Ask yourself you called the real Shanghai Longfeng it

is now Shanghai dragon can be said to have been interpreted too much, too much misunderstanding, a situation now is a novice learning a class soldier egg casually a few days can be proud to say that he is the Shanghai dragon practitioners, which on the whole optimization industry think, and then make an indelible "merit" of the industry, so you can see the Shanghai dragon Forum Forum rectification, close Shanghai Longfeng light-years direct chaos. Of course, Xingyi today said that these are not just a laugh, the feeling, because with website optimization become more and more essential skill of webmaster, optimization techniques have been marginalized, and the key of optimization was also infinite or misunderstood, the damage can be said to be great, and will be said several Shanghai dragon mentality, do not know if you have

3 Internet junk clusters, Shanghai dragon no morality. The forum will be closed in October years, largely for the teacher Zhang Guoping Shanghai Longfeng development environment because it is helpless, optimize the development environment is now a random word can be summed up, in addition to chaos is more egoistic, an article reproduced less than 4 times to change others website, website optimization how to effect how, regardless of the consequences, not to mention the so-called user experience, a part of the owners of all the energy in the rankings, as long as the site rushed to the ideal position, then the rest of the things you want, private servers or other illegal sites to meet the eye everywhere.

The word ?

2 is always easy to be confused, this is the common people most directly, if it is not to be confused, so malicious K 6.18 station incident will not appear on the website, K pain, Xingyi can fully understand, had to do the electric grid can reach hundreds of dollars a day income, after ranking since 6.18 full out, naturally there is no money, but even so I didn’t go out the love Shanghai, one is because the results that do not, but will make some innocent businesses were injured, two is because I do not want to be a pawn, in the website, each of us must have their own ideas, with the just believe others, I think you just put the account to others.

1 will be the responsibility of side push, this is a lot of problems, the specific performance when a large area update or K station comes, many owners do not think about the construction of its own, contrary to all the problems are attributed to the love of Shanghai’s own convulsions, motionless complaints, motionless scolded, even take revenge, such as malicious click. In fact, these are not mature performance, even if their love Shanghai update algorithm has a problem, but we can not be all the responsibility on Shanghai love a person, what website after all do, use what way we know.

4 everyone with each sweep the snow in front of the consciousness of small peasant, if now Shanghai dragon is a old industry, not to earn money, this is definitely an empty, because Shanghai dragon industry appeared a so-called sub class >

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