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    first_imgLest anyone suspect that atheism is no longer an issue, it’s “Reign of Terror Week” on The History Channel.  No fictional horror film could match what this series is revealing.  The episode Inside North Korea is a must see about the unbelievably horrible atrocities going on now in one atheist regime under the world’s worst living dictator, Kim Jong Il.  Global Prayer Digest says, “Being a Christian is illegal in North Korea, punishable by death or years of hard labor.”  If you thought routine, systematic evil went out with Hitler or Stalin, wake up!  It is happening, right now – evils just as bad or worse than anything from the 1930s and 40s – in communist countries that have not heard, or don’t care, that the foundations of their philosophical and political systems have collapsed.  It is doubtful any church or inquisition ever came close to the brutality and utter lack of conscience of the perpetrators of Nazi and communist genocides.  The episode Inside Pol Pot’s Secret Prison is a withering account of atrocities committed within the living memory of many of us: a systematic genocide rooted squarely in Darwinian principles.  These films are worth purchasing and sharing with pastors who are focused on their building programs or entertainers instead of the battle for truth.    Bizarre footnote: the mastermind of Pol Pot’s systematic executions, that ran like a conveyor-belt gas chamber, claims to have become a born-again Christian, and is awaiting trial in Cambodia.  Pol Pot died peacefully in 1998, and no Khmer Rouge member has ever been convicted of crimes against humanity.(Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

  • Second-Guessing Aliens

    first_imgIf we haven’t yet communicated with aliens, can we know anything about their character?  Astrophysicist Gregory Benford of UC Irvine thinks we can surmise one thing: they are frugal.  Why?  “Whatever the life form, evolution selects for economy of resources,” he said.  Broadcasting is expensive, and transmitting signals across light-years would require considerable resources.”    For this reason, Benford and his twin brother James envision the aliens avoiding broadcasts continuously blasted in all directions.  Frugal aliens will use short, targeted blips known as “Benford beacons.”  He calls searching for such signals a “common-sense” approach.     Charles Q. Choi on Space.com also quoted Benford’s line, “This approach is more like Twitter and less like ’War and Peace’.”  They don’t send e-books; they send tweets.  As support for his speculations about alien frugal twittering, he compared it to the cost of METI – Messages to Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.  To send twitters to aliens would cost a billionaire a lot of money: $1.3 billion for the installation and $200 million a year in operating costs.    At New Scientist Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute downplayed the risks of METI.  It’s too late to worry about it, he said, despite the concerns of Stephen Hawking (04/26/2010).    Hazel Muir in another article on New Scientist got in on the mudslinging at aliens, saying, “Stingy aliens may call us on cheap rates only.”  With fewer signals available to find, it may take the luck of the Irish to find the thrifty Space Scots.“Evolution selects for economy of resources.”  That’s why it created supersaurus, microbes, ants, kudzu, and humans at hot dog eating contests.  When the Benfords can correctly second-guess Darwin’s menagerie (12/19/2007), maybe they will then be prepared to start second-guessing creatures that may not exist.  Without data, aliens belong in the class of gnomes, leprechauns, unicorns and other fantasies borne out of human imagination.  Benford recalled his grandfather saying, “Talk is cheap, but whiskey costs money.”  Darwhiskey is a cheap liquor that lubricates the imagination and sets the tongue a-flapping.(Visited 15 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

  • Has spring started, stopped and started again?

