How to have the efficiency of a new die

users love spiders

station in Shanghai love review period, fear most is the revision, love Shanghai spider just feel out the layout of your website structure, read the HTML tags, but you have to give her a change from time to time, Baidu but not love people although the content of the website chop and change, change, but the spider no way to read the content, can only rely on algorithm to distinguish, but you have to give her a barrier, then from the dead is not far away, for the new station, revision time is the best in the station after half a year, also is the site of the Google sandbox effect, and have the right weight, if you are impatient, can only be a small adjustment revision change, search engine will give you a wide wide punishment.

4, a pile of pile and

chain flow, use every minute to find a site outside the chain, in the love of Shanghai "new era webmaster information search optimization strategy" clearly written out of date, but a lot of new Shanghai dragon Er will make this mistake, because for the new station, a way of love that is outside the chain of spiders in Shanghai the link is also the external URL, and many companies have such a sacred position in Shanghai Longfeng chain Commissioner, finally let the novice Shanghai dragon Er finds the chain is just the product of website development, this is good, but the premise is that the chain has a voting mechanism, the chain is most afraid of Googel explosion, refers to connect to a specific website by useless keywords, and man-made methods to improve website ranking, the chain is a dead rhythm.


1, outside the chain of overwhelming

from time to time

often spider love original article Guazaizuibian, cater to the spider appetite, every day for the spider conveying original articles, but did not grasp the quality issue of the article, a hodgepodge of all, the broad and profound of Chinese characters in the play the most incisive, for this, the spider will only say to you: "don’t mess with me. Or I will let you die very rhythmic, for this the more is the use of pseudo original tools, the article is very original.

3, change the structure of

flow, usage and effect, tag keyword density, are out of fashion. There are a lot of editorial staff in the company, they spent most of the Shanghai dragon knowledge is "around a word", but they are still very rhythmic layout, and the new station that are relatively easy to be ignored, because in a short time can not obtain a website ranking, Shanghai will hold dragon Er luck stack keywords, especially some medical sites, although very few people are doing this thing.


no Zuo no die, everything is hard in the beginning, the site is the same, a new web site, is most afraid of death, but do not know how to die, since the media like some blindly follow the trend, then you know how your site is Game Over, together with the Fujian Shanghai Dragon and see how the efficiency of the death of a new site, personal gossip, focusing on the exchange of experience.

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