Teach you how to lose weight


page of the DIV and CSS reconstruction

therefore, we in the production site, in addition to the quality of pictures, but also special attention to "the size of the picture, so that it can be downloaded in the shortest time.

Redundant code to lose weight

page to lose weight the greatest significance lies in reducing garbage code, let the search engine spiders smoothly on the crawling, and crawl to the appropriate content. Frame page DIV and CSS have opened quickly, and more conducive to the spider crawl the content advantage. But because the DIV and CSS code will produce a large number of CSS code, the title part, and this part of the code will hinder the spiders to crawl the page so we need to save the CSS alone.

When you open a



to lose weight

page including ASP.NET generated Viewstate, "inside the unfinished Javascript code automatically generated system code page other garbage.

normally, if we do not use the ASP.NET provides some default templates or Viewstate, can be clear, if we just try the ASP.NET for different modules to generate the HTML page, then the original HTML page template can also shield the Viewstate code.

page text content is too long, the user opens the page will be slower, the entire page to set the label, so the user experience greatly reduced. In this case, the general choice of page processing, making each page length of no more than 3 screen. This is not only conducive to the user experience, but also is of great benefit to the search engine.

web pictures lose weight

The so-called "


Javascript script code weight

" refers to the number of weight optimization of the structure itself and the code, and not only refers to the page file size is compressed by some methods. "Weight loss has been a hot topic. We have to do is to remove the heavy redundant code. Good wine today Xiaobian to share some of my experience.

page, the page file is too large to wait for a long time. And this time limit more than once people can afford, the user will take off the page. The same is true for the search engine, climbed out when collecting pictures, when is it that this picture is too large, can not download completed in a short period of time, will think this picture has no practical value, so as to give up on the picture collection, or to reduce the site score.

when we do lose weight ", pay attention to the key part as far as possible not to use the Flash to display the entire page, such as navigation, content, links etc.. >

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