The structure of URL static and dynamic pseudo static which is more conducive to Shanghai Dragon

The disadvantage of the

disadvantages: user access speed is slow, why.


let’s first look at the static and dynamic, pseudo static structure of the three URL what are the advantages and disadvantages.

if a friend should know more clearly on the Shanghai dragon, common URL forms are static and dynamic, pseudo static three. If it is strictly classification, a pseudo static and dynamic, only form of static URL structure.

The structure of URL


static page

Shanghai: Phoenix static pages are very friendly to search engines, as to why the friendly, may have a lot of people do not know, we directly in the advantage inside, you will be able to find search engines love what search engines love is fast, the website speed, that your web server is very good. Although the speed is very weak, only a few milliseconds, or less speed increase, but may be a little bit of time to make the search engine more love you.

dynamic web page

static and dynamic, pseudo static which is more conducive to Shanghai dragon

: the data are stored in HTML, resulting in very large file. And the most serious problem is, change the source code must all change, and can’t change a place, the total static page automatically changed. If the large sites have more data, it will take a lot of server space, add content will live every new HTML page. If not professional maintenance is more troublesome.

advantages: compared with the other two pages, the fastest. Not only is to load the fastest, and does not need to extract data from the database, the speed at the same time, also won’t produce pressure on the server.

advantages: space usage is very small, generally tens of thousands of data sites, using dynamic pages, may be only a few M file size, and less than 10 M using static pages, many dozens of M. Because the data is from the database inside call come, so if you want to change some values, change the database directly, so all the dynamic pages, will automatically update. This compared with a static page is a lot of benefits.


a website system of Shanghai Longfeng operation, will go to a web site analysis of the URL, where the URL symbol with complex dynamic parameters, we will deal with the general pseudo static. To do this, is to improve the site included, because before there has been such a statement, the search engine for analysis. The recognition ability is limited, if the arguments are too complex is more difficult to grasp. The treatment of URL, it is very necessary to the operation of Shanghai Longfeng step. Recommended reading: how from Shanghai dragon’s point of view to design the website URL


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