    first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Spring arrived early in Ohio this year and then came to a screeching halt, said a scientist in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University.Despite unseasonably warm days in January and February, March’s cool temperatures put Ohio’s weather back on par with last year’s, said Dan Herms, entomologist.“It was like climate whiplash,” Herms said. “Now things are back to — I hate to call it normal — a ‘new normal’ as plants are blooming and insects are now emerging at the same time they did last year.”However, compared to a couple decades ago, spring is early, Herms pointed out. Along with the early buds and blooms that came this year sooner than usual, in southern Ohio a few early season pests emerged a couple of weeks earlier than they did last year.In southern Ohio, a tiny caterpillar called the larch casebearer, and the exotic ambrosia beetle, have already found their way to trees, and soon to follow is the European pine sawfly, a grayish-green insect that can quickly strip needles from pine trees. With the return of cooler weather, insects that emerge during mid-spring are back on schedule.Gardeners and nursery owners might be left uncertain when to spray for certain pests if it weren’t for a phenology calendar Herms developed that predicts when to expect various insects.Using the calendar, a gardener can type in the ZIP code and see when to brace for, say, the emerald ash borer or the ambrosia beetle or more than 50 other pests that typically zero in on Ohio’s greenery every year.“The power is in prediction. We can predict what plants are blooming and what insects are active anywhere in Ohio on any day,’’ Herms said.A nursery grower may plant 50 to 100 different crops, and each attracts different pests, so it is critical for the grower to know when to spray to fend off each of them.“The challenge of scheduling a pest management program can be fairly daunting,” Herms said.The ambrosia beetle kills redbud, dogwood and maple trees among others, eating away at nursery growers’ profits. Larch casebearers and European pine sawflies home in on pine trees, turning their needles brown.Spraying these and other bugs at the wrong time could mean missing them entirely. And if a grower sprays multiple times to be sure to attack the insect, that’s an added, unnecessary expense and additional pesticide in the environment.The online phenology calendar uses the amount of heat generated each day to gauge when certain insects will appear. The sequence in which the insects appear does not vary from year to year, but the week — or month — in which they appear could, depending on how warm the weather has been.Tom Demaline, owner of Willoway Nurseries in Avon, began using Ohio State’s phenology calendar in 2004 to help determine not only when to spray for pests but also when to propagate various trees as well as cover and uncover plants.“We seem to be in really erratic weather cyles,” Demaline said. “It’s a great tool to have to be able to figure out where you’re at in the growth cycle. At least you can see the light of the oncoming train so you can move over.”The online phenology calendar is available at: oardc.ohio-state.edu/gdd/.last_img read more

  • The Importance of Rehearsing What Could Go Wrong

    first_imgMy instructor gave me very clear directions. He said, “Pull the accelerator towards you.” I barely moved it and the plane started to nudge forward. He said, “No. Pull it all the way out.” I was trying to follow his instructions and managed to pull it half way out, the plane gaining speed down the runway.” My instructor, tired of me hesitating, grabbed my hand and pulled it back and the plane leaped forward, gaining speed. I pulled back on the yoke, as he directed, and we were flying.Ten minutes later, my instructor explained what we were going to do next. He said, “Now we are going to stall the plane.” That didn’t sound very positive to me, being that we were a few thousand feet above the surface of the Earth. I asked, “Why would do that? Why would stall the plane.” His answer didn’t make me feel any better. He replied, “Sometimes planes stall, and if you don’t know what to do, you can flip the plane, and spiral upside down into the ground.”To stall a plane, you need only climb at a rate that exceeds the planes ability. The plane gets loose and wobbly, and alarms start screaming. Your instinct is to pull back, which is exactly the wrong thing to do. The right thing to do is to push the yoke forward, and doing so makes everything better very quickly. We did this a few times, and the instructor told me we would practice it at ever lesson. Should something happen, you want to reflexively do the right thing.Salespeople (and their leaders, managers, and companies) complain about scripts and role plays. They also continually go over the same ground, talking about this objection or that unreasonable client challenge. They recount their continued struggle with commitments that aren’t kept and clients that go dark, as if there is no way to improve their results.Why wouldn’t one work through the common conversations they have with their clients to ensure they create the most value possible for their client while also creating a preference to work with them?How could one be harmed by rehearsing their responses to the most common concerns their dream client’s are going to struggle with to ensure they can resolve them effectively, if it is possible to do so?Why wing it and see for the first time the words that come out of your mouth when your client challenges you? Why repeat what hasn’t worked for you before, when you could gain new language choices that improve your performance in front of your dream client, that same performance in which they are trying to determine whether they should work with you over your competition?If you are continuously challenged by the same scenario, it is not the challenging scenario that is to blame. It’s your lack of improving your ability to effectively handle it. Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Nowlast_img read more

  • Great interest about India among investors in US

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  • London Olympics: Rowing throws up a surprise for India, pack of three reaches semi-finals

    first_imgIndian rower Swaran Singh qualified for the semi-final of the men’s singles scull while his compatriots Manjeet Singh and Sandeep Kumar booked their place in the semi-final of the lightweight doubles scull in the 2012 London Olympics at the Eaton Dorney on Tuesday.Swaran finished fourth in the third quarterfinal with a time of 7 minutes 11.59 seconds. He was second after the 500-metre mark, but slowly ran out of steam to finish fourth at the end of the 2000 metre race.Sandeep and Manjeet qualified for the semi-final through the repechage where they finished sixth with a time of 6 minutes 54.20 seconds.last_img read more

