Fast search engine ranking optimization immediate Nirvana

map, LOGO is the mouse on the picture, the picture ALT attribute.

from the system factors, Shanghai, mainly including the following aspects: the domain name space and structure of the site code optimization factors, web page optimization and website content optimization, external links optimization, to do a good job in all aspects must be lasting accumulation, continuous exploration. But today to share tips, Tan roots a little immediate method, the method is very simple, often overlooked Shanghai dragon ER, but according to the practical experience of CAI Gen Tan, this technique can indeed improve the website keyword ranking immediately.

Shanghai dragon is a technology about competition, favorable position can make your site keywords quickly occupied love Shanghai, Google and other search engines, in order to obtain a large number of target customers. Is the competition to have the competitive strategy, there is technical method system. Tan roots often take Shanghai dragon ranking optimization technology as a metaphor for the school’s exam, who admitted to score, who will be able to top. Shanghai dragon in this course, according to the algorithm factors disclosed, there are more than 200, to score high, have each course, each question the details are to be fully work, and strive to achieve position.

we all know, the website each page generally the top left is LOGO, site or company name and brand advertising language, many companies will take the LOGO station directly written in the style of the background, this is definitely the wrong approach the lowest. This LOGO can make a great contribution for our optimization ranking. You see, each page of the website is this LOGO, you think, if you put the LOGO into images, then add the anchor text, it will add to the number of internal links to the keyword.

three, LOGO picture link to the web page.


often meet in the network search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) skills, but also have a lot of just speak generally, network marketing training company boasted: one day on the front page. Finally the fact that flicker components are.

must give LOGO pictures with anchor text, the core keyword anchor text content with your main optimization;

The The arrow marked on the

skills, able to put the website all pages with keywords to the home page, increase the number of keywords within the chain, although these links with the tools of query >

here is divided into three steps:

remember, must add the ALT attribute text to images, most of the websites should make LOGO links, but did not add anchor text, the effect is not the same.

For example:

, in the development and construction of the website, the LOGO must be cut out and exist in the form of pictures, pictures can be uploaded from the background is the best;

This small

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