How to make sitemap xml



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format!Complete the following format:


, the label respectively explained

but many owners are still not look after the operation, this tutorial is taught you to create Sitemap.xml.


Sitemap.xml is the baby out, also is the site map, but the site map is written in XML, but according to the noble baby standard to write to this file, and sitemap.xml will write out the upload to your own server space to. At present, the noble baby, Yahoo, MSN have a statement in support of this format, Baidu is not a statement of support, but this step is estimated to represent the general trend. This will be a good way to your website to provide many search engines.

sitemap is unable to submit to the search crawl grab some normal capture process. For example, dynamic web page, contains a large number of AJAX pages or Flash pages. The two is to search the spider "specified direction". Sitemap is your website page on the list, in accordance with this noble baby BOT to a crawl included page, obviously high efficiency than it will find their own, but also to the whole. There is a detailed description about the sitemap.xml integrity of the nobility baby website:


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