November 2017

Brand extension Douding library operation

, thank you! document search engineWe all know that

two, LOGO

if 100 people watched this document, one to remember your site LOGO, you can a person know you this brand, and we can take the document to cast a wide net way to upload documents, which can let more people know your brand, what music do


I uploaded 152 copies of the document in a month time, the inside of the anchor text and hyperlinks are directly. But whether or not the keyword ranking of long tail keywords core competitiveness rankings have no effect, but the love of Shanghai Library of long tail keywords ranking is very high, which according to the search engine, a little weight did not improve. read more

The construction site within the chain is tricky

: the first clear navigation set

again: non important page in the chain set

In the

finally: avoid mistakes in chain

: the second home page set an important chain


website construction is important operation station and station, both of which are indispensable in the construction site of the chain, seriously affecting the site collected, and the user experience of the website, but the tricky webmaster construction within the site chain noticed? And the chain construction site how to do better. read more

How to have the efficiency of a new die

users love spiders

station in Shanghai love review period, fear most is the revision, love Shanghai spider just feel out the layout of your website structure, read the HTML tags, but you have to give her a change from time to time, Baidu but not love people although the content of the website chop and change, change, but the spider no way to read the content, can only rely on algorithm to distinguish, but you have to give her a barrier, then from the dead is not far away, for the new station, revision time is the best in the station after half a year, also is the site of the Google sandbox effect, and have the right weight, if you are impatient, can only be a small adjustment revision change, search engine will give you a wide wide punishment. read more

How to improve the signal to noise ratio of web page optimization

two, noise removal

"SNR is the ratio of the text and the HTML code on the page, but also refers to the" useful information and useless, irrelevant information ratio, it is a very important concept, related to the web page code streamline, in fact, a little bit of knowledge based search engine principle people know that grasping system of search engine, is the first to download web pages, then the text inside the extracted, after some analysis, remove the inside of the HTML format, eliminate the noise, and then segmenting here, obviously you can see the search engine is a noise removing step and if we help the search engine to maximize the denoising effect what? The search engine will be very love you do, "the more streamlined, the search engine spiders Grab the efficiency of the program will be higher. In practice, how do we improve the signal-to-noise ratio of " read more

Discussion how to select the keyword drop down and search through love Shanghai

love Shanghai love Shanghai drop and search related

love Shanghai index: 贵族宝贝index.>

Shanghai: love drop feed truck, bulk feed truck, bulk feed tank, bulk feed tank transport, feed truck car prices, bulk feed manufacturers, manufacturers of feed truck.

now how to do? After landing, choice:

贵族宝贝editor.baidu贵族宝贝/: I love Shanghai promotion to end these downloads

love Shanghai data


love and love Shanghai Shanghai drop data related to what is reflected, the number of users often search through data analysis to love Shanghai put it out, when we search for half a word, love Shanghai drop hints to our needs, we need to look at the word, enhance the experience and efficient, allowing users to feel cool, always will use it, but the real data, but now a lot of Shanghai dragon Er will buy the software to brush down brush, his words. These are meaningless, statistics and data analysis of Shanghai love is not what we can imagine, it will mimic tracking user search behavior and habits. So, how to love Shanghai love Shanghai drop and search. read more

Xue Feng analytical software group web site outside of the chain is the cause of the K

is still very reasonable!

unless otherwise noted, the article is Xue original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you

! See !The

sixth words that don’t mass outside the chain, be careful K

know how to solve this problem! Also, this problem also involves a brush Alexa rankings, so

link release rule is not normal

Oh! See, in fact, is not caused by the mass of the chain fell in love with the sea K, is actually your own mode of operation. According to my analysis, the mass of the chain is K for a few reasons: read more

How to do web site navigation optimization of Shanghai dragon The key is fast and accurate


3, breadcrumb navigation must be

Shanghai Longfeng people know, the title of the highest weight, followed by the content and navigation weight distribution within the entire site to? Simply after the title, so in the navigation reasonable put some long tail keywords is very necessary, to search engine to quickly know what your site is again, to understand what is the core keywords website.

