Sharing experience how to do web content optimization

first, early in the site, will locate a good site, so in the design of web content can be around keyword features to start, for example to do CK men’s Taobao guest website as an example, the site must have an area is CK men’s picture display, click on the jump to the Taobao shop, the other a few blocks is used to do the optimization, do long tail keywords, this is what we are going to focus on a few pieces of planning, planning key points: 1. how to promote the website keywords ranking 2. convenient 3. content maintenance to meet the needs of users.

three, customer evaluation content optimization. We all know that Taobao information love Shanghai is not grab, so Taobao on the evaluation of commodity buyers can do for web content is very good to use. When using the evaluation must be combined with the site keywords in. For example, the creation of a column as a "look at what others say," here >

CK, a men’s this kind of keywords with obvious geographical characteristics, such as the Beijing CK men’s store, Shanghai CK men’s store…… These are all effective, long tail keywords, so in the website content planning, the division of a plate for CK men’s store distribution in this sector which is updated every day several city CK men will address the keyword of the website with the title to update the article, so every day to update a number of address is very relaxed, every website there is a new content update, combined with regional nature of the keyword, almost all belong to the original article, it would be easy to be included. Many websites with such key regional characteristics, and so on to design the content pages on other sites can.

do stand friends all know the website content is king, but most of the webmaster friends in the website optimization promotion will focus on the chain, external website promotion, website optimization ignore its contents, which is why the number, site outside the chain of quality is very good, the main reason, website ranking did not go in, as long as the content optimization strategy in the early design good website, in the latter part of the website promotion process, you can easily create a high quality website. I have done more than 10 sites, each site will be updated every day 3-5 content, almost all be included within half a day, it is very easy to maintain. Here, I will share with you how to do web content optimization.

two, to meet the needs of users to optimize web content, such as the CK men’s store distribution of the plate mentioned above, when updating the content to consider the user in the search engine which has a problem, for example, some people will ask "what are the Beijing CK men’s clothing store", "Shanghai has sold CK men do, we put this issue as the title of the content to update the article, such practical problems in the search engine of our content and users to search the matching degree is higher, not only can effectively promote the long tail keywords website, can we bring direct target customers.

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