Solomon Trader Refloated Destined for Scrapyard

first_imgzoomGrounded Solomon Trader in March. Image Courtesy: Roderick Brazier, High Commissioner to Solomon Islands The ill-fated bulker Solomon Trader has been successfully refloated in the Solomon Islands, Korea Protection and Indemnity Club (KP&I) said.The operation was completed on May 11, 2019, and the 73,592 dwt bulker is currently undergoing assessments.As informed, Solomon Trader remains anchored in deeper waters away from the reef where it grounded, enabling divers to assess hull damage.The Panamax bulk carrier is in a stable condition, the vessel’s protection indemnity insurer added.Once the salvage inspections, seaworthiness repairs and the cargo discharge are completed, the 1994-built bulker is planned to be towed for scrapping.KP&I and the vessel owner, King Trader, are to continue cooperation with the Solomon Islands government as shore cleaning progresses.Chartered by Bintan Mining and loaded with nearly 11,000 tons of bauxite, Solomon Trader initially grounded on a reef off Rennell Island in the Solomon Islands, near a UNESCO World Heritage site, during an unexpected gale event on February 5.The attempts to remove the vessel were hampered by the arrival of Cyclone Oma on February 10, which pushed the stricken vessel harder into the reef, resulting in engine room damage and the subsequent oil spill.Onboard power was lost and the vessel was ransacked by locals, with key equipment stolen and damaged. This impacted efforts to commence an emergency response, as explained by KP&I.The owner despatched a salvage expert to the location on February 10 to monitor the vessel’s condition. International salvage experts Resolve Marine Group were also appointed to oversee the Solomon Trader incident response.Many response experts and specialized equipment from across the globe subsequently arrived.last_img read more

Argentina confirm longterm deal with coach Scaloni

first_imgBuenos Aires: The Argentine Football Association (AFA) has confirmed that national men’s head coach Lionel Scaloni will remain in the position until at least till the 2022 World Cup. Albiceleste team director Cesar Menotti told reporters earlier this month that a verbal agreement had been reached with Scaloni to extend the terms of his contract, which had been due to expire in December. But the former Deportivo La Coruna full-back’s new three and a half-year deal was only confirmed in a statement on the AFA’s official website on Tuesday, reports Xinhua news agency. Also Read – Puducherry on top after 8-wkt win over Chandigarh “The AFA’s executive committee decided to continue with (Scaloni) for the upcoming qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar that will begin next year,” the entity said. Scaloni, 41, replaced Jorge Sampaoli after the 2018 World Cup in Russia, where the Albiceleste were eliminated in the last 16 by eventual champions France. He guided Argentina to third place at this year’s Copa America in Brazil. The two-time World Cup winners are due to face Chile in their next match in Los Angeles on September 5 followed by another friendly with Mexico in San Antonio five days later.last_img read more

Frances Orange Increases Stake to 49 in Moroccan Subsidiary Meditel

Rabat – The French telecom service provider Orange has increased its stake in Morocco’s telecom operator Meditel to 49 percent, after acquiring an additional 9% on Friday.A joint statement said that the Deposit and Management Fund (CDG), FinanceCom and Orange signed the final document on Friday, increasing Orange’s interest in Méditel.The increased stock in Meditel, which offers both landline and mobile services, follows an agreement drafted in 2010, added the statement. This transaction will give Orange an additional 9% of Méditel’s capital along with the benefits set out in the December 2010 agreements.Following this transaction, Orange now holds 49 percent of Méditel’s share capital, FinanceCom holds 25.5 percent while CDG owns 25.5 percent.This comes at a time when multiple reports suggested Orange was planning onacquiring a controlling stake in Méditel to rename it Orange Morocco.In February 2015, French weekly magazine L’Express said Orange is ready to pay a little more than 72 million Euros to take control of the second largest mobile operator in the Kingdom.Created in 1999, Méditel has invested heavily in its networks, which now include over 5,400 km of fiber optic cable, including 870 km in Morocco’s ten largest urban areas.Meditel was also the first operator to launch its 4G service in June 2015 after acquiring one of the three 4G licenses available from the Moroccan regulator ANRT in March 2015.The telecom service provider has more than 13 million mobile subscribers, representing a 31 percent market share at the end of 2014.Edited by Miriam El Ofir© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more

