The chain construction site is an arduous task

three, which is outside the chain chain


we do the chain said the popular point is to join your site in other web page links, adding links has two advantages: first, in order to increase the spider found on the Web way is to let the spider crawling more on their website. The two is to make your site get higher weight. Through the understanding of the above two points, we can see that the chain for the website is very important especially for new sites, a new site if there is no chain, spiders can’t find your site, so as not to mention included his own site, the site keywords ranking is more like a. So if there is no chain, your website can not be included, then your website and there is no what kind, let alone to bring us benefits, here you should understand why we need to do outside the chain.

chain is good or bad, so we webmaster friends in the chain should be as far as possible to find the construction of some relatively good platform for the chain, then we should be how to determine the self >

, why should we do the chain


two, the chain which forms

in the chain can be divided into the web site outside the chain and the anchor text chain two forms, the two kinds of effects brought to the site of the same. The first US anchor text, if there are many websites with anchor text links with your site, this word will then add anchor text search engine that is a manifestation of your site, and the search engine will give a better ranking of the keywords. Moreover is the web site outside the chain, the chain effect. It can increase the weight of the website, a website of the weight is higher, at the same time will be more important in the search engine rankings, so when the search engine will put your site to the front row. Through these we can see whether the anchor text and URL ranked outside the chain of the site is good, but for different site outside the chain of a whole weight of the website will play a good role, and the anchor text for the weight of a key role obviously, so the webmaster friends in the chain can be selected according to their actual situation.

just a little understanding of Shanghai dragon friends should have heard of "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence for Shanghai dragon penetrating summary, website optimization is divided into two aspects: internal and external, internal optimization is mainly based on the layout of the construction of website content, the construction of external optimization is aimed at the construction site outside the chain the. Love the stars on the website internal optimization detailed description in the previous article, so I love the stars on external website optimization in detail, we hope to be able to help.


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