How to improve website PR value

I want to talk about friendship connection specific things, for a new station, in order to enhance our value, we can choose some of the weight of high site, hope to cooperate with them, exchange Links, so we can also speed up the collection of Chinese, there’s an old saying, make money off business people do, people do not lose the sale. When our weight is very low, and hope that the cooperation which the PR value high site, this time I’m not afraid of you down, you may get the answer nine out of ten are negative, so we need the staff to come up with their own good endurance to communicate, the lofty tower flat ground, we must first put just us "mentality.


in order to enhance our website PR value, first of all we want to stand in an objective perspective on our website to review, to see whether it still exists some flaws, this is like building a house, if not hit is the foundation of our firm, we would like to try hard to build, even up to a certain height or there will be the moment of collapse, we to improve our PR value we should also look at our website is used to establish what kind of system, this system in the current situation for this kind of website is not the best choice, only in determining the quality of the site under the condition we are full of confidence, can do the next promotion

just saw a very strange phenomenon in Shanghai Post Bar, there are many people who are looking for new sites to establish good after how to improve the PR web site is worth, because I was a computer science major, although we can not say that is a pedestrian, but also before graduation in a network company internship once, I have to this problem and pains, so today to see the problem, will I put some small skills! You know the sun drying out here too, and also interested in this problem you exchange exchange.

The other is

as I know, the love of Shanghai is far from the update frequency is slower than the noble baby, under normal circumstances is generally the first day you publish the article in second days is the noble baby inside can see, but the update frequency of love Shanghai is not so fast, maybe a lot of the time we can have a that is my feeling, is love Shanghai abandoned, today see love Shanghai have included their own website, no, tomorrow or not, left to wait, so grateful for all the flowers, but it is also updated, but here, I would like to point at this time is that we must adhere to, every day are updated, all published articles every day, here is not to call you a day to release a staggering number, we can publish one to two articles, the word can be in 500 to about 1000 words, the most Good is out of our own pen, generally speaking, the original article is noble and love Shanghai baby spiders crawl probability is much larger, in addition, we can also to some other website to launch, such as webmaster nets, good speakers, etc., can also go to Shanghai on Post Bar more love stroll.

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