The contents of the real king in search engines

in the "content is king" four words of understanding, many people think that as long as there is a misunderstanding, the website content on the line, while ignoring the quality of content. Many webmaster do content to do a lot of content, copy or false original other have been indexed by search engines, more is not. A large number of quality copy copy and pseudo original, search engine is not included, even if included, given its weight assignment is not ideal. Key words not only didn’t get any improvement, and even bring the risk of cheating punishment. So we think, regardless of the quality of the article itself not to talk, to publish the content on the website, to search engine included is a minimum requirement. The contents of the real king, was also established based on the content in the search engines, so that the number included, we can at least from a glimpse of the website quality.

, a high quality content, included a certain little

"content is king" has almost become the website construction production and optimization of the truth, not only the search engine special attention to quality content, visitors are more and more love the one and only original valuable contents. In the exchange connection, but the general weight of website included quantity and snapshot are required. The relevant website snapshot, the author had specially written "why" snapshot is a barometer of the weights of the website, the website that snapshot reflects a trend, a trend of high and low weight website. In fact, the content is the same, is a trend reflected in the reality can be realized just included the number of site weights are also.

there is a web site, although most of the content is original, but don’t seem to get the search engine’s approval. This puzzling phenomenon because there are two cases. One is the original quality is not high, the idea or organization of language, similar to have been included in the search engine’s content, search engines are mistaken for pseudo original, natural not included. There is a lot of content, although it is original, but there is no correlation with the theme of the site, search engine that this article is a patchwork, itself does not have too much value. Perhaps in the beginning.

sure, itself scarce content sites, which included the number go there or not. Although some website itself is very rich in contents, but the number is not so high, but most of them are copy and duplicate, or false original and. Are reproduced in the search engine is not opposed to the quality, but also in the search engine search also can easily find some high quality articles included also have several websites. But if a website only by copying, is unable to support the entire quality, not to mention there is a deceptive pseudo original. A large number of copy and pseudo original, for the first time included abnormalities were included, the amount included in the weekly small changes, also will rise with the increasing of the content on the website, but when the large-scale update included the number will be smaller.

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