5 reasons can determine the site is down right

site is down right above the performance belongs to this "upgrade", when the website pages were included only when the website home page. In addition to many new Adsense time after the optimization is still included in the search engine of the home, the right down the basic can be identified as the site has been K


fifth: site or domain domain name is not in the first place:

imagine a website search engine included some pages, and even disappear overnight. Perhaps this is the title of the search engine itself, but is more likely to lead to the unfavorable factors of the site itself. From the collected included no, which shows that the site had been "completely" by the "preliminary" abandoned the search engine;

: the first site included only home page:

fourth: single or multiple keyword ranking Volatility:

sharp completely disappeared

website has been using the white hat Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques to optimize the site, there will be little more key words and greatly reduce the situation. When the site keywords are most of the decline at the same time a large area of the ranking, which is obviously not normal;


site domain is the same as the search engine senior instructions, of course domain is not used for each search engine. Under normal circumstances, through site or domain domain name, web page appears in the search results list. So, when the website home page is not the first time that the search engine on the web site right down. This site is down right performance called "home page, a reminder to sink to the bottom of K station.

finally, Shijiazhuang website optimization Xiaobian reminder everyone: if we go to determine whether a site is down right should be easy, if most website normally, only your site appears abnormal performance, so it is necessary to take care of the site has been down right now, the best site from internal to external links to calm analysis, find out the problem where the patient solve.

general, the website included the number of fluctuations are normal, especially in large sites. But when the number of sites included the large transient decrease, a performance that is obviously a web site is down right;

third: website number:


we know that the weight of the website represents the site’s authority, when our site is down right, we are very worried about the problem, but the site is down right is a common situation is often encountered in the process of website marketing, website optimization is usually excessive or unreasonable layout will cause the website love Shanghai right down the situation, as a marketing staff, how to check whether the site is down right? Today Shijiazhuang website optimization Xiaobian detailed share several can determine the cause of the site was down the right, I hope everyone can help to.

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