How simple to understand website positioning

Looking for the

second, looking for the segmentation concept.

, is a marketing concept, simply said, is in the minds of users looking for a piece of land, and occupied, as its "base", not by others to seize.

stands in the biological perspective, different plants need in certain circumstances, in order to thrive. So is the site, if not given its location, which is in a chaotic state, growth stagnation not before, it will only in many sites, death of a beauty. So, what side of the sacred site location.

determine the support point is that we must have adequate theoretical basis to convince others, not only the audience, but also as far as possible to convince competitors, so that we can get to a foothold. But water can carry a boat, can also capsize, the age of the Internet, it.

third, to determine the support point.

first, analysis of the industry environment.

segment, is mentioned in the previous step advantage. Say simply, is to make our products have no others things, to open their competitors and the difference, and to achieve the ultimate, like lions, tigers and wolves, are carnivorous animal, but different shapes and different ways of hunting habits.

Methods the

site, but can also borrow theories of marketing positioning. Because the site, it can also be a product of understanding. The positioning of our products, not to do, is for the audience to do something. That is to say, we are in reality in the minds of users occupy a space as the base, to ensure that the products of real status in the mind of the audience. So, the problem is transformed into, what is the location step in

first, and white look together, what is the location.

understand the site location, next, we look at how to make the website positioning.

site location, simply said, is to understand the site plays a role in Internet, to transfer the core concept of what kind of website to the audience, want to play what role. In other words, website localization, website building strategy and positioning are required to expand around the web site structure, content, performance, and set up a bridge of communication with the user. Is the site after the Shanghai dragon optimization direction. Therefore, do website localization is very important.

positioning theory?

we can not exist in a vacuum, because no gravitational vacuum. Any creature to exist in a suitable for their own development with air and water ecological environment, the lion tiger wolf has its own rules of survival, or in the same environment of peaceful coexistence, or fight for prey, survival of the fittest in natural selection survival of the fittest. The enterprise survive such products, without exception, the website is no exception. So, we have to do the SWOT analysis of the site, find their own competitive advantage and disadvantage, opportunity and threat to strategy, internal resources and external environment organically.

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