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wave brother is to get the integration of Internet marketing, I understand what is Internet Marketing? Is a variety of ways to promote the combined together to develop programs. Then to perform. Boge I admire most is to know what way to promote a combination to achieve the best results. But according to different industries, promotion way is different. Some time ago we made moon cake, because it is the Mid Autumn Festival. I don’t want to do, because I used to love is to see the Shanghai index, if the search volume do I. If not, don’t do. Because I’ve played Shanghai dragon and bidding. The two I was good at. Because in the end there is no market can be analyzed by index.

I know that before the

when I do the profiteering products at home, when I happened to meet a bottleneck. I was thinking of how to transition, what to do in the future. Although the product is huge because of the profits, but the need to constantly change products. Not long, I have been considering doing some precipitation things, is considering. In June when the wave brother called me, said he was in Harbin, told me about what he was doing. Then I had to go to Harbin to take a stroll, but also look at his place. Also look at what he is doing.

roughly know about the wave brother told me how not to do it together. When I was taking a long time to decide to do poineering work together. This is the way we come together. He is good at marketing. In fact, I also used the integrated marketing, at the beginning of this year. I didn’t put any advertising, do slimming products. The amount of transactions every day 5-10. So I understand the free flow is the most cost-effective to make profits products. The Internet has 20% traffic charges. There are 80% of the traffic is free. So if you know how to hit. Traffic will brush to.

with the wave of fate, when they met in Beijing. Heilongjiang is his home in Hegang, my home is in Mudanjiang. It is also regarded as fellow. When the communication is also very good. Never thought can work together in the future. When the wave brother in Beijing more cattle, every day is dealing with business owners.

these days come home to stay cool, every day after sleep. Eat sleep, at home is more comfortable. Comparison of silence. No. 7 work. Have a good rest at home. Some time ago busy enough. A few days ago I went to the Harbin Railway Station with wave brother, he went to Beijing. I went back to Mudanjiang. Give me a call yesterday. He said to Shanghai. I asked him to go to Shanghai to do what? He said his father-in-law blind, and filled him more. Wave brother is already thirties, facing the marriage, I remember a few days ago joked with him, I said that if you get married, I’ll give you 50 dollars with. He told me that I have no less than ten thousand words.

My brother is

Boge but he is doing the special investigation, this product can be analyzed through a variety of data can not do. When we help our local a hundred enterprises.

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