Month: February 2021

  • Dell Launches New Laptop Built just for Small Businesses

    first_imgDell recognizes that small businesses have unique needs when it comes to their technology. With businesses recognizing that technology is no longer just PART of their strategy but central to their business model, those businesses have begun to identify exactly which PC features will lend to their most success while being mindful of a price point that is feasible for their budgets.Dell’s Vostro line includes laptops and desktop computers that are built with entry-level business features. The line allows for a graduated approach from devices used purely by consumers to full business class devices used by large enterprises.On November 9th, the new Vostro 5000 laptop will become available. Vostro 5000 will be available in 15” (5581) or 14” (5481).Security is a growing concern for small businesses. With data as their most precious asset, Vostro’s optional power button SSO fingerprint reader and 100% hardware/software TPM help give SBs the peace of mind they desire.This installation of the Vostro line will be thinner and lighter than previous generations, an attempt by Dell to address the growing need for mobility among small businesses. Whether entrepreneurs are on the road pitching new investors or at client meetings all over town, it is evident that small businesses need their PC to go where they go.When you’re on the go or working from your hotel, the Vostro optional backlit keyboard makes it convenient to type in dim light or in the darkness of redeye.Find out more about the new Vostro 5000 here and experience the best features for small business at a small business friendly price.last_img read more

