The construction site within the chain is tricky

: the first clear navigation set

again: non important page in the chain set

In the

finally: avoid mistakes in chain

: the second home page set an important chain


website construction is important operation station and station, both of which are indispensable in the construction site of the chain, seriously affecting the site collected, and the user experience of the website, but the tricky webmaster construction within the site chain noticed? And the chain construction site how to do better.

any website may be primary or secondary, especially some enterprise website, the company website description, description, member login, registration page may not want to give too much weight, but these pages can not enter the link set for this page in the chain, the author believes that as long as one can appear on the home page, other page and channel page can not appear, which can reduce the weight of the passage. If you really think these pages need to appear in the other channel page, you can also set up navigation, but please stop using the nofollow attribute, the website weight loss. But this approach needs the webmaster know the website, what content page is important, what is the content page can prevent weight transfer.

website network >

want to do within the chain construction site, clear navigation settings are indispensable. Navigation is generally follow the rule is: home to point to the navigation channel page, each page should have page and channel page links to content pages to the home page and channel page links, navigation system, so that the site has better. Analysis of the navigation settings also include the page navigation settings do not accumulate, guarantee that a page can have a link to it, do not set the navigation at the top of the page, bottom of the same set of navigation, the construction of the chain repeat is to reduce weight, this way to cause the search engine punishment. Whether in the home or the content page, at the bottom of the site should be built "back to the top of the navigation, it can save users a lot of time to see duplicate content pages, will also improve the user experience.

search engine in web crawling content, may according to the weight of your site, determine the site to grab the depth of general spiders crawl page within 3-4 depth links, but some weight high site, depth will be high, so to the webmaster, some important pages need to link on the home page often, the website home page weight is very high, a link to a page in the page, not only the user can quickly find the corresponding products, the spider can quickly capture. Some sites will establish a special page for some important page display special page on the home page, in order to attract spiders and users. In fact, the important product pages on the home page in the chain, even if there is no chain weight high, the inside pages of the rankings will be very good.

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