Zhou Xiang talk about the possibility of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon ranking artificial interferen

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electronic commerce over the last three years have been hard work and continuous learning, keyword ranking is a part of my life, but for my blog already bearish, "the legend of love True gold does not fear fire" Shanghai manual intervention, Zhou Xiang

in the rain and for the benefit of the meeting, Xiao Jun, Xiao Han, feather, mix boy blog keywords Shanghai dragon on the home page is down right after the cause has been studying down the right, the first group of people of Shanghai Longfeng techniques are different, have different characteristics and advantages of each! As for drop right reason, Zhou Xiang not known, Shanghai dragon means a lot of useful white hat, black hat, the use of loopholes search engine technique, from the end of last year there is a group of people in the street "three days a key technique." Zhou Xiang has been in the attention and study of this group, Zhou Xiang also wrote an article related to the experience analysis of "Shanghai Long Fengzhong" three days ago in a "phenomenon", Zhou Xiang did not know more friends if they use this technique, a lot of people in Shanghai love in artificial intervention in Shanghai Longfeng ranking, from the web site later the phenomenon is right down the situation is indeed very difficult, as to whether human intervention really, it is not known, Zhou Xiang believe that as long as the regular practices, experience oriented to users, is not to be right down, take a shortcut and informal means the station is certainly not

! for a long time!



Zhou Xiang’s blog is the beginning of the end of 09 to do, in the past one or two years, every day to update an article, website template has been modified to enhance the user experience, the chain has also been in the accumulation of resources, in fact, as early as the first half of the next 10 years, Zhou Xiang website will occupy Wuhan Shanghai dragon the first half year, related words are good, from inside and outside the chain chain perspective, the key word "Wuhan Shanghai dragon" is dominant, "Shanghai dragon" is the word segmentation, competition big plus, Shanghai dragon word never before five pages, but from the beginning of this year, Zhou Xiang Shanghai blog a dragon word began to rise in the 5 page 4 page 3 page 2 page, this is a very normal performance, we can see from the above data, the density of keywords – Shanghai dragon in 5.6%, belong to the highest, But does not belong to the accumulation, so the word on the website of Shanghai dragon, long-term accumulation of weight, or something.


the following week to fly in circles share some of their own blog data:

in recent years, Shanghai dragon industry turmoil has also a lot of attention and research, just go home and find love Shanghai data has been updated, Zhou Xiang blog "Shanghai dragon" have around search ranked tenth, in recent years a lot of friends stand in Shanghai Longfeng on the home page, there are drop right phenomenon, some personal views about the following Zhou Xianglai

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