Analysis of love Shanghai tornado flow had come the new ways of promotion


most of the webmaster of this phenomenon has been doomed, will let the brush flow site was search engine punishment should many webmaster know, this site was the Shanghai tornado love many It is without rhyme or reason. flow attack let the webmaster tremble with fear, for fear of their own hard optimization website search engine punishment. In fact, the idea is not so, if this can make the site being punished, if the malicious attack your competitors website what happens? So we must worry, search engine is not a vegetarian.

first free to send some IP webmaster webmaster flow, then certainly will be very curious to find what is the word in the end, the results tell us this is a brush flow software, then presumably behind the plan to reach our destination already, I gave a few stationmaster free IP traffic, you help I search for the keyword in the search engine, if given 10 thousand Adsense? Result is very ideal, but also for their own software on the brand and reputation. This is just the one we consider, on the other hand, we now go to search and understand, know, there will be some webmaster curious download the study? As long as you can download the study, it is not far away from his software.


the event allows me to realize that behind the plan of a new marketing mode, small investment, good effect, is also highly targeted. Love what is the Shanghai tornado flow in order to increase their visibility and phase.

on the Internet recently the webmaster forum, Shanghai dragon forum have appeared a strange phenomenon, this phenomenon has aroused the enthusiastic attention of numerous webmaster. What is it that makes so many webmaster attention to this matter? What is this thing here? We can get many webmasters to some what? By the author to share their views and ideas, hope to have some help or give a little inspiration to everyone.

today I go to work to open their own optimization site traffic statistics, the data on the screen makes me feel very confusing, the keyword antecedents statistics how much a "tornado flow It is without rhyme or reason. word? I’m curious point of view is that the search engine, a look is to fall in love with the sea. At this point I have been in the depressed state, my website if not what connection and" tornado flow "is a word? So I checked this" tornado flow "is what, the result is a brush flow software, then I see light suddenly

according to the analysis, the purpose of what love waterspout, traffic is very large, even within a month, just let the words "tornado flow" from the 0 index index soared to 3000, presumably behind the mastermind of the unusual.


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