Listen to Wang Tong only then gathered for the first time in Shanghai Longfeng sentiment three



: the first to form their own Shanghai dragon team

many enterprises may not set up their own Shanghai dragon team, some companies have chosen to take their own businesses to Shanghai dragon outsourcing company. One is yet to do network marketing, the second is not aware of the importance of network marketing. There are also many companies will hire several Shanghai dragon staff to maintain their own website, but this is not the Shanghai dragon team, the most tangled is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng lay leaders to teach you how to do Shanghai dragon. If you want to set up their own Shanghai dragon team, I think we should seek truth from facts. According to their specific circumstances, but not for multi team, high efficiency. For example, the general small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai dragon team who need? I think there are a few chain specialist, two station optimization personnel, a web technical staff, a designer, a director of Shanghai dragon on the line. < >

why Shanghai Longfeng need more systematic

Shanghai Longfeng industry, gradually from the original individual combat style evolved into Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon team. So the future is the lack of Shanghai dragon head of the team, so why is there such a transition? I think that is very simple: Shanghai dragon fire, the industry increasingly fierce competition. A person want to do Shanghai dragon, and get a good profit very difficult. Especially in the fierce competition in the industry, such as the medical industry, need to use PPC and natural ranking combination, can bring considerable traffic to the site, stability. Shanghai dragon is not simply to send the chain, update the content on the line, need more systematic planning, data analysis and so on. Shanghai Longfeng system I think is more refined and scientific analysis from web design to the website data which must be the first planning. Shanghai is also a part of Phoenix website operation, so the entire Shanghai Longfeng department and other departments need to coordinate.

has already written two articles comprehension article, summary, listen to Wang Tong only then gathered for the first time in Shanghai Longfeng sentiment (a) this is how we should do Shanghai Longfeng, listen to Wang Tong only then gathered for the first time in Shanghai Longfeng sentiment (two) this is the Dragon Phoenix needs packaging. This is the final a feeling the understanding of Shanghai Longfeng systematic published.

How do the system of Shanghai dragon

for a Shanghai dragon team, how to make website system of Shanghai dragon? Some people say that Shanghai dragon is a gamble, because pay a lot of energy and time can not achieve their goals. It is no wonder that some business owners not in Shanghai Longfeng investment, because Shanghai Longfeng not like advertising, immediately see the effect, I think Shanghai is Shanghai Dragon Team Dragon system differentiation, let the team to maximize efficiency, the following are some of the humble opinion:

?Now the development of positive system

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