Violence against women Prevention protection and empowerment in Haiti

It is common to find three generations of one family living in the same tent: here is a grandmother, her daughter and granddaughter, who was born in the Jean Marie Vincent camp. It is a lesser known reality of the earthquake that devastated Haiti on 12 January 2010 and left more than 200,000 dead. The merciless disintegration of the Haitian State created a situation of utter chaos for the country’s most vulnerable.In less than 55 seconds of tremors, 1.5 million people were suddenly stranded on rubble-strewn streets filled with the detritus of 80,000 collapsed buildings. Almost two years after the disaster, more than 650,000 people still live in makeshift camps, often in terrible conditions. Even if the election of a new President, Michel Martelly, in May last year gave Haitians hope for the future, the new Government faces a highly unstable situation. Many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and UN agencies are preparing to shutter the emergency operations they set up in the immediate aftermath of the quake. The transition from emergency assistance to long-term development projects poses a growing challenge as hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) still rely on aid to survive. Among the displaced, women are particularly vulnerable as they face a surge in sexual assaults and domestic violence. In addition, precarious living conditions in the IDP camps as well as the overall weakening of local authorities provide criminals with opportunities to offend with impunity.Despite the difficulties, women are slowly beginning to talk, says Celia Romulus, a project manager for UN Women, the agency fighting violence against women. ‹ › “We are confronted with dramatic situations in which young women are raped in broad daylight in their tents or even young children are being raped,” Ms. Romulus says. Sexual assaults are particularly difficult to identify, prevent and punish. As a result, the UN has strengthened its patrols in the camps, fielding more than 8,800 blue helmets, 1,244 members of the UN police force (UNPOL) and 2,337 police officers from formed police units (FPUs). Strengthening security in the campsWith more than 50,000 inhabitants, Jean Marie Vincent is the biggest IDP camp in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince, occupying several hectares of property near the city centre and close to Cité Soleil, one of the poorest and less secure areas of the city.Raymond Lamarre, the UNPOL police spokesperson in Haiti, bluntly describes the difficulties faced by law enforcement: “The gangsters of Cité Soleil commit crimes and then hide in the IDP camp where it is more difficult for us and for the Haitian National Police (HNP) Force to track them down.” To dissuade these criminals, UN police concentrate their efforts along the camp’s perimeter and at its entrances. United Nations police (UNPOL) spokesperson in Haiti Raymond Lamarre visiting the Jean Marie Vincent camp, the biggest camp for internally displaced persons in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.”Intensifying patrols along the perimeter helps to reduce opportunities for committing crimes and it strengthens security for the IDPs,” says Mr. Lamarre, noting that the new measures have led to a significant reduction in reports of sexual assaults.”We have found out that the latrines are particularly dangerous for women at night. That’s why we have decided to install lighting near these places where sexual predators happened to be lurking.”Despite the precautions along the camp’s perimeter, violence inside the camp is still widespread, with UN officers coming under threat as well.”For the first time, UN police have been targeted,” notes Claude Mercier, the police officer in charge of an investigation into the recent shooting of UN personnel. “Yesterday, shots were fired in the camp and we immediately dispatched a UNPOL team towards the location. One of the police officers was severely wounded and the culprit managed to escape. The body of a civilian was found not far from that place,” he says.With two police stations overseeing a population of 50,000 people, UNPOL officers admit it will take time to completely secure the camp. The upcoming departure of a large number of humanitarian organizations and the lack of resources available to the national police make the situation ever more fragile. For Mr. Lamarre, one of the solutions would be to forge relations of trust with camp residents.”We are not perfect. We need to interact more with the population, forge ties, and create a situation of symbiosis between communities. We are here to build trust. I dare to think that we generate hope and change for the population,” he says.Break the law of silence, restore trustInterview with Nalidjata Soumahoro, UN Policewoman in Haiti, Gender Unit.In addition to the horrors of the crimes themselves, the