Paco: “2020 I ask for calm; we are all tense”

first_img“I liked Mexican referees. You screwed up on their father and they, on your mother. Nothing was happening.” —How was 2019?–We have had better years in sports and many extra sports complications. It has been to analyze it and that some of the situations that have occurred do not happen again. You can serve as a reference to not relive this.—The goal was to play in the playoff for Christmas. It has not happened.–The Lightning plays well, defends better and, with the remaining games, will give us to get up. You have to make a good second round, after the first has been regular nothing more. It is a sign of maturity not to look for excuses and take responsibility for what we have done.“It’s hard for them to win … Why?”–We do not have to do more than we do but make it better. On the day of Las Palmas we showed a trade playing with one less and we took the game where we were interested. It is not football that I like, but it is a resource at any given time. It can be worth us for the future. INMA FLOWERS – He has fallen three games after his expulsion in the Cup.–If the story is told by Little Red Riding Hood or the Wolf has nothing to do with it. He throws me out because he feels like it and then I tell him it’s very bad. I drop a match for expulsion and two for disregard. I don’t know how far that is inconsiderate, I tell him what it is, I don’t insult him. I accept my mistake, but it doesn’t seem like it for two games. He expels me because I tell him to take out the cards in what is really necessary. It is a pity that young referees have the mentality of 40 or 50 years ago. You can’t even look at some, they have an inferiority complex so big that they defend themselves with cards. Now we have to talk and endure, understand that at one point they say: ‘Fuck, how bad you are.’ Well, I answered: ‘And you more’. Nothing happens. In that I liked Mexicans very much. You screwed up on their father and they on your mother. And it followed. In Spain they seem untouchable and are a minority because our referees have greatly improved.– How do you see the resolution for the ‘Zozulia Case’?–Resume the game behind closed doors and the economic fine was seen coming, but close the bottom I see it excessive. We are going to have to suffer ourselves and our hobby. We have no choice but to resort, in case something can be done. —The results generated doubts about its continuity.–In another club maybe now I wouldn’t be on the bench. Or yes, I don’t know. I thank Rayo for keeping me when the results were not, nor by any means, the expected ones, but the feelings are good and we can still get where we want. The players and I must assume that responsibility. They are a good group, great professionals, we have not been wrong with them, but we have all surrendered below expectations.center_img —He said that to aspire to the ascent they needed reinforcements, how many?–The injuries have left the team very depleted. Sometimes we were the just to be summoned. We are lame in the extremes, we have had to play with laterals, with half-points thrown to the band … It is not a whim of mine but a necessity.“Isi sounded, Amath …”–You have to bring at least two to face the competition with guarantees until the end. We are not as clear about the name as the characteristics. Our extremes have been small, fast … We want them bigger, more powerful, strong one on one and that give us different records.“Will a forward arrive?”–We have them very good, but if a possibility arises the club will consider it. That depends on the results. The first to lose the position are the technicians, but if the players have not given the level, with the signings, they can also be left out. There are people who will now have to break their faces. If we were seconds, we would all be calmer.“Will Abdoulaye, Lass or Advíncula come out?”–Abdoulaye has to leave: he wants it that way and we don’t count on him sportively. There is only one solution and you have to find it as soon as possible. I don’t know what Lass’s situation is. We did not consider his presence when forming the template, nobody told me: ‘Remember that it is coming in January and you must count on it’. It is not an alternative, in the market you have to go to something safer. Advíncula is from Rayo and is playing. We have to strengthen the team, not weaken it. Nothing should happen that did not happen last summer. “I love her, I respect her and I have always defended her, but in politics I don’t show my face for anyone” “The fans felt annoyed at his words the other day …–I love her very much, I respect her and have always defended her. Now, in political or religious aspects I don’t get my face out of anyone. The other day I made it very clear and who did not understand me is because he does not want to understand me. I fight for my hobby with anyone, up to a limit. Pablo Iglesias, Errejón, Rufián have left … supporting them, but they are politicians. For political issues there are already politicians. I am a coach and this has nothing to do with football, only that it has occurred in a field.“Do they feel in the middle of the managerial-hobby conflict?”–It catches us fully. Vallecas has lost all the essence that has made him great. We are one more field. Before it was the last redoubt of neighborhood football, foreigners came to watch games … We have loaded it and it is our fault. I mean everyone, we all get into garlic. I would have liked to have the atmosphere of my previous stage, the fans made us feel more important than we were.“What do you ask of 2020?”–Health and calm. We are all too tense and jumping to the minimum. We will try to get the problems from the rivals, not ourselves. Each other, the others one, nobody is saved here. Hopefully we are a united club that people envy. We have to fix it.“And a promotion?”–That is an obligation, we have to fight for that.– Are the workforce and you still involved in social causes?–The other day I watched a documentary by an ex-golfer and I loved a phrase that said about success. It was not money or fame but to help others. In Vallecas we have done many things other years and this is not yet, but we will do it. We are so engrossed in ours that we forget the most important. One of my father’s best advice (singer Lucas de Écija) is that, if one day I could help someone, I would do it.last_img

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