Harm and page similarity solution


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, a concept of similarity.

our company mainly in the production of sprinkler, but also can produce some incidental tank truck, sewage suction truck, suction truck and other models, our web site keywords and sprinkler and related vocabulary, and our company total models also dozens of products, the products we do not need to do a complete navigation station, this directly affect the similarity of our website.


page similarity directly affects the evaluation of search engine on our website content quality, if a web page similarity is too high, will directly lead to the search engine is not included in our pages, but we do Shanghai dragon is the most basic to the page, even if the basic collection are not, how can we talk about the ranking and flow? General similarity two pages more than 70% words, the basic search engine is not included. I come to tell you my opinion.

3. content in just pictures, no text description

you only need to enter the two page you want to test, and then draw a similarity with this result, you can clearly see that the similarity between your two page.

such as the shopping guide, and a series of distribution methods, every page in the Jingdong, all belong to this similarity. The similarity also includes navigation, at the bottom of the station site navigation text and so on, we can detect the similarity of our website with some tools. Recommend a good test site for all similarity website: 贵族宝贝webconfs贵族宝贝/similar-page-checker.php, the specific case is as follows:


1. enterprise products

I am responsible for the truck industry website to explain. The first is the product of the navigation station, please see below:


generally recommend only.

. We love some unnecessary words such as telephone number, bottom navigation etc.. Such as the this we can streamline some:

what is the similarity between the two? Is actually the same web content ratio. That is to say as long as two pages are also some content, all belong to the scope of similarity. We take the Jingdong Mall for example:

2. at the bottom of the copyright information

Vertical navigation The contents of The copyright information at the bottom of the

two, how to solve the problem of high similarity website? We in the usual business station as an example.

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