How to do web site navigation optimization of Shanghai dragon The key is fast and accurate


3, breadcrumb navigation must be

Shanghai Longfeng people know, the title of the highest weight, followed by the content and navigation weight distribution within the entire site to? Simply after the title, so in the navigation reasonable put some long tail keywords is very necessary, to search engine to quickly know what your site is again, to understand what is the core keywords website.

How to optimize the


give an example, take the Shanghai dragon, if my core keywords is [Shanghai] so I Longfeng, navigation will layout into [Shanghai] [Shanghai Longfeng Longfeng optimization based video tutorial] [Shanghai] [Shanghai dragon dragon training tool], in general the novice can use the drop-down box and relevant search screening, here is not too much that.

1. navigation is best to use the long tail keywords named

site navigation? Mainly from the following points:

site navigation plays an irreplaceable role in the entire site, let visitors in the website will not get lost, but most of the current site navigation are all the same, even to the appearance or unilateral personal needs to put up, not only saves the customer browsing time, but also increase the unnecessary garbage pages, then the site how to optimize the navigation key to have soon?.

breadcrumb navigation is a key chain optimization, no matter what the reason, breadcrumb navigation role is very large, is to tell what is the place where users browse, or user >

believe that many people have encountered, see a site navigation very fancy feel dazzling, high-end atmosphere on the level of appearance, in fact most dazzling navigation is JS or flash, or just an image replacement, the search engines crawl cannot identify these elements, once the search the engine does not recognize the content, will not crawl down a column, before a friend is holding such a website to ask the author, I just let him change the navigation, a start would not, think the site no effects is not the atmosphere, explain after a few hours, he did not reluctant to change, not a month, included jumped a lot, as the case is not to show here.

2. navigation Jane should not dazzle

first understand what is the site navigation site navigation? Is that all the content of the site classification show to the customer choice, quick access to the content you want to help the user of the hub, and navigation optimization is also very simple, users want to see content, there is no value to the users of the content should not be put in the above that will affect the weight concentration and residence time. While the site navigation is divided into three types: top navigation, bottom navigation, bread crumbs navigation. Optimization of these three kinds of navigation are not the same, in the later details.

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