Small and medium sized enterprises to recruit the real cause of Shanghai Longfeng extension personne

2, with theoretical knowledge of brand planning, transmission planning, network marketing system and rich experience;

Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion personnel recruitment

For many

we take a look at the major city recruitment Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon promotion specialist job requirements:

to recruit Shanghai Longfeng promotion personnel of the company, promotion personnel is more than extension workers, they think, Shanghai dragon is a seemingly omnipotent, what would Zhang San say, the machine is out of order, then immediately call: "four Li, you come and help me out in this machine where, why your machine has no problem?", "Li Si, at the bottom of the site is full of code garbled, you should see, I’ll change the code", "four Li, can you give me the memory expansion machine?" and so on, a lot of extension workers encountered similar problems, try to imagine this is the promotion of personnel, all kinds of trouble? Every day waiting for him, he still has time to do the promotion? He is Shanghai dragon promotion personnel? We can stay with him? Of course not!

5, excellent writing ability, can write various schemes, copy;

3, understand the various network marketing methods, processes, and some successful cases;

2. is responsible for the promotion of creative copywriting, copywriting, publishing and monitoring promotion articles; responsible for Internet marketing activities and creative execution;

5. on the site responsible for the

6, network culture, network characteristics, psychology has profound insight and keen perception.

a lot of small and medium enterprises recruitment wonder their leader, too, salary and benefits with other companies, why not hire Shanghai Longfeng SEO staff? Even if some companies recruit the Shanghai dragon promotion personnel, why not stay? In the end where there is a problem, the company responsible person to not many people think impassability.


Brand building and effective group flow of

6. complete other work assigned by the leadership.


Job requirements:

4, excellent strategy of creative thinking and divergent ability, have a solid knowledge of planning;

3. micro-blog EMS responsible for operation promotion, mail promotion, event marketing, open platform to promote cooperation, blogs, forums, QQ group, SNS community, love Shanghai and other forms of network promotion planning and implementation;

1, more than 2 years of e-commerce / Internet marketing experience, a successful marketing case;

4. is responsible for searching the auction platform, cooperative alliance management;

1. is responsible for liaison, development and maintenance of media relations and cooperation website, the media resource integration and maintenance;

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