  • Optimize Your Infrastructure for Critical Business Workloads

    first_imgAs we look ahead to the next decade of digital business, our teams at Dell Technologies are focused on providing you with full solutions to help your organization. That of course means that we are working to arm you with cutting-edge technology solutions that you need – but we also want to provide you with solutions to the issues that keep you up at night as an IT leader. While we help you navigate the technology challenges that your organization is facing, we also want to help keep your IT staff relevant to the business.As your organization works to maintain or gain competitive advantage, we understand that you need to provide the agility required to support the creation of strategic differentiation. While the business dictates the application and workloads essential for success, your IT staff must serve as an active partner and meet the new “as-a-service” standard. That leaves you balancing several priorities as you continue modernizing your infrastructure: You need the right technology to support the transformational activities going on within your organization. And wherever data is gravitating from edge to core to cloud, you need to be sure that you are investing at the right place across your IT ecosystem to ensure that you can achieve your desired business outcomes.The best way to prioritize your future investments is to ensure that you are emphasizing support for the critical business workloads that will lead the transformation of the business. Dell Technologies is an experienced leader in delivering solutions for critical business applications and databases such as SAP, SQL and Oracle – as well as other high value workloads such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Whatever the key workloads are for your organization, Dell Technologies provides you with the power and simplicity you need to get IT complexities out of the way and accelerate business growth. Our portfolio of Dell EMC infrastructure solutions allows your business to run critical workloads with ease, allowing you to focus on supporting transformative innovation. We can enable end-to-end optimization to help tune for your workloads’ placement across your organization’s hybrid IT infrastructure. Our modern Dell EMC infrastructure can lead your IT staff to become more responsive to the development of new business capabilities and to take insightful action with advanced data management and real-time intelligence.Create new value by optimizing your infrastructure for your critical business workloads with Dell Technologies – with the right technology, in the right place, for the right outcomes. Allow me to break down exactly what that looks like:The right technology…Our powered-up portfolio of infrastructure solutions enables your business to run its critical workloads with ease, allowing you to focus on business innovations. By delivering the performance, scalability and resiliency required across your infrastructure, we help ensure your IT investments will support the workloads that your business depends on to grow.Dell EMC brings you Power & Simplicity to get IT complexities out of your way and accelerate innovation and growth – through cutting-edge performance, trusted simplicity, and our Future-Proof Loyalty Program. Our sales team will work with you to determine what is the right technology for your workload needs. Plus, our integrated full stack solutions (hyperconverged/converged infrastructure) and validated designs offer your team further simplicity.… In the right place…Once you have the right technology in mind, your Dell EMC specialist will turn the conversation to the topic of workload placement. This is where the breadth and flexibility of our Dell EMC offerings shine – no matter where data is gravitating across your environment from edge to core to cloud, Dell EMC can work with you to identify the appropriate hybrid cloud infrastructure to best support the high-value applications and databases critical to your organization.Cloud-enabled offerings across the full Dell EMC stack help you optimize your infrastructure based on the ideal location of your critical workloads. By supporting your business processes wherever they live, we can store, run and protect databases and applications consistently across your distributed environment to cut data sprawl. And with Dell Technologies Cloud, you can deliver the right environment for all cloud native and traditional workloads with consistent infrastructure and operations across public, private, and edge clouds.Dell EMC brings you End-to-end Optimization to help tune for your workloads’ placement across your hybrid IT infrastructure – through data mobility and placement, a seamless cloud experience, and choice with control.Plus, our ProConsult Migration Services can help you migrate those applications and workloads to their optimum platform. … For the right outcomesUltimately, you can only be sure that you have the right technology in the right place when you have the right goals in your sight. The investment decisions you make in your IT infrastructure can make a real impact on your business, if you can adopt this outcome-oriented way of thinking in your decision making. As your IT organization works to uncover the power that resides within data, are you all rallying behind an approach that will bring your desired outcomes?Advanced data management, automation and intelligence in Dell EMC infrastructure empowers your organization to create strategic advantage. By enabling continuous application innovation and real-time analytics at any scale, we help your users create new capabilities which leverage all of your data to generate value for your business.This is how Dell EMC prepares your organization to take Insightful Action – by helping you achieve responsive application development and begin to leverage advanced data management and real-time intelligence. Our kinetic infrastructure and advanced data management offerings help you support the creation of new business capabilities by allowing your staff to become more responsive to cloud native application development needs.Optimize your infrastructure for your critical business workloadsA core responsibility of your team is to be supportive of the development of new capabilities – whether that development is cloud-native or otherwise. Wherever that critical activity is taking place and data is gravitating across your environment, optimize your infrastructure for it by taking advantage of our simply powerful Dell EMC products and our consulting service experts. Let us help you tune workload placement in this complex multi-cloud world, so that you can build a successful hybrid infrastructure based on the criticality of your workloads. Through this optimized infrastructure that embraces automation and orchestration, you will enable your IT staff to become more responsive to development needs and to take insightful action with advanced data management and real-time intelligence. Our Dell Technologies Consulting Service experts will help you create a strategy aligned with the business outcomes that you are being asked to support. Benefit from faster deployment, fewer support calls, and by gaining a partner to work with as you determine the optimal infrastructure for your critical business workloads.As your users work to leverage data capital and unlock new opportunities for the business, have confidence that you can support their needs consistently by trusting Dell Technologies as your continued technology provider. Stay tuned to this space for as we expand on the examples outlined in this post and continue to highlight how our Dell EMC products and Dell Technologies consulting services are helping customers around the globe modernize IT and transform their business.And for more information on how optimizing infrastructure for workloads can benefit your business and how Dell Technologies can help with industry-leading workload solutions, visit our new page.last_img read more

