Some small and medium sized enterprise website optimization considerations

3, not Italy keywords


1 points, website content construction.


2012 is destined to be a new era of network marketing, more and more traditional companies began to focus on network marketing, but they sometimes encounter some blind spots, especially small and medium-sized enterprises in network marketing, not a clue, do not know how to grasp the direction and focus of marketing, so it has been the work is blind. Even in the end, some companies will give up network marketing. So to Yan Cong based on their past experience, made some simple summary, only for your reference.

started the site, we may need a large number of articles to supplement various layouts, special attention is that we want to search some more valuable content to fill our website, remember do not use pre acquisition software or simply copy and paste to a new article, we want to be modified based on more readable in the article, we add some ideas, so as to let the search spider every time to grab our website we feel valuable content, as everyone knows search spider is a common user’s point of view to grasping the content, so we only content to attract users to please the spider, clicks there will be a corresponding increase.

is a well written articles may be just one, but a good title to reflect the core value of this article, we should optimize the key is the title of the soul, to learn how to do the title of the party. As we all know, we want to optimize the key words than we have in the content layout inside the advantage of keywords ranking more in our title inside. First of all, we need to improve the keywords to try to show in front of the title, because the user browsing habits from left to right, so the important content is more likely to be found in the user, this is the same for the equivalent of ordinary users to search spider effect, and the search engine gives the title keywords weight to the front is the highest.

4, outside the site promotion

2, the title of the article notes the set

Shanghai dragon is a relatively long process, some effect does not come tonight. So we sometimes when the keywords in the layout may focus on the density, but too much accumulation of keywords may be counterproductive, resulting in decreased readability. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is very natural, man-made traces if the optimization is obvious, it is easy to cause the search engine that will The loss outweighs the gain. punishment.

to understand the various promotion channels such as Forum promotion, blog promotion, love Shanghai product promotion, classified information website promotion, quiz promotion and so on, we promote to achieve the effect of doing so get in by every opening, the purpose is to allow the user to see our information at any place. Originally a content source is not a lot of enterprises.

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