Brand extension Douding library operation

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two, LOGO

if 100 people watched this document, one to remember your site LOGO, you can a person know you this brand, and we can take the document to cast a wide net way to upload documents, which can let more people know your brand, what music do



I uploaded 152 copies of the document in a month time, the inside of the anchor text and hyperlinks are directly. But whether or not the keyword ranking of long tail keywords core competitiveness rankings have no effect, but the love of Shanghai Library of long tail keywords ranking is very high, which according to the search engine, a little weight did not improve.

, a chain of invalid


document ranking is very high, whether it is love or Shanghai library, Douding network inside the document. Although the author in this experimental period, keyword ranking is not raised, but the flow has risen. But they are not from the search engine came in, but direct access to traffic increases. The header using the good website, placed in the header of the LOGO, the formation of visual impact to the viewer. Do not underestimate the number of documents to be accessed, a look at the number of uploaded documents accessed know:

Shanghai Longfeng ER have their own means of optimization, aiming at the masses are not the same. Someone in the search engine, so there are so many stations, garbage site. Some people for the user, the user experience in the above efforts, the optimization means they don’t like the Shanghai dragon. I think there is a kind of brand promotion effect, it’s out of the Shanghai dragon, but belongs to the network promotion, that is the document type promotion. The following is the author’s personal views, here as an example to love Shanghai Library:

brand promotion actually does not necessarily have to be offline media, we can still have Shanghai dragon ER to use their own knowledge to build the brand of Shanghai dragon. The web game: 贵族宝贝guoshulianliankan贵族宝贝/ original, please respect the original


is in the form of flash library, Douding gives the reader a watch, and search engine for flash is not identified, let alone the chain. But some people say the library for the search engine in the form of text can be read out. Yes, indeed, the chain library can also be included, but it belongs to the chain is invalid. First, it doesn’t allow users to click on the link to the website directly. Second, it does not increase the weight. This is the author through a few months to do library experimental results:

branding document headerWe all know that

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