Please remember your site total amount collected is not out of the site

for a simple discussion.

so how to check the website real amount included? The answer is very obvious, only the official tool is the most convincing and true.

here, is actually very simple, you need to check your site has many pages in the index fell in love with the sea, then use the tools provided by the official Shanghai love is certainly the best choice, and how to see it, is also very simple, is to see the love of Shanghai statistical background "love sea search query" this option. Here is the index show the exact amount, and is updated daily, compared with the SITE data to be accurate.

has been, whether it is online information or some training institutions, the new method will tell them some basic data of the website, and the website of the general query method we will tell people the new number returned with a SITE+ domain name is always included you this website! But are you really? So far, if you still believe that SITE is the site of the total complete data included words that should not say, although this is a small problem, SITE data can be included as part of the reaction site page, but always included, it is not a website to remember, SITE command returns the data and not a total site included, just a valuation, the fluctuations of SITE data, there is no accurate and other factors, therefore, when the SITE data fluctuates, don’t panic, because this Love is likely to be short-term fluctuations in Shanghai database. So, from now on, remember, don’t be obsessed with SITE, the number of SITE return is just a reference, the amount included in this value and the real website there is a gap, this is not my idea, a lot of experts and officials in Shanghai have publicly expressed love, the SITE command is not only a reference. The total amount of real website.

extension: SITE data due to the inaccurate.

is still false?Here we focus on several problems on

The total number included is the site of the

SITE query, this is wrong, please remember!

as a Shanghai dragon ER, every day we will pay close attention to the change of the data in charge of their own site, which is very important is the web page of the total amount collected, and do not say the web site is included and the importance of ranking the importance of today and we’ll talk this website included the amount of the issue, what is included in the site? Where can see the website included? The results returned by the SITE command is our website real amount included in several of the problems, and we can also be the way to extend it, then the site was K in the end is what kind of symptom, what is true K K

Shanghai official said: love love Shanghai love sea search query index data, compared with the site syntax to query the data more accurately;

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