  • Keep Focus on Workloads with a Future-Proof Infrastructure

    first_imgWhen you have the reassurance that your IT infrastructure investments are protected, you can worry less about the critical workloads that keep your organization running. So far in our Direct2DellEMC series on optimizing your infrastructure for critical business workloads, we have been discussing how selecting the right technology provider can make the difference in organizations delivering superior outcomes. Today we will take that conversation one step further and explore the benefits of a total package – advanced technologies, coupled with guarantees, offers and assurances.Our advice is to center your decision-making around the use cases, applications and databases that have a most direct impact on your organization’s strategic differentiation. By keeping focus on the performance and simplicity required by the workloads that drive the unique capabilities your business relies on for differentiation, you can optimize your infrastructure with each investment. But before you take your next step in infrastructure modernization, consider if the strategy you are following is future-proof.As IT leaders have learned throughout their careers, eliminating unknowns increases the likelihood of positive outcomes down the road. The best way to sleep at night is to know that your investments are protected.In addition to our full stack of IT solutions and the services offered by our experts, we know organizations turn to Dell Technologies because of our establishment as a leader in the industry. And we remain one of the most trusted technology providers around the globe because in addition to helping your IT staff enact modernization efforts, we ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.To bring you that further peace of mind, we have made a set of promises through our Future-Proof Program that guarantee our resilient storage, data protection, networking and hyperconverged products deliver value throughout their lifespan. The program is designed to help you optimize the IT lifecycle through a series of guarantees, offers, and assurances. Future-Proof provides support from beginning to end by guaranteeing outcomes, maximizing investments and helping you navigate the future of IT.Future-Proof guarantees outcomes by going above and beyond expectations with guarantees that our world class technology capabilities will deliver as promised. Because we stand firmly behind our solutions, we hope you can plan to support your workloads confidently, assured that you will neither over- nor under-provision for your business needs.Future-Proof maximizes your investments by ensuring that you can easily purchase, exchange, and upgrade IT solutions to seamlessly modernize technologies today and into the future. Future-Proof also helps you to navigate IT futures with technologies and features designed to flexibly operate on premises or in the cloud, today and in the future. By eliminating future cost uncertainties for acquired solutions, you will be able to better budget for new IT needs as your workloads demand.Don’t forget that our advanced offerings across the infrastructure stack are available with flexible payment options through Dell Technologies On Demand, which includes value-added services with ProDeploy, ProSupport and Managed Services. These services can be bundled effortlessly and paired with all the financial consumption models and with the Future-Proof program.Dell Technologies has the right technology and programs to provide your IT staff with the peace of mind that 2020 demands. And the Future-Proof program enables customers to focus on critical business needs while Dell Technologies handles the rest. By delivering the performance, scalability and resiliency you require across our powered-up portfolio of infrastructure, we help ensure your IT investments will successfully support the workloads that your business depends on to grow.For more on this topic, please visit here.Past entries: read more

  • Nigeria’s president replaces service chiefs amid insecurity

    first_imgABUJA, Nigeria (AP) — Amid worsening insecurity in Nigeria, the president has replaced all of the country’s service chiefs. President Muhammadu Buhari’s action on Tuesday comes after several years of calls by the public and federal lawmakers for the removal of the military commanders. The Senate and the House of Representatives in separate resolutions had demanded the replacement of the service chiefs because of the worsening security in Nigeria’s northeast where a more than 10-year insurgency by the Islamic jihad group Boko Haram has killed thousands of people. The insecurity has been compounded by banditry in the north and kidnappings for ransom across the country.last_img read more

  • Twitter limits access to Turkish minister’s LGBT tweet

    first_imgANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Twitter has limited access to a tweet by Turkey’s interior minister, who referred to students protesting the appointment of a government loyalist to head their university, as “LGBT perverts.” Students and faculty at Istanbul’s Bogazici University have been demonstrating for weeks against the appointment of the rector who is close to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling party. Over the weekend, police arrested a group of students over a poster depicting Islam’s most sacred site with LGBT flags. Interior Minister referred to the protesters as “LGBT perverts” prompting Twitter to hide his tweet behind a warning that said his message violated the social media platform’s rules about “hateful conduct.”last_img read more

  • Ohio police officer charged with murder in Andre Hill death

    first_imgCOLUMBUS, OHio (AP) — A white Ohio police officer has been charged with murder in the latest fallout following the December shooting death of 47-year-old Andre Hill, a Black man, the state’s attorney general says. Columbus Police Officer Adam Coy was indicted Wednesday by a Franklin County grand jury following an investigation by the Ohio Attorney General’s office. Police bodycam footage showed Hill emerging from a garage and holding up a cellphone in his left hand seconds before he was fatally shot by Coy. Coy also faces charges for failing to use his body camera and for failing to tell the other officer he believed Hill presented a danger. Coy’s attorney says his client will plead not guilty.last_img read more