  • Cadence: electrical-thermal co-simulation for system analysis from ICs to physical enclosures

    first_imgCadence Design Systems expanded its presence in the system analysis and design market with the introduction of the Cadence Celsius Thermal Solver, the industry’s first complete electrical-thermal co-simulation solution for the full hierarchy of electronic systems from ICs to physical enclosures. Following the successful launch of the Clarity 3D Solver earlier this year, the Celsius Thermal Solver is the second innovative product in Cadence’s new system analysis initiative. Based on a production-proven, massively parallel architecture that delivers up to 10X faster performance than legacy solutions without sacrificing accuracy, the Celsius Thermal Solver seamlessly integrates with Cadence IC, package and PCB implementation platforms. This enables new system analysis and design insights and empowers electrical design teams to detect and mitigate thermal issues early in the design process—reducing electronic system development iterations.IC and electronic systems companies, particularly those incorporating 3D-IC packaging, face tremendous thermal challenges that can cause late-stage design modifications and iterations and derail project schedules. As the electronics industry moves toward smaller, faster, smarter and more complex products with greater power density, time-consuming thermal transient analysis techniques must be deployed together with traditional steady-state analysis to address multiple power profiles and increased heat dissipation. Further complicating the process, traditional simulators require the electronics and enclosures being modeled to be substantially simplified, resulting in reduced accuracy.The Celsius Thermal Solver utilizes innovative multi-physics technology to address these challenges. By combining finite element analysis (FEA) for solid structures with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for fluids, the Celsius Thermal Solver enables complete system analysis in a single tool. When using the Celsius Thermal Solver in conjunction with the Clarity 3D Solver, Voltus IC Power Integrity and Sigrity technology for PCB and IC packaging, engineering teams can combine electrical and thermal analysis and simulate the flow of both electricity and heat for a more accurate system-level thermal simulation than legacy tools. In addition, the Celsius Thermal Solver performs both static (steady-state) and dynamic (transient) electrical-thermal co-simulations based on the actual flow of electrical power in advanced 3D structures, providing visibility into real-world system behavior.By empowering electronics design teams to analyze thermal issues early and share ownership of thermal analysis, the Celsius Thermal Solver reduces design re-spins and enables new analysis and design insights not possible with legacy solutions. In addition, the Celsius Thermal Solver accurately simulates large systems with detailed granularity for any object of interest and is the first solution capable of modeling structures as small as the IC and its power distribution together with structures as large as the chassis.The Celsius Thermal Solver supports Cadence’s Intelligent System Design strategy, enabling system innovation. It is built on matrix solver technology that is production proven in the recently announced Clarity 3D Solver and the Voltus IC Power Integrity Solution. Optimized for cloud environments, the Celsius Thermal Solver’s massively parallel architecture delivers up to 10X cycle time improvements compared to legacy solutions with high accuracy and unlimited scalability.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Tools & Software Continue Reading Previous Arrow introduces XoverIoT certified Sigfox modules ready for rapid solution developmentNext SEGGER makes its entire Ecosystem of tools available for AndesCoreslast_img read more

  • I cannot believe it: Jack Leach on 92 vs Ireland at Lord’s

    first_imgAfter playing a 92-run knock against Ireland in the one-off Test match, Jack Leach, who came in as night-watchman for England, said he cannot believe that he went on to play such long innings.”I can’t believe it really. I just went out to try to soak up some balls, and make it easier for the guys coming in. It probably went a little bit further than I thought it would,” International Cricket Council (ICC) quoted Leach as saying.Leach came in to bat at number eleven in the first innings, but in the second innings, the player came in to bat as a night watchman and he opened the innings for England.The player got two reprieves during his innings, but he was able to keep the Ireland bowlers at bay.Before this innings, Leach had 66 as his highest first-class score. However, the player was able to stitch together a partnership of 145 runs with Jason Roy and he looked set to become the first Englishman to score a century as a night watchman.However, Leach missed out on a century as he was sent back to the pavilion on 92 by Tim Murtagh.”It was good fun to be out there. It was great to bat with Roy. He gave me a lot of confidence and allowed me to just play the way I wanted to play. We had a nice partnership so that was pleasing. I think we’ve got a good chance in this game – that’s what we wanted from this day,” Leach said.advertisementThis innings by Leach was lauded by former England skipper Michael Vaughan and he said finally the team has found the replacement for Sir Alastair Cook.”Finally we have found a replacement for Alastair Cook …. #Leach,” Vaughan tweeted.Finally we have found a replacement for Alastair Cook …. #LeachMichael Vaughan (@MichaelVaughan) July 25, 2019England ended Day 2 at 303/9, gaining a lead of 181 runs against Ireland in the one-off Test Match at Lord’s Cricket Ground.Bad light had forced an early end to Day 2 with Stuart Broad and Olly Stone holding the fort for England. Earlier on Day 1, both England and Ireland were bundled out as a total of 20 wickets tumbled.England, after opting to bat were dismissed for just 85 in first innings, whereas Ireland were bowled out for 207, gaining a 122-run lead over the hosts.Also Read | England vs Ireland, Day 2: Ireland believe after bowlers force England collapseAlso Read | Meet the 100-year-old fan who came to Lord’s to cheer IrelandAlso Seelast_img read more

