Pei Tao an analysis of 4 strokes to fix the status of the website of Shanghai Dragon

2. website

the rapid development of the Internet era, network marketing has become the majority of Internet users love, which led to the owners there are a lot of people want to do. The webmaster every day to day and night guarding the site, the ultimate goal is to make their sites can be displayed on the first page. Including the evaluation of website of Shanghai Longfeng state, do Shanghai dragon shaped body analysis to understand the website, is bound to the optimization of our work. The Pei Tao from 4 aspects to share with you about the analysis experience.

currently love Shanghai, we know that for external links to improve the ranking is very important. So how to query, we generally recommend YAHOO Pay attention to the use of this tool to bring 贵族宝贝 to. At present, such as love Shanghai’s domain and Google’s link (also with 贵族宝贝 link query) for external links to the query results are not very accurate, in this way I can know whether a good website has a large number of external links, or that are not sending external links, how to determine the mass of external links in the next article about.

4. see

we can view the site included, when included more, will play the role of internal links, and transfer the weight to the home page, the home page will lead to get better ranking. It reminds us of the webmaster content is the key.

website Shanghai dragon

3. external link

The amount collected

1. site type, in the capacity of

c.url is the standard when a page has more than one url. The only one of the most important, this is also the Shanghai dragon operation is a very important skill.

B. home page keyword density, density control in 2%-8% should not be too much.

so how to query the amount collected? Site input in Shanghai and Google in Shanghai: Phoenix Often we find that without 3W will be more than 3W, when the amount included in a web site over a million when we can determine the weight of the site is relatively high.

A. 3: label title tags, Keywords tag, description tag writing, can query through the method of code. Whether the stack and can determine the correct wording.

we put the site to a large web site: for example, industry website, website of these sites will often have a good ranking, the reason for the large website content, familiar words: "large station, rely on the internal links in the chain of powerful will greatly increase the web page weight, followed by large general station resources are more powerful external links, but also one of the reasons for ranking the way ahead.

D. update mechanism, when a site there appear a large number of duplicate content, can use degree >

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