criminals responsible for sexual assaults also have a feeling of impunity within the camps. These predators are often neighbours or associates of their victims and provoke fear of retribution if the victims report the crime. To break this wall of silence, the UN police have established a gender unit with 20 police officers, 15 of whom are women, dedicated to the prevention and the fight against sexual violence in the camps.”We forge ties of trust with the population and that allows for female victims to come and see us when an incident of sexual aggression occurs,” explains Nedea Valentin, the gender unit’s deputy chief, who also points out that victims of sexual violence are more comfortable confiding in female officers.As soon as an incident is reported, the female officers immediately engage in the standard operating procedure. First, the assault must be verified by a doctor within 72 hours the crucial timeframe within which sex crimes can be medically identified and treated at one of the local hospitals or special clinics set up by the NGO Doctors without Borders. Then, if the perpetrators are found and arrested, the officers bring the case all the way to the courts where they help victims plead their cases to the judge. At the same time, victims are provided with counselling and psychological support.To eradicate the growing scourge of sexual violence, the gender unit dispatches teams of four to different camps throughout Port-au-Prince, conducting awareness seminars with the city’s women. During the daily meetings, the officers discuss the ongoing fight against sexual and domestic violence but also the economic empowerment of women, the overall fight against poverty and family planning. One of the assumptions accepted by the team is that domestic and sexual violence are the collateral effects of the more entrenched economic and social violence suffered by women.During one of the awareness sessions with the women of the Primature camp founded on the grounds of what used to be the Prime Minister’s residence the conversation quickly turns to the soaring prices of basic food items, such as oil, rice and beans.”Everything has become more expensive after the goudou goudou,” says a young mother, referring to the local onomatopoeic name for the earthquake.Undaunted, the gender unit’s Nalidjata Soumahoro explains the advantages of the tontine a cooperative system based on the pooling of common savings.”Each week around 15 women or more meet, each one of them bringing some money with her,” says Ms. Soumahoro to the group. “And each week one of the women takes home all the money as capital to start a small business, whether it be selling mangoes, oranges, etc. The following week, another woman takes the pooled money in order to start another small business. This way, all the women receive the money they need to create a livelihood!” Fredrik Bjerkeborn, United Nations police (UNPOL) acting chief in Haiti.For Fredrik Bjerkeborn, the Deputy UN Police Commissioner in Haiti, UNPOL’s approach to dealing with gender issues contributes “positively to changing mentalities in the communities.” Nevertheless, he notes that the road to gender equality in the IDP camps will be a long one because it is a long and profound societal process.One of the most important measures implemented during the recent years of UN operations in Haiti was to increase the female presence among the peacekeepers. The Bangladeshi contingent of the UN police force now includes 108 women and is led by a woman Commissioner Sahely Ferdous. Beyond the security aspects of the mission, the female presence in the UN police force proves to the locals that women can assume positions of power, and further illustrates that gender equality is possible. Moreover, the female presence in both the UN police force and within MINUSTAH is growing with a current total of 489 women serving in their ranks.”It is important to train the Haitian National Police to make it able to tackle gender related problems,” explains Mr. Bjerkeborn. “We provide specific training for the prevention of sexual violence. We explain the situation of women in the camps and we prepare them to answer questions that women in danger could ask and we teach them how to implement proper procedures to act immediately in case of a reported sexual assault.”He further points out that UNPOL aims to create special safe rooms where sex crime victims can express themselves freely, safely and anonymously.Empowerment of womenInterview with Superintendent Sahely Ferdous, UN Police in Haiti. Protecting women only makes sense if they are ultimately empowered by being able to identify and seize opportunities. For this reason, UN Women, the Organization’s youngest agency, has promoted several initiatives to reclaim areas of IDP camps where women have been regular targets of assault.”We try to eliminate their worst fears: violence in the public space,” says Célia Romulus. “The idea is to turn women into their own security experts in their own environment.”To do that, the agency’s local partners help organize safety patrols in the camp’s neighbourhoods, walking the same routes as the women use to go to school, the market or to the various water pumps positioned around the camp. Along the way, they mark out areas where improved lighting or a police presence would help guarantee better safety.This form of citizen’s awareness has already yielded encouraging results as the women have become increasingly likely to report any instances of sexual violence.”When our mobile teams arrest a suspect, and the wall of silence is broken, we show that sexual violence is unacceptable and that gives meaning to our work,” states Sheila Laplanche, a communications specialist at UN Women’s office in Haiti.”We support the State in its efforts to establish a law on violence against women, and we also encourage female participation in political life as well as the creation of microcredit projects specifically for victims of violence,” concludes Ms. Laplanche. Sheila Laplanche, communication specialist at the UN Women office in Haiti.Célia Romulus stresses that UN Women’s emphasis on listening has permitted women to be heard more easily in the aftermath of the earthquake. “Very often, before speaking of the actual sexual violence, the victims first speak of the trauma of the earthquake. Then later, when trust is established they begin speaking about the aggression and the violence they have endured,” she says, underlining that by focusing on listening to the victimized women, some have already begun to heal and rebuild their lives.This gender-focused initiative completes the massive aid operation launched by the UN’s humanitarian agencies in the immediate aftermath of the quake.”Just by simply being there, in the middle of the rubble, and available to hear their stories,” Ms. Romulus says, her voice choked with emotion, “the victims have thanked us for helping them get their dignity back.” …contribute to the recovery of Haiti. The camp was built on the grounds of an abandoned airport and its residents live among the remains of decommissioned planes in unsanitary conditions. Created on 12 January  2010, the day of the earthquake, the camp quickly became a real city, complete with its own bakery. One of the 108 women serving with the UN’s Bangladeshi contingent. The lack of any sewage treatment facilitates the spread of deadly diseases. Under the blue helmets’ watchful eye, a woman sells food in front of her shelter. In some areas of the camp, the displaced have turned their tents into makeshift shelters composed of metal sheeting and recycled materials. Women are particularly vulnerable. Sexual and domestic violence in the camp are a scourge that the UN is fighting to end. Named Minustah, after the UN mission, this two-year-old girl has lived almost her entire life in the camp. Despite  precarious sanitary conditions, children walk barefoot around the camp. United Nations police (UNPOL) spokesperson Raymond Lamarre liaising with the displaced communities. Children are the most affected by the camp’s living conditions. The camp is traversed by a canal which has now become an open-air sewer. 11 January 2012It is a lesser known reality of the earthquake that devastated Haiti on 12 January 2010 and left more than 200,000 dead. The merciless disintegration of the Haitian State created a situation of utter chaos for the country’s most vulnerable. In total, the UN fields nearly 500 women as part of its deployed force. The feminization of the peacekeeping force helps the UN establish better relations with women in its fight against sexual violence. “We are asked to ensure security one day and the day after we play the role of  psychologist, this is everyday life in the camps,” says Marilyn Coté, a United Nations policewoman (UNPOL). The 8,800 blue helmets, 1,244 UNPOL police officers and 2,337 formed police unit (FPU) officers ensure security. Located in the heart of Port-au-Prince, the Jean Marie Vincent camp is home to 50,000 people and is the largest camp in the city. In total, more than 12,000 military and police personnel are deployed to… UN humanitarian agencies and their partners provide several clean water distribution points throughout the camp. read more

Tennessee Newspaper Hall of Fame inducts 3 posthumously

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Three newspaper executives have been posthumously inducted into the Tennessee Newspaper Hall of Fame.John M. Jones III was publisher of The Greeneville Sun who expanded his company, Jones Media, into a family-owned group of eight newspapers. Adams Publishing Group acquired Jones Media in 2016.John L. Seigenthaler was editor, publisher, chairman and CEO of The Tennessean of Nashville. He was also the founding editorial director of USA Today and a leading proponent of the First Amendment.