Xue Feng analytical software group web site outside of the chain is the cause of the K

is still very reasonable!

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! See !The

sixth words that don’t mass outside the chain, be careful K

know how to solve this problem! Also, this problem also involves a brush Alexa rankings, so

link release rule is not normal

Oh! See, in fact, is not caused by the mass of the chain fell in love with the sea K, is actually your own mode of operation. According to my analysis, the mass of the chain is K for a few reasons:

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well, first said here today, I also write the pumping time to eat, the work to do.

group chain, motionless for an hour of hundreds, this is the chain is not normal. You can set the time of some of the more reasonable, let the software more artificial hair. For example, set the release time interval of 2-3 minutes, so an hour to do outside the chain of dozens,

3, the chain is not stable

in the Admin5 forum today many people say that the mass of the chain will be in love with the sea K station, but it did not explain why it will be K station, I guess it should be look at the data view of the Shanghai dragon network. I have reprinted an article called "new Shanghai dragon is often fooled ten words" inside the sixth sentences mentioned:


1, the short time interval


means the chain has a lot of advantages, "quality" not heavy "". Why? Because you will release the contents inside well hidden anchor text link to you. But the release of the software is different, it will show you the release of the link to other people, you say that website owners to see what happens? Certainly not to say, directly K your account. And you use the software also released so much, the chain of 100 sites inside K off 50 websites, you said search engines will see how? This is the direct cause of the cheat you think it. On the contrary, the chain stability you there, it wouldn’t think so.




side of the novice veteran often say that, while has a lot of mass chain. Although some contradictions, but for newcomers, is helpful. Mass master well, K is no doubt, of course group also contains a lot of skills, so look at those veterans, are actually good at using tools people. New start with this, are often prone to backfire.

the reason why I don’t know what to tell you to explain, I use the following patterns directly explain, I believe that a smart you will understand!

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