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second employees, signing new product development and so on. Many new employees especially after signing, we need to write a report on the nature of news for its corporate website, on the one hand let the staff analysis of the single preparation before, in one for the rest of the staff has played a leading role in many, this kind of article is customers love reading very much. The article, done as a case to write an article, finally can write this list some summary articles and do. The contents of this original degree is high, but also users love to understand the content, you can see that this enterprise has no experience, and the strength of enterprises. This place to note is that for some secret aspects related to the enterprise’s own problems, it is best to take over a not too much to disclose the relevant details, if revealed corporate secrets, some people will have an ulterior motive as we get The loss outweighs the gain., competitors, the handle.

as everyone knows, many large portals and industry site they have full-time or full-time writers website, Shanghai dragon Er, but for a small business website, many enterprises are not very much, a few years is not updated, in this case I think writing for enterprises of high-quality original content we can transfer a a way of thinking, is not just limited to the enterprise’s own products, industry trends, business activities can become our writing source material, well, continued through the following short gossip points and a detailed analysis, how to write good articles through their own dynamic.

third, enterprise information or technical material award. The enterprise award information, this.

first, often focus on recent or ongoing business activities. Business activities are generally internal activities, such as tourism Tangyu network as an example, the lunar new year in March 3 Lantian East Mountain Temple Tangyu will hold here in the US, after a week of this activity will be coming this time we can plan ahead of time to the temple as the theme of the pre drainage in her own company, for example, their monthly will hold similar activities, so the planning process of these activities and the deployment process has become a good material for the writing of the article, and the content is the enterprise’s own characteristics on the Internet will not have similar things, this article is undoubtedly very original high, in our time like this writing, can help readers or customers from business activities that an enterprise culture , working environment, team spirit and so on, it is also a user window and understand the best channels of corporate culture. The activities of the enterprise, can be illustrated, and can end from planning to start to write a series of articles, of course, if you have time, can do a pretty wonderful campaign theme page. Through their own planning and writing have great originality, this is bound to be a spider’s favor, so the recent activity is one of the effective channels of the writing material.

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