  • Emmanuel Ogbah Records First Career Multi-Sack Game Against Bengals

    first_imgThe Cleveland Browns may be the worst team in the NFL, but rookie Emmanuel Ogbah has been a bright spot for the Browns, who now sit at 0-7 now after a loss on Sunday.After collecting his first career sack last week against Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota, Ogbah came out hungry for more on Sunday and had even more success, recording two sacks Sunday bringing down Andy Dalton.“It felt like a relief,” Ogbah said after the game. “This team grabbed me to come out here and get sacks, and I just felt like I wasn’t producing enough sacks, so it just felt good to get out there and get sacks and give our team a chance to win.”The Browns are now the lone NFL team without a win, after falling 34-17 to the Bengals on Sunday. The Browns will host the New York Jets next Sunday at noon, where they will try and reverse their luck. If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img read more

  • Losing Reyes another blow in tough month for Mexico

    first_imgMexico Losing Reyes another blow in tough month for Mexico Jon Arnold Click here to see more stories from this author Mexico Correspondent Last updated 1 year ago 23:12 6/13/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Diego Reyes Mexico Hector Vivas Mexico World Cup Germany Germany v Mexico The 25-year-old’s versatility was highly prized by manager Juan Carlos Osorio, which makes his departure because of injury a big blow Mexico lost a second defender Tuesday with Diego Reyes ruled out of the World Cup.It’s not a huge shock. As the deadline for him to suit up went from June 2 to June 9 to – some point in the future – it was clear that the hamstring injury he had suffered with Porto at the beginning of May wasn’t healing as hoped . Knowing it was unlikely Reyes would be back on the field seems to have softened the blow, but this definitely is still a blow for El Tri. It’s been a rough month for Mexico between Reyes and center back Nestor Araujo having to pull out of the tournament with injuries, a send-off party ending up in the tabloids and a scoreless draw, a narrow win and a 2-0 defeat to Denmark doing little to boost the mood ahead of the tournament. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Out of his depth! Emery on borrowed time after another abysmal Arsenal display Diving, tactical fouls & the emerging war of words between Guardiola & Klopp Sorry, Cristiano! Pjanic is Juventus’ most important player right now Arsenal would be selling their soul with Mourinho move Reyes is a player who can do a bit of everything. While he hasn’t always excelled as a defensive midfielder, he may be Mexico’s best option there when healthy – or at least the best option in manager Juan Carlos Osorio’s player pool. He’s also one of the nation’s best center backs. That’s significant. After Araujo’s injury, the position isn’t deep. Hector Moreno is a top player with several seasons of European experience. Carlos Salcedo is in that category as well, but may be pressed into duty at right back. After that, the picture is less clear. Hugo Ayala is a fine Liga MX center back but may never transcend that level. And that’s it. Those are pretty much the options. Rafa Marquez also is in the squad but may not have the dexterity needed to play at the back.While Reyes isn’t a star like forward Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez or one of the key veteran leaders like midfielder Andres Guardado or Marquez, the versatility Reyes provides puts him at least in the top 10 most important Mexico players. That Osorio hung on for so long despite signs Reyes wouldn’t be ready to go, waiting until the team already was in Russia to give up hope of a full recovery shows how much the manager prizes his skills. Of course, it’s also a personal blow for Reyes, though at 25 you’d expect him to have another opportunity at a second World Cup.”I’ve decided to make a decision that hurts my soul because I think it’s the best for my teammates because I’m not sure I can achieve the best version of myself in such little time. That’s why I’ve decided, along with (manager) Juan Carlos Osorio that I won’t make up part of the 23 players who will fight for the World Cup,” he wrote in a statement. “There’s nothing left for me to do than wish Erick, my teammates and the coaching staff the best of luck and to thank them for the opportunity and the unconditional support during the last few days. I’m convinced they’ll make history because of their talent and because this united and committed group can do big things.”While Guti takes his roster spot, Edson Alvarez is the clear replacement for Reyes. The 20-year-old has a lot of similarities to Reyes. Both can play at center back or defensive midfield. Both came up in the Club America system. Alvarez played well at the Gold Cup at right back. Going from that tournament to starting there during the World Cup will be quite a jump.Osorio may not have a better option, though. Alvarez is a poor man’s Reyes, but Mexico will have to make the best of what it has without the Porto player, without Araujo and without the depth that can be so critical at tournaments like the World Cup.last_img read more