The enterprise website content quality still grasp the key and difficult optimization of Shanghai Dr

second: the integration of the original content through books. The author thinks that some traditional industries, its products are fresh for news and information is not very sensitive, such as antique jewelry, jewelry and toys itself mainly lies in the judge, this is the core of attention of many consumers, in view of this reality can read some books on the topic, if not the latest information, the author that this does not prevent it from becoming valuable for readers’ reference, because he conforms to the user’s own psychological needs, meet the user experience, while the majority of paper documents have not been widely disseminated on the Internet for the original spider is beyond doubt, so I think this can be considered for certain industries mode of operation.

third: the website editor must have the ability to integrate resources has exquisite keen eye. Said the Internet e-commerce, we can not be more on the information age for the information content of the request, if the text contents are obsolete. The author believes that the development trend of this mode of operation is not in line with the Internet, the Internet resources available, the key is how to integrate information resources, not only the requirements for the vision of the industry itself is more important the ability to integrate the one hand to meet the needs of user experience, after the integration of the article not only let the user in the process of reading and understand the construction of new ideas of your article and yet another search engine for the judging standard of original articles. So, I think that as a site responsible for the overall quality of the article.

first, hired news specialty or related products and their graduates content writing. I believe that today, the quality of website content increasing, but also increase the demand for editing, before many of the construction industry, industry and so on sales not words and eight pole professional, as long as you write as can be used to edit the culture, what is the reason? Is love for Shanghai the quality standard and the algorithm itself imperfect, now love Shanghai algorithm is more and more high degree of fine, website editing work is not only the pseudo original, copy, write liushuizhang composition so simple, how to make the true to life and improve the user’s visual and psychological feelings, the author thinks that non professionals is, therefore, taking into account the later website weight and content of the amount collected, hired professional news or sell their products and related industries to edit I think the first pass.

enterprise website content on quality is the focus and difficulty of optimization of Shanghai dragon enterprise web content as everyone knows, the source is a common problem facing all of us, like enterprise station information websites, such as webmaster nets, contribute a lot of grassroots Adsense is one of the effective channels of the contents of Everfount, because the owners can promote their products through the submission is valuable for the webmaster, and general business station to do so, obviously not very realistic, in the content of the quality requirement of today, the author thinks that the enterprise website content quality and grasp the key and difficult optimization of Shanghai dragon.

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