2016 site optimization road where the

we all know, now the site optimization is more and more difficult, a new station to the short term search engine to obtain good rankings, almost impossible (especially formal industry), so if we want to get good rankings, so the website optimization path is relatively long and difficult to walk step. Then more in addition to some optimization techniques we insist on, it is particularly important. Well, not wordy, the following specific say a few points.

2, the overall site structure, simple and clear, such as web site navigation classification, achieve navigation Directory >

content, the user experience is also very important, especially in the current Internet, the search engine has been full to the user access on a website to judge the behavior of this website is really loved by users. So we in the 2016 website optimization on the way to design a website to create a simple and beautiful and meet user behavior is very important. So the website design which is divided into

1, website template, do simple and easy.

suddenly, in 2015 will soon be over, many webmaster will make a summary at the end of the year in 2015, analysis of your site’s growth path, which do better, less where do, in order to find the problem and solution analysis. So in the next 2016, you want your website optimization way how to go? The following goiset network Xiaobian said simply your own views, hope to help you master.

key two: whether the website design meets the user’s behavior standard.

in the current and future path of website optimization, the importance of the content is unmatched by any other skills, so in the future in 2016, we need to pay more attention to the quality of the content of the website, as far as possible from the user’s point of view to to solve the needs of users, rather than those who cry up wine and sell vinegar. This article. So this time many webmaster asked what is the content of high quality? The following small said some of his own views.

?Beauty In addition to the

so true to stand in the user’s perspective to write or edit some reprint more readable content development and optimization of the site of the road is very important.

is actually a lot of people have a misunderstanding, that is the high quality content = original content, in fact not the case, in this Internet era, the original content of the real, I am afraid to not even five percent, but many copied rankings than the original content of the site but also some really good, why is this in fact, this point? Fully illustrates the point.

1, and not the original search engine like, but this part of the user really valuable, even if is reproduced or pseudo original.

key: a release of high quality content.

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