How to optimize the

give an example, take the Shanghai dragon, if my core keywords is [Shanghai] so I Longfeng, navigation will layout into [Shanghai] [Shanghai Longfeng Longfeng optimization based video tutorial] [Shanghai] [Shanghai dragon dragon training tool], in general the novice can use the drop-down box and relevant search screening, here is not too much that. read more

Listen to Wang Tong only then gathered for the first time in Shanghai Longfeng sentiment three


: the first to form their own Shanghai dragon team

many enterprises may not set up their own Shanghai dragon team, some companies have chosen to take their own businesses to Shanghai dragon outsourcing company. One is yet to do network marketing, the second is not aware of the importance of network marketing. There are also many companies will hire several Shanghai dragon staff to maintain their own website, but this is not the Shanghai dragon team, the most tangled is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng lay leaders to teach you how to do Shanghai dragon. If you want to set up their own Shanghai dragon team, I think we should seek truth from facts. According to their specific circumstances, but not for multi team, high efficiency. For example, the general small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai dragon team who need? I think there are a few chain specialist, two station optimization personnel, a web technical staff, a designer, a director of Shanghai dragon on the line. < > read more

Fast search engine ranking optimization immediate Nirvana

map, LOGO is the mouse on the picture, the picture ALT attribute.

from the system factors, Shanghai, mainly including the following aspects: the domain name space and structure of the site code optimization factors, web page optimization and website content optimization, external links optimization, to do a good job in all aspects must be lasting accumulation, continuous exploration. But today to share tips, Tan roots a little immediate method, the method is very simple, often overlooked Shanghai dragon ER, but according to the practical experience of CAI Gen Tan, this technique can indeed improve the website keyword ranking immediately. read more

Some small and medium sized enterprise website optimization considerations

3, not Italy keywords


1 points, website content construction.


2012 is destined to be a new era of network marketing, more and more traditional companies began to focus on network marketing, but they sometimes encounter some blind spots, especially small and medium-sized enterprises in network marketing, not a clue, do not know how to grasp the direction and focus of marketing, so it has been the work is blind. Even in the end, some companies will give up network marketing. So to Yan Cong based on their past experience, made some simple summary, only for your reference. read more

Harm and page similarity solution

I came to

, a concept of similarity.

our company mainly in the production of sprinkler, but also can produce some incidental tank truck, sewage suction truck, suction truck and other models, our web site keywords and sprinkler and related vocabulary, and our company total models also dozens of products, the products we do not need to do a complete navigation station, this directly affect the similarity of our website.

page similarity directly affects the evaluation of search engine on our website content quality, if a web page similarity is too high, will directly lead to the search engine is not included in our pages, but we do Shanghai dragon is the most basic to the page, even if the basic collection are not, how can we talk about the ranking and flow? General similarity two pages more than 70% words, the basic search engine is not included. I come to tell you my opinion. read more

Dong Jun how to use the high weight platform to seize the love Shanghai home page

wave brother is to get the integration of Internet marketing, I understand what is Internet Marketing? Is a variety of ways to promote the combined together to develop programs. Then to perform. Boge I admire most is to know what way to promote a combination to achieve the best results. But according to different industries, promotion way is different. Some time ago we made moon cake, because it is the Mid Autumn Festival. I don’t want to do, because I used to love is to see the Shanghai index, if the search volume do I. If not, don’t do. Because I’ve played Shanghai dragon and bidding. The two I was good at. Because in the end there is no market can be analyzed by index. read more

How to improve website PR value

I want to talk about friendship connection specific things, for a new station, in order to enhance our value, we can choose some of the weight of high site, hope to cooperate with them, exchange Links, so we can also speed up the collection of Chinese, there’s an old saying, make money off business people do, people do not lose the sale. When our weight is very low, and hope that the cooperation which the PR value high site, this time I’m not afraid of you down, you may get the answer nine out of ten are negative, so we need the staff to come up with their own good endurance to communicate, the lofty tower flat ground, we must first put just us "mentality. read more

How simple to understand website positioning

Looking for the

second, looking for the segmentation concept.

, is a marketing concept, simply said, is in the minds of users looking for a piece of land, and occupied, as its "base", not by others to seize.

stands in the biological perspective, different plants need in certain circumstances, in order to thrive. So is the site, if not given its location, which is in a chaotic state, growth stagnation not before, it will only in many sites, death of a beauty. So, what side of the sacred site location. read more

Teach you how to lose weight


page of the DIV and CSS reconstruction

therefore, we in the production site, in addition to the quality of pictures, but also special attention to "the size of the picture, so that it can be downloaded in the shortest time.

Redundant code to lose weight

page to lose weight the greatest significance lies in reducing garbage code, let the search engine spiders smoothly on the crawling, and crawl to the appropriate content. Frame page DIV and CSS have opened quickly, and more conducive to the spider crawl the content advantage. But because the DIV and CSS code will produce a large number of CSS code, the title part, and this part of the code will hinder the spiders to crawl the page so we need to save the CSS alone. read more

Zhou Xiang talk about the possibility of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon ranking artificial interferen

waiting for you!This article source >

electronic commerce over the last three years have been hard work and continuous learning, keyword ranking is a part of my life, but for my blog already bearish, "the legend of love True gold does not fear fire" Shanghai manual intervention, Zhou Xiang

in the rain and for the benefit of the meeting, Xiao Jun, Xiao Han, feather, mix boy blog keywords Shanghai dragon on the home page is down right after the cause has been studying down the right, the first group of people of Shanghai Longfeng techniques are different, have different characteristics and advantages of each! As for drop right reason, Zhou Xiang not known, Shanghai dragon means a lot of useful white hat, black hat, the use of loopholes search engine technique, from the end of last year there is a group of people in the street "three days a key technique." Zhou Xiang has been in the attention and study of this group, Zhou Xiang also wrote an article related to the experience analysis of "Shanghai Long Fengzhong" three days ago in a "phenomenon", Zhou Xiang did not know more friends if they use this technique, a lot of people in Shanghai love in artificial intervention in Shanghai Longfeng ranking, from the web site later the phenomenon is right down the situation is indeed very difficult, as to whether human intervention really, it is not known, Zhou Xiang believe that as long as the regular practices, experience oriented to users, is not to be right down, take a shortcut and informal means the station is certainly not read more

The enterprise website content quality still grasp the key and difficult optimization of Shanghai Dr

second: the integration of the original content through books. The author thinks that some traditional industries, its products are fresh for news and information is not very sensitive, such as antique jewelry, jewelry and toys itself mainly lies in the judge, this is the core of attention of many consumers, in view of this reality can read some books on the topic, if not the latest information, the author that this does not prevent it from becoming valuable for readers’ reference, because he conforms to the user’s own psychological needs, meet the user experience, while the majority of paper documents have not been widely disseminated on the Internet for the original spider is beyond doubt, so I think this can be considered for certain industries mode of operation. read more

Pei Tao an analysis of 4 strokes to fix the status of the website of Shanghai Dragon

2. website

the rapid development of the Internet era, network marketing has become the majority of Internet users love, which led to the owners there are a lot of people want to do. The webmaster every day to day and night guarding the site, the ultimate goal is to make their sites can be displayed on the first page. Including the evaluation of website of Shanghai Longfeng state, do Shanghai dragon shaped body analysis to understand the website, is bound to the optimization of our work. The Pei Tao from 4 aspects to share with you about the analysis experience. read more

2016 site optimization road where the

we all know, now the site optimization is more and more difficult, a new station to the short term search engine to obtain good rankings, almost impossible (especially formal industry), so if we want to get good rankings, so the website optimization path is relatively long and difficult to walk step. Then more in addition to some optimization techniques we insist on, it is particularly important. Well, not wordy, the following specific say a few points.

2, the overall site structure, simple and clear, such as web site navigation classification, achieve navigation Directory > read more

The chain construction site is an arduous task

three, which is outside the chain chain

we do the chain said the popular point is to join your site in other web page links, adding links has two advantages: first, in order to increase the spider found on the Web way is to let the spider crawling more on their website. The two is to make your site get higher weight. Through the understanding of the above two points, we can see that the chain for the website is very important especially for new sites, a new site if there is no chain, spiders can’t find your site, so as not to mention included his own site, the site keywords ranking is more like a. So if there is no chain, your website can not be included, then your website and there is no what kind, let alone to bring us benefits, here you should understand why we need to do outside the chain. read more