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cloud.png Dedicated vs. Shared Cloud Voice Services Darin Ward October 03, 2019 When moving voice to the cloud, many service providers tout their dedicated solutions. But is “dedicated” all that it’s cracked up to be? Hyping Up Hybrid: Making the Case Ryan Daily September 05, 2019 With the race to the cloud heating up, some enterprises aren’t dashing to the finish line with the same intensity – opting instead for a “hybrid” pace. Also critical is identifying key business drivers. For USRBP, the ability to integrate business applications into the cloud system was essential, as noted above, as well as two other must-haves. The cloud platform needed to support the company’s remote workforce and allow the seamless integration of knowledge workers into the call center workflow, Dunn said. At a high level, Dunn recapped what made USRBP’s cloud migration successful, beginning with setting expectations early. Be realistic with timelines, follow best practices, and utilize testing tools to pre-qualify remote workers, he advised. In addition, expect the best and plan – and train – for the worst, he said. Lastly, Dunn attributed USRBP’s success to the strong partnership and support it receives from 8×8. As I share in my latest “Keeping Up With EC” blog post, some of Dunn’s and Lazar’s talking points reflect longstanding migration principles and best practices around expectation-setting, planning, choosing your vendor wisely, and knowing what you can expect from that partner. However, as Dunn’s second point makes clear, enterprise IT/communications organizations now must consider today’s software-focused technology as inseparable from the wider environment. 5 Steps for A Seamless Contact Center Cloud Migration Elizabeth Magill September 09, 2019 Ensuring that IT and business teams are on the same page before, during, and after the process is key to a successful migration. You’ll find more conversations from leading end users at Enterprise Connect Orlando 2019 — starting with our just-announced keynote from Joe Park, chief digital architect and VP, Associate Digital Experience, for Walmart. Won’t you join us in Orlando the week of March 18 to hear from your peers? Register today using the code NJPOSTS to save $200 off the current conference rate.Tags:News & Views8x8USRBPcloud strategyCloud CommunicationsBest PracticesCCaaSDeployment ModelsUCaaS Articles You Might Like Are We Heading for Cloud in a Box? Tom Nolle September 26, 2019 As the cloud craze continues, enterprises are looking for simplified “in a box” cloud solutions to address their communication and collaboration needs. You can find a lot of companies transitioning from on-premises to cloud-based communications platforms, but perhaps not as thoughtfully as U.S. Retirement & Benefit Partners (USRBP), an independent national financial services firm. Re-creating the communications silo as it existed in previous generations might be technically feasible, but doing so could be more dangerous than stepping into the unknown of business integration. The one thing you don’t want to do in migrating to a cloud communications service is make choices that turn out to be limiting factors — leaving your users to wonder why they can’t do things that peers elsewhere can or that they can do in their consumer/personal lives. 5 Ways Cloud UCC Changed the Workforce Mark Roberts September 16, 2019 The UCC digital renaissance has come and stayed. Now, enterprises are fine tuning their networks to better engage employees and customers. Another noteworthy distinction is that USRBP made integration of business applications with the new system a must, as Dunn discussed with his fellow webinar participant, Irwin Lazar, VP and service director at Nemertes Research. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, the replay is certainly worth a listen — a great opportunity to hear two knowledgeable technologists discuss the ins and outs of a cloud transition and best practices for migrating from the premises to the cloud. As Kevin Dunn, CIO/CISO at USRBP, shared earlier this week in an Enterprise Connect webinar, the company embarked on a migration that featured adoption of both UC as a service (UCaaS) and contact center as a service (CCaaS) from 8×8. Integrating the CCaaS element, in fact, was a critical early step — and one of the reasons I consider USRBP particularly forward-looking in its cloud communications strategy. Log in or register to post comments See All in Cloud Communications »

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