Four interview let me see the further Shanghai Dragon

third station, give yourself a breathing space

this is a network services company to ask a very practical problem to me. Indeed, Shanghai dragon’s purpose is to be able to get a good ranking in the search engines to get more customers through this platform search engine. There is no internship experience and successful cases of the graduates, when I answer the question of how much a little lack of confidence. I just graduated may need more guidance and training, but the employer may not be so good patience, a lot of strength of the people, what to spend time with an inexperienced graduates? So, want to be engaged in Shanghai Longfeng young people working in the student should try to make a success case.

second station, you can guarantee the


2012 graduation season approaching, I am in the best of spirits into the Shanghai dragon’s workforce. However, the job of Shanghai Longfeng road is not easy, after several twists and turns, is a huge blow, the biggest reason is I just graduated from college, lack of combat experience of the Shanghai dragon. However, from this difficult job, I have a more comprehensive understanding and in-depth of Shanghai dragon. This will be my job experience to share with you, hope to inspire intend to engage in Shanghai Longfeng work friends. In the course of my job, I have interviewed four companies, each interview so I have different ideas of Shanghai dragon.


, do you think the first station is Shanghai dragon cool Hyun

fourth station, do you think you can learn many things for two or three months? "

this is a medical investment company manager gave me advice. Shanghai dragon is a comprehensive strong work, including editing, program, art, etc. a lot of attention in Shanghai Longfeng extrapolation, the enterprises have independent Shanghai Longfeng department, the work of several segments to different teams to complete. If you just graduated now not much experience to the overall operation of an independent Shanghai Longfeng project, one should take so much work pressure will be very large. So, to enter the industry, suggestions or itemized break, start from the most basic website editor. Indeed, if you want to really put the Shanghai Dragon Well, should take the basic skills of each Shanghai dragon lianhao.

this is a wedding dress to the foreign trade companies in the interview the interviewer asked me a question. This problem also represents a lot of new company Shanghai dragon one of the biggest question: is clearly the nature of Shanghai Longfeng work. The Shanghai dragon is a relatively new industry, a lot of people just contact Shanghai Longfeng or when first heard this name will have a "high tech" feeling. However, Shanghai dragon threshold is not so high, it is in need of more experience and continue execution, sometimes you will feel that this work is very boring. Therefore, Shanghai dragon on a person’s tolerance test is relatively large.

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