Site optimization of long tail words outside the station operation strategy and detail analysis

is a website about hot springs tourism network, through the analysis of the tourists often because the routing problem to search for love in Shanghai, aiming at this problem, what is the travel route Tangyu hot spring as the theme for the creation of the deployment of the long tail of Related words in the title, the figure shows that when users search the long tail word or similar words are synonyms, love of Shanghai, so as to provide valuable information for the customer in the first time, at the same time, the author of this page ranking is also naturally be recommended to the front.

it can be seen from the figure, this article mainly introduces the Shanghai dragon search engine optimization of the article, the author in Shanghai Longfeng and search engine optimization these two words were added to the anchor text, so as to enhance the weight of the two words in our own website in the same way, the optimization process, such as the need to optimize the word Lantian jade bracelet price, of course, can be in any article as long as the first appearance of the word, we can also add the station anchor text, pay attention to.



first, layout of the long tail word in the content must be associated with the page. The author before the optimization of the long tail word, the love of the long tail of the word, and the core of the long tail word of the inside pages optimization is the content of the page title writing, because the correlation between how to reveal, on site optimization of long tail words, the title of the writing is the core and the most important, because the site title is search engine grab the keywords and establish URL addresses the most direct efforts, so be sure to deploy long tail keywords to optimize your in the title, as shown below:


is currently engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work has been more than three years, from the web site you can use CMS to edit the site to the independent operation of enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, which has confused but also confused, the 2010 Taobao guest single page optimization makes the hair get out of hand in Shanghai Longfeng optimization in the study, in the past three years, although the harvest is not very good but that need to improve a lot, this long tail word content page optimization and we do a detailed share, these are some experiences I accumulated in the practical operation of enterprise station and station in the hope of start here, and friends together, good gossip short continued we enter today’s topic.

second, the station anchor text keywords is the key. In addition to the Title Optimization, website keywords anchor text is very important, not only for the spiders to crawl the page anchor text to provide the corresponding URL, more important is to provide relevant page and the anchor text for users, to help users more in-depth understanding of the meaning of the anchor text. Secondly, the most important point is to station the anchor text of the page to provide high value chain support, as shown below.


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