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SF financial release on gambling financial products


rose by 15% every three months, then it would be close to 75% a year. For such financial products, it has been regarded as a very high yield.

doing finance seems to have become the only road for every entrepreneur".

2. uses pictures to communicate, this is a picture reading time. More and more we live in a world of vision. Camera, camera and computer all day in our hands, we use Instagram to capture and share our breakfast, we are on the way to work with Vine shooting and video sharing, our friend in the blog dinner photo, released on the Facebook of our living room decoration photos.

product inspiration: online dating site Tinder has 350 million visitors per day. There is no need to fill in or read overly verbose, overly shared personal files; users are judged solely on photos.

from the product’s earnings characteristics alone, this is entirely a betting on the nature of the information management products, and SF finance will be 15% of the rate of return is considered small fluctuations, is simply exaggerated.

4. mobile Internet can bring any opportunities. Now, having a cell phone means that you’re connected to the world. More and more mobile technologies, and even simple SMS text messages, are being used to provide health care, education and financial opportunities for people in developing countries.

then, stripped of assets after SF began to operate from their financial products. However, recently in SF financial App, there has been a claim that the highest yield of 15% products, the blue whale TMT is in the next investigation process, found a variety of SF financial irregularities.

they were Shenzhen Shunfeng Hefeng microfinance Ltd., Shenzhen City Shuncheng Le Feng He Shuncheng leasing factoring Ltd. Shenzhen Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Zhongshun Nationwide Financial Services Inc, Shenzhen logistics industry to win fund Limited by Share Ltd. The first 3 companies will be stripped of 100% stake, and the latter 2 will be stripped of 31.8% and 10% of the shares.

, that is to say, when the CSI 300 index rose 15%, the annualized rate of return was the highest, at 15%; when the CSI 300 index fell 10%, annualized rate of return was 10%. In the CSI 300 index rose 4% or less, or rose more than 15%, or down more than 10%, the yield of the product was 4%.

by combing the SF financial products, the blue whale TMT found that currently owns 3 SF financial products, rich, Feng Teng – feng.

product spirit >

our obsession with technology is increasingly puzzling us. When we are immersed in technology and more on the "net" of life at the same time, we have to begin to miss the past more low-key and easy life. We are combining ourselves with our technology, but we are also full of confusion about the future.

in the previous SF listing process, it has issued two announcements, that part of the assets to be stripped. These include 5 financial companies.

3. faster, faster, faster. We are in the "impatient age" of Mike Mack. Customers expect more than ever, faster and more convenient. And we’re getting more and more impulsive. So companies that offer faster service are popular.

according to its product description shows that the product is linked with the CSI 300 stock index. And the expected annualized rate of return is between 4% and 15%.

product inspiration: eBay will now deliver anything you want from local merchants for about $5 an hour.

1. immersive experience. We need more entertainment. These amusements must be able to move all of our senses.

day before, in the SF financial appeared on App a fengteng -SFD69 investment products, the highest yield that can reach 15%, and raise the end on June 6th morning.

these emotions that we are dealing with technological change will also have a direct impact on our needs and ways of thinking in the 2014.


, a New York advertising company, cites 10 directions for the development of technology in 2014 and beyond. For entrepreneurs looking for ways to push their business models forward, or are potential entrepreneurs thinking about their startup direction, take a look at JWT’s first ten entrepreneurial inspirations:

early this morning, SF financial again released the product, known as "Fung Teng -SFD72" investment products, the yield is still the highest, reaching 15%. The product for a period of 3 months, expires in September 12th, 1000 yuan from the investment, as of now, the product has 2 million 660 thousand yuan amount.

Ann Mack, director of JWT’s new focus at

3 companies suspected of illegal operation of financial products

is like teenage angst.


product inspiration: speaker equipment wireless audio system manufacturer Sonos has been launched in New York and Losangeles, the use of these devices, with the coming out of the loudspeakers music, also have color, lighting and animation release.


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