So the title has offbeat so good rankings

friends search for a local station in Liuzhou Shanghai Shanghai dragon "dragon and phoenix", you will find the title is the target keywords piled up, however, ranked boss, maybe you will say this is normal, you will love Shanghai to the algorithm mechanism unpopular word stack is not very mature, but I think the following offbeat ranking it is worth pondering.

why ranking of ups and downs, Shanghai dragon window ranking Zhaxian, rain Shanghai Longfeng trend for a while and so the phenomenon can be seen in the rankings by the word Shanghai Longfeng webmaster attention, is the key word that attention to these rankings are very good offbeat into the attention of the author, the author based on keywords in the title of the show of good rankings as we explained these offbeat Title:


no weight Title

in the network most of the articles in the webmaster have emphasized the title keywords accumulation degree, the title should try to avoid dispersion phenomenon of weight, common is the description of the contents mentioned in the title are described, after optimization of multiple sites on the experience of the author this convinced, yet there was such a description in the title of the site (by weight of keywords is dispersed) ranks with our hearts be quite different sketch. Friends love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, see the fourth ranked site:


Shanghai dragon

with importance of search engine website title is a direct contempt, the webmaster to the peak. Many owners began in-depth study of the elements of the title, the title is the main course of the in-depth analysis of the web site keywords ranking contribution. I also believe that the meaning of the title of special website, see today but some offbeat title has good ranking suddenly let me have a touch of sadness.


maybe you read the last example has not wavered, you may say that target keywords last example was placed in the first place title, the weight of the degree of dispersion can be ignored, the title is still important for keywords ranking, so please look at the following example, namely the title did not appear however as good target keywords ranking. Friends of Shanghai dragon search second pages second point interaction, ranking fifth page "words" – barking and ranked seventh pages after two:

The title

did not appear in the title keywords




in the title of cloth too much description of the contents of



You may see the above >

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