Love Shanghai for new sites and related algorithm optimization in Shanghai Dragon


A: the new algorithm

algorithm is also in constant change, a period of time before the love of Shanghai is very friendly to the railway station, a railway station on the line as long as basically less than an hour can be included, if you do the site more formal, but also do some high quality of the chain, then you the website is just on the line to be included in the page, even the website are included may. But the passage of time, now the railway station is no longer so friendly, you will often inspect the site in a sandbox, see your site has no regular updates, how to update the content, there is no original, quality is not high, for example, if you do these love Shanghai will be able to give you extra points, when the score reached a certain limit, then you can put your website to put out, including your website, but also a snapshot of your home page is generally good, the next snapshot.


has experience of Shanghai dragon staff, or are very understanding and love for Google optimization of Shanghai people can know Google and love Shanghai for the new ranking algorithm is not the same, usually to Google after a long time test in the new ranking, and falling in love with the sea on the contrary, if you the website is popular keywords, as long as the love of Shanghai according to the operation optimization guide, then your website may be ranked to love Shanghai home can be included in a few weeks, and some popular keywords can be in love with the sea at home for one or two months, so ranking top in new Shanghai, is also a kind of love we encourage. As long as you can do every day to update the site every day, the construction of the chain of

final summary: for love is actually the Shanghai optimization program, according to the structure of the site, optimize the content of these aspects, make the site to.

love Shanghai relative to Google for Chinese algorithm is more advantageous, basically accounted for 70% of the market, so we do Chinese website webmaster want your web site to get good position in Shanghai love rankings, but for a new sites and how difficult ah here we are concerned that Shanghai is how the new algorithm and how we should optimize our website

anchor text little effect on Google, Google pay more attention to a website’s originality, more interested in your website can generate much value to the user, you have access to a large number of articles not reproduced, rather than the number of your anchor text, and for the love of Shanghai, in addition to pay attention to the original article, pay more attention to the establishment of you the anchor text, anchor text includes a web site within the Links, keyword links, as well as the friends of chain of quality and quantity, if more links in this area, the weight of your site will follow the upgrade, so we want to promote the new rankings as soon as possible, to find a breakthrough from the anchor text of the

two: new sites included to you what kind of ranking

! In fact, love Shanghai to the new

three: for the new station anchor text algorithm

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