Build Shanghai dragon nine units will learn the knowledge of Shanghai Dragon

language website

third: make full use of the search engine

construction sites including HTML, PHP, ASP, CSS, and so on, we used languages in these languages, HTML and CSS are we learning must be part of the Shanghai dragon, especially for the HTML language, we must master, or you may even know how to set up the forum sign doesn’t know how to link. Don’t know in the article, at least you can understand how to grasp the HTML what is the website structure, website structure layout, does not require that you can do it, but must be able to understand; and other languages, such as PHP, which is a kind of language, suggest to learn about the PHP blog as common dynamic website construction of language. It has a certain understanding is good, is that their website function which need to modify the program to know where to change, this one, at least you can In the A5 mission area after the list to earn extra money.

first, mining keyword tools, tools including love Shanghai index, noble baby keyword guide, but I still look at aizhan and bole network keyword mining, the data is very comprehensive, but also more and more one-sided love Shanghai index; secondly, query tool, this is not to say, general Shanghai dragon friends all know, keyword search tools, these tools in addition to my query, there is a HTTP, is to use the station dead link query; finally the performance tool website, this point is put in here, because this tool is linked to the program and website, not out alone, remember that lusongsong wrote an article to introduce a tool of Yahoo, and noble baby speed tools, etc. also we should try And when you contact these tools, naturally can study the Shanghai dragon in the view of procedure, understand what operation is right, is wrong, is beneficial to Shanghai dragon, what we can do it yourself, just like, just to see the CSS wizard software, can try it, will be a web site the DNS query time is reduced, you can understand what is DNS, what is the effect of the number for Shanghai dragon, the influence and so on.

search engine is our teacher, the more we as Shanghai dragon is the need to grasp the love watching the baby is the nobility of the webmaster guidelines.

nine layer, from the base soil; a thousand miles begins with a single step, to build their own Shanghai dragon nine layer, so we must lay their own knowledge, Shanghai dragon here, said at the beginning of Shanghai Longfeng road should understand and grasp the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix points, as Shanghai dragon will learn the basic knowledge, so we must also learn to master the requirements of Shanghai dragon place.

The first point:

second: good understanding of Shanghai dragon tools

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