Mbappé would only renew with a ‘pro Real Madrid’ clause

first_imgFor the white club, the ideal situation is the one it had posed before the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis. Get Mbappe not to renew this summer and try to sign him in the summer transfer window of 2021, when the French only had one year left on his contract. The same strategy that followed with Hazard. In this way, his signing would have become much cheaper … But with the uncertainty that exists these days, staying true to that strategy is a lot to ask Mbappé. In this way PSG would win so much, that they would breathe easy knowing that the chances of retaining Mbappé in the short term future would increase, the player, who would secure a long-term galactic salary (now he only has a contract until 2022 and, at 21 years old, the situation is dizzying with the possibility of injury), and the big loser, despite the existence of that clause, would be Real Madrid … The foundations of football are moving under the feet of Kilian Mbappé. The crisis of coronavirus It has changed any roadmap that could have been raised prior to the outbreak of the virus. The uncertainty is total. No one knows how it will affect the transfer market, if the big clubs in Europe will have the possibility of making big transfers and, to top it off, not even the powerful PSG is capable of guaranteeing the salary of its stars (and speaks of a 50% reduction). This is not the time to take wrong steps.As AS has been able to know, the possibility that Mbappé ends up accepting a renewal with PSG has won integers in recent days, but this could only occur if the clause stipulated in the new contract that allowed him to leave Real Madrid (or another great club) for a set amount of money. A kind of mega clause like the one that allowed Neymar to go from Barcelona to PSG himself for 222 million euros.last_img

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