The use of noble baby Analytics to identify the false flow two

diversity: Internet users preferences vary, behavior is varied.

false traffic generation must be associated with a specific purpose.

1 single page refresh analysis

false flow and the flow of real

in the analysis of false traffic, first introduced under the false traffic and traffic characteristics, understand the characteristics of the two kinds of flow can help us quickly find the false traffic to the website of the shadow, and further separated. Following the characteristics and differences between these two types of flow.

nature: the true flow performance in all dimensions must be natural.




is the second part of "using noble baby Analytics to identify the false traffic", continue to analyze false traffic in the web site. In the first article we introduce 7 methods to identify the false flow. From the 24 hours of traffic distribution, visitor location distribution, multiple dimensions of network attributes are used to analyze the flow, through the contrast and subdivision method to identify the false flow. In this article, we will identify the false method of flow expansion, by comparing the difference between the true and false traffic flow, introduces 4 methods to identify the false flow from the perspective of visitor behavior.


real flow characteristics:

regularity: specific purpose leads to false flow must have special rules.

single page refresh is in order to reduce the rate of jump out, flow into the site refresh in the Landingpage page behavior. This kind of traffic from the single bounce rate indicators performance is very good, but did not complete the transformation and purchase. At this time we have to judge whether this part is cheating on traffic flow. The need for depth analysis through the access path or click on the hotspot map. However, in the face of multiple Landingpage. Even the path or hotspot map analysis have become a very big project. Because we may have to visit one by one to see the traffic in the hundreds of Landingpage. For we have a very good method to solve this problem, is to use the custom index Pageviews/Unique Pageviews.

Pageviews said the number of page views, and Unique Pageviews said the only page of each page for the views, the equivalent of each page to get access.

flow characteristics of

understanding of the characteristics of two kinds of flow respectively, we can begin to analyze website traffic, to access the natural behavior and diversity as a principle, to find out those "false traffic laws".

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