iPad mini predicted in 2012 not likely

first_imgIf there’s one thing bloggers (some of them, anyway) love above all else, it’s a juicy Apple rumor. And if there’s one person who loves nothing more than churning out Apple rumors, it’s a securities analyst. Today, it’s talk of an iPad mini that has internet buzzing.Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White has been touring Chinese and Taiwanese suppliers and has heard rumblings about the iPad mini. But don’t go working yourself into a tizzy just yet.Ticonderoga has missed the mark more than a few times recently, and with Apple predictions specifically. They were certain Apple was going to unveil two phones at the Let’s Talk iPhone event — including a unibody iPhone 5 in addition to a cheaper iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 was also supposed to sport a dual core processor running at at least 1.2GHz, because it  “will clearly need to [do so] to match the Samsung Galaxy S II.” In reality, the  4S sports a 1GHz processor underclocked to 800MHz, and Apple has never really concerned itself with “matching” competitors.And what about day one sales predictions? Ticonderoga claimed that “pent up demand” for the new model would obliterate first-day presale records and tally a whopping 1.7 million for the iPhone 4S. The actuality: Apple reportedly sold one million plus on day one. That’s a mind-blowing number, to be sure, but it’s a teensy bit short of 1.7 million.So when Ticonderoga reports rumblings of an iPad mini, take it with a grain of salt. They’re also saying that the “mini” refers not to the device’s size but to its price. Does an Apple “mini” product that’s not smaller than the original make sense? Think Mac vs. Mac Mini or iPod vs. iPod Nano.With  Steve Jobs’ passing, there were bound to be new rumors about an addition to the iPad line. Jobs, of course, was not a fan of smaller tablets like the PlayBook. But even with the arrival of the Kindle Fire, would Apple really consider releasing a device that sits between the iPhone and iPad?Macbooks continue to sell well at their Apple-determined price levels, and the iPad will, too. Does Apple need a cheaper tablet? Probably not, especially if there’s a price cut coming for the iPad 2 when the iPad 3 arrives.More at BGRlast_img

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