding the placenta is a thin, protective layer known as the amniotic membrane, an intricate scaffold of proteins that carries nutrients and stem cells for fetal development.” Its ability to protect tissues is inspiring technologies for wound healing, she reports. Don’t be tempted to eat placenta, though: there’s no evidence it is healthy, as some claim.Characterization of the human aqueous humour proteome: A comparison of the genders (PLoS One). You might remember learning the parts of the eye in school, including the humorous parts: the aqueous humor behind the cornea, and the vitrious humor behind the lens. Unless you’re an opththalmologist, you may not have learned how much that aqueous humor does for you:Aqueous humour (AH) is an important biologic fluid that maintains normal intraocular pressure and contains proteins that regulate the homeostasis of ocular tissues. Any alterations in the protein compositions are correlated to the pathogenesis of various ocular disorders. … A total of 147 proteins were identified with a false discovery rate of less than 1% and only the top 10 major AH proteins make up almost 90% of the total identified proteins. A large number of proteins identified were correlated to defence, immune and inflammatory mechanisms, and response to wounding.A little inhibition shapes the brain’s GPS (Kings College London): Who needs directions, guys, when you have a GPS system in your brain? “Researchers from King’s College London have discovered a specific class of inhibitory neurons in the cerebral cortex which plays a key role in how the brain encodes spatial information,” this article says. Want to shoot some hoops? ” In their new study, the researchers reveal that one of the main classes of basket cells plays a key role in how the brain represents and remembers our environment, called spatial information coding.”Chew on this: Physics of chewing in terrestrial mammals (Nature Scientific Reports). No matter how hard or gently you chew, your muscles stay within limits of a power law based on your body mass. This is true for big and small mammals. “All of our experimental data stay within these physical boundaries over six orders of magnitude of body mass regardless of food types.”Gene analysis adds layers to understanding how our livers function (Weizmann Institute). For your daily Wonder Wander, Weizmann tells about your liver. What does the liver do? It lives, doh! But there’s a lot in that living:If you get up in the morning feeling energetic and clearheaded, you can thank your liver for manufacturing glucose before breakfast time. Among a host of other vital functions, it clears our body of toxins and produces most of the carrier proteins in our blood. In a study reported recently in Nature, Weizmann Institute of Science researchers showed that the liver’s amazing multitasking capacity is due at least in part to a clever division of labor among its cells.A genetic analysis showed nine different types of cells in this all-purpose organ. They’re arranged in a purposeful way, too: “The scientists also discovered that certain processes, such as the manufacture of bile, proceed across several different layers, in something like a production line.”Isn’t it wonderful what chance can do over millions and millions of years zzzzz… Wake up! That was a nightmare. Time to rise and become energetic and clearheaded. Thank your liver! Now, go live, walk, flex some muscles, and think logically.last_img read more

  • Kanana Park housing project launched

    first_img15 August 2012 Timred Jabaza has been waiting 22 years for a decent home – his long wait finally came to an end on Friday when President Jacob Zuma handed him the key to his new, fully furnished two-bedroom house. Jabaza was one of the first beneficiaries of the more than 200 new houses that Zuma handed over in Kanana Park, south of Johannesburg on Friday. Others who will be benefiting from the new homes include those were found living in uninhabitable conditions when the President visited Sweetwaters and Thulamntwana in 2010. Following that visit, the Gauteng provincial government and the City of Johannesburg began developing the Kanana Park housing project, which will incorporate the settlements of Thulamntwana, Sweetwaters and the two smaller informal settlements of Doornkuil and Bhekaphambili. A total of 3 101 houses are being built, 1 793 of which are government subsidised housing units, 756 social-rental units, and 552 bonded units. Parks, two sports grounds, two primary schools, a high school, a clinic, and commercial and light industrial sites are also being planned for the area. Jabaza’s daughter Kholeka Jabaza said it was wonderful to see one of her father’s dreams finally realised. “It wasn’t nice staying in a shack, especially at his age. It was not easy. My father has been waiting for 22 years, and his day has finally arrived,” she beamed. Kholeka was particularly pleased that Zuma, who had promised better living conditions for residents during his 2010 visit, had kept his word. “It’s been less than two years and already it’s happened. I’m so grateful. I just hope that he can do the same for everyone who has been living in those conditions,” she said. Patience Mehlomekhulu also spent the first night in her own decent home on Friday. The 74-year-old had been living in a shack with her grandchildren, where conditions were far from ideal. “It was so cold I could not sleep at night. Tonight I will sleep in my new house for the first time. I am very happy,” she said. Zuma, who was accompanied by a number of representatives from national and provincial government, also addressed a community meeting after handing over the houses. He said he was touched when he visited the area in 2010 and found that people were living in dire poverty. Plans were in place to develop the area and those plans were speeded up after his visit. “Everyone on the list will get a house … Everything takes time … things will not happen in one day, but at the end everyone will have a house,” Zuma assured residents. He also promised that there would be electricity and other services in the area. Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane said the Kanana Park housing projects would be a mixed development. Apart from the “give away houses”, houses would also be built for affordable rentals. “We are providing for families,” she said, adding that millions had been earmarked to build houses and develop the area. Source: SANews.gov.zalast_img read more

  • Lebone Village a haven for orphans

    first_imgAccording to a 2012 Unicef report on the State of the World’s Children, South Africa is home to some 1 900 000 children who have lost one or both parents to Aids. These “Aids Orphans” are under 18, and along with possibly being infected with HIV themselves, are vulnerable to violence and hunger, being separated from their siblings, malnutrition and a host of other problems which affect the quality of their lives, and limit their potential.The house is home to 81 children, of whom 48 have been orphaned after losing their parents to HIV/AidsThe scale of the problem is enormous, but the staff members at Lebone Village, in Bloemfontein in the Free State Province, believe they can help.Lebone, meaning light in local language Sotho, was founded in May 2000; Tim and Jaine Rist, of the AIDS Mission Outreach Trust, opened Lebone House as a daycare centre for children infected or affected by HIV/Aids.Since then the organisation has grown, with five focused centres offering children in need the love, care and access to education they sorely need.“The most rewarding part of what we do here is to see a child changing from being sick, neglected and scared into a child who is happy, healthy and enjoying life,” says Anri Holder, caretaker and executive manager at Lebone Village. “To know that we can give each child a future is something very special.”A FIVE-STEP APPROACH TO CAREThe five centres involved in the children’s care are Lebone House, Lebone Agriculture, Lebone Skills Centre, Lebone Counselling and Lebone Edu-Centre.Lebone House is the organisation’s care centre, or orphanage, and aims to provide a family-like environment, with dedicated house managers. The organisation’s members believe it is “easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken adults”.The house is home to 81 children, of whom 48 have been orphaned after losing their parents to HIV/Aids, and, “… daily there are more and more children and people who need Lebone’s care; the needs are always increasing so our aim will always be to help more people on a daily basis”, says Holder. FOOD FOR LIFELebone Agriculture provides for the children’s and community’s food and nutritional needs through gardens growing fruit and vegetables, and raising chickens for their eggs.The on-site bakery produces around 40 loaves of bread a day and supplies the local community with the surplus.The on-site bakery produces around 40 loaves of bread a day and supplies the local community with the surplusThe agricultural arm, with the skills centre, teaches volunteers about growing their own food gardens, and carpentry skills to produce desks, shelves and doors for the centre.EDUCATION AND SOCIAL SUPPORTThe organisation’s edu-centre provides education to pre-schoolers and an after-school programme for children in grades one to 11 to supplement classroom learning. The classes are facilitated by a trained teacher and students can access the internet to help with homework and research for projects.The organisation has a healthy relationship with the University of the Free State that allows for varsity students to provide physical and occupational therapy to the children.The Lebone Counselling and Social Support programme helps people apply for social grants, birth certificates and identification documents from government departments.“Knowing that we are responsible for the future of our children and that they don’t have anyone else to look after them keeps us all motivated to make a difference, ” says Holder. “That and the Grace of God.”PLAY YOUR PARTTo volunteer with, or donate to, Lebone Village, visit its website, send an email, or call the organisation on 051 526 1442.last_img read more

  • 10-22″ inches 70g-110g Full Head Clip in 100% Real Remy Human Hair Extensions Blonde Straight 8 Pieces Standard Weft : Give a little confidence

    first_imgHad to dye mine as they were lighter than my own colour (my fault for not choosing darker) and they were still in great conditio. Arrived very fast and carefully packaged. Had to dye mine as they were lighter than my own colour (my fault for not choosing darker) and they were still in great condition after. Very nice length and would definitely buy again. Extensions in the past as they’ve always came highly recommended. I have always bought halo hair extensions in the past as they’ve always came highly recommended. However, they can be pricey and the shades of colour always look different when they arrive. I must admit i was very apprehensive when ordering these extensions as they are a bargain compared to halo products and i was worried that they would be of poor quality, but they were great and really natural in colour. I highly recommend them and can’t wait to wear them. The best i’ve ever brought & the perfect colour too :). Beautiful product will be buying some more of these, i have had issues with my own hair due to an illness, and have tried again and again to find a product that will help me cover up until my hair fully recovers, these are the best hair extensions on the market as far as i am concerned, they are lightweight in my head, no pulling on my own hair, but thick enough to fully cover, with a length that is just perfect, no need for cutting or messing around with them, simply take out the package, and clip into my hair, no fuss, looks amazing and gave me my confidence back to leave the house, i love these and will be using them again and again, highly recommend cant thank this company enough amazing service came next day delivery, cant praise this company highly enough thank you so much, at last a true and honest product,. PREVIOUS WEARER/NEW CUSTOMER Really good, please read before reading bad reviews!!!Amazing product great value for money and so easy to These are great! the only thing i would say is that Give a little confidencebeautiful highly recommendAmazing hair extensions can’t get over the price!!10-22″ inches 70g-110g Full Head Clip in 100% Real Remy Human Hair Extensions Blonde Straight 8 Pieces Standard Weft (10″-70g, #613 Bleach Blonde)Real 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions.One pack is enough to Full Head.Color: #613 Bleach Blonde, 10″-70g. Product life:5-12months(depending on care and usage).Shedding Free&Tangle Free, can be curled/straightened/dyed and washed.To stretch the hair of the entire head,usually we need 100g-150g of hair, however, to add volume, 50g-100g is enough.8 Piece 18 Clips: – These extensions can be clipped-in or out in minutes and are practically invisible, hygienic, reusable, and do not give any kind of allergy o harm to your natural hair, easy to put on and take off when you want. They matched my hair colour perfectly. They matched my hair colour perfectly. And still feel soft after using ghds on them. Amazing hair extensions can’t get over the price. I don’t tend to do reviews but these are lovely. You get loads and it’s not stupidly long.Silky and soft and attach well to your hair. I don’t wear them much but i’d recommend to anyone. They’re beautifully natural. Great extensions for the price and delivered quickly for a wedding up do, i chose these due to the length as i wanted a volume up do and the colourwas slightly lighter than i needed but blended great with natural hair to give contrasting look and easy to clip in ?. Dyed the extensions from blonde to red, washed them to. These hair extensions are brilliant very easy to use and u get lots of. These hair extensions are brilliant very easy to use and u get lots of them so plenty to cover your whole head would definitely recommend. The only thing i would say is that. The only thing i would say is that they are slightly more magenta colour in real life rather than red, however i used a strong red dye on them and they match my hair perfectly now. I would recommend and buy again :). Wrapped for christmas doesn’t look like there’s a full head there tho?. Previous wearer/new customer really good, please read before reading bad reviews. It’s been a while since i’ve worn extensions. I was sceptical buying from another seller as i was religiously buying from another a few years back. First impressions: the packaging both shipping and product was fantastic. Upon opening them, they were slightly wavy so i immediately panicked about straightening them but it really can’t be helped so all is good. Just be really gentle with the clips as they took a bit of force to get them off the card backing. Styling and application: i chose jet black 16″ as i have a short bob and pretty much dyed black hair (from mousey). There are a lot of clips and pieces.Really happy they came with single clip pieces, however they where a lot wider than i was previously used to, still gooda little on the thin side, but they’re lightweight and blend really well. Watch a good youtube tutorial before applying. So many of the 1 star reviews are based off incorrect application. Maybe even get a friend to help at first. Nice quality hair very thin though. Beautiful quality hair for the price bit on the thin side for 90g but it will do for what i want it for (taken the clips off and having it sewn in and cut into a long bob). Got these extensions as my hair has been over processed and has become short and brittle. I have seen better quality real hair extensions on the market, but these blend really well with my own bad condition hair. If you want better quality hair extensions, you must pay a fair bit more for them. Better suited for those with a thin hair type. Really pleased with this item. Really pleased with this item. I’ve washed and straightened them and still like new.Would recommend and will be ordering from you again. Pretty quality hair, arrived in fantastic time.Pleasant extensive extensions having said that incredibly skinny at the ends, you may perhaps need additional than 1 pack just to insert some thickness but cant complain as you get what you spend for.Rapid supply great quality extra clips incorporated seriously fantastic high-quality hair will. Rapid supply fantastic good quality more clips incorporated genuinely good excellent hair will get once again.Good real hair can curl it see ven dye it if u want to like ❤ them thankyou.Truly superior hair extensions while i could not use them as i experienced purchased a lighter color.They arrived the next day and feel gentle even so for. They arrived the subsequent working day and come to feel gentle nevertheless for me they are way too imagine i can mix them.last_img read more

  • Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – June 1, 2011

    first_imgThe New GPS Adventures Canada MazeGroundspeak and Minotaur Mazes have launched a new GPS Adventures in Canada! GPS Adventures Canada is a smaller version of the GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit currently touring North America. GPS Adventures Canada prominently features Alberta’s Canadian Badlands and showcases some of the best geocaches in the country. Geocachers who log their attendance at the GPS Adventures Canada Maze will earn a unique icon for the GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit Cache type.The Centennial Place Recreation Complex in Three Hills, Alberta will host the exhibit from June 4, 2011 through July 31, 2011. On July 15, Groundspeak’s Jeremy Irish will visit Three Hills for a meet and greet event celebrating the launch of the Canadian Maze. Log your “will attends” today!Introduce a New Geocacher, $1 Goes to Classrooms in NeedIntroduce your friends to geocaching from now through June 30 and we will donate $1 to DonorsChoose.org, up to a total of $10,000! Make sure to let your friends know that they need to sign up for an account, enter your username in the referral field and log a cache all within the month of June in order to be eligible. The best way to introduce someone new is to take them geocaching, but if that’s not possible, log in to Geocaching.com and send them the tell a friend email. For complete details on the promotion, visit the Geocaching.com blog. See how many people you can refer as a community – follow your progress on the referral thermometer in the sidebar of the blog.Share with your Friends:More SharePrint RelatedGroundspeak Weekly Newsletter – September 14, 2011September 14, 2011In “Groundspeak’s Weekly Newsletter”Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – May 5, 2011May 11, 2011In “Groundspeak’s Weekly Newsletter”Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – January 12, 2012January 12, 2012In “Groundspeak’s Weekly Newsletter”last_img read more

  • PVL: Arellano secures semis spot, drops UP in thriller

    first_imgArellano immediately went to work in the fifth set scoring the first five points en route to the win.“Let’s just say fatigue got the better of UP in the fifth set and we also prepared well against UP,” said Arellano head coach Obet Javier.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutout“And in the longest time that we’ve participated in this tournament, this is the first time we got to the semifinals so this is a very big achievement for us.”Jovielyn Prado led the Lady Chiefs with 26 points while Regine Arocha played second-in-command with 25 points. Fire hits houses in Mandaluyong City Diana Carlos had a game-high 29 points to lead UP while Isa Molde added 20.Adamson owns the other semis ticket from Group B and the Lady Falcons will stake their 4-0 card against San Beda on Monday. Sports venues to be ready in time for SEA Games PLAY LIST 00:59Sports venues to be ready in time for SEA Games01:27Filipino athletes get grand send-off ahead of SEA Games00:50Trending Articles01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games PVL: Ateneo sweeps men’s elims, UST takes third seed MOST READ Frontrow holds fun run to raise funds for young cancer patients  Arellano’s Andrea Marzan scores on a hit against UP’s Marian Buitre during their duel for the second semifinal slot in Group B of the PVL Collegiate Conference.Arellano U clinched a semifinals spot in the Premier Volleyball League Collegiate Conference after surviving University of the Philippines in five sets, 22-25, 25-10, 25-19, 32-34, 15-3, Saturday at Filoil Flying V Centre.The Lady Chiefs recovered from a grueling fourth set loss and imposed their will on the Lady Maroons, who faltered in the final set after losing veteran Justine Dorog to a knee injury in the penultimate set.ADVERTISEMENT Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Fire hits houses in Mandaluyong Citycenter_img View comments Nonong Araneta re-elected as PFF president LOOK: Loisa Andalio, Ronnie Alonte unwind in Amanpulo for 3rd anniversary Read Next LATEST STORIES Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH BSP sees higher prices in November, but expects stronger peso, low rice costs to put up fight Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMClast_img read more

  • Local Sporting Champions Grant Program

    first_imgApplications are now open for grants to help young athletes, coaches and officials attend sporting championships.The Local Sporting Champions program was recently expanded to provide more young Australians opportunities to receive funding to attend sporting events. New championships which young athletes, coaches or officials can now apply for funding to help attend include international competitions as well as state school championships. The grants are available under the Local Sporting Champions program, an Australian Government initiative aimed at helping sportspeople aged 12–18 to attend recognised sporting championships. Successful applicants will receive a one-off individual grant of $500 or team grant of $3000 to help fund the cost of travel, accommodation, uniforms or equipment when competing, coaching, umpiring or refereeing. With the inclusion of these competitions, the Local Sporting Champions program will recognise some of Australia’s most talented young athletes and provide them with financial assistance to participate in sport and represent their country at an international level. Criteria for funding To be eligible for a Local Sporting Champions grant, individuals aged 12–18 years (inclusive) must be competing in an Australian Sports Commission-recognised national sporting organisation (NSO) state or national sporting championships, a national or state school sport championships or be a member of an official Australian team endorsed by an ASC-recognised NSO or School Sport Australia travelling to an international competition. Please note that eligible sportspeople can only receive one Local Sporting Champions grant per year. Candidates can complete the Local Sporting Champions application form online before their championship event. More information on eligibility for a grant is available at www.ausport.gov.au/champions. Applications are open all year. Round 2 of the 2012–13 Local Sporting Champions grant allocation closes on Wednesday, 31 October 2012. Related LinksLocal Sporting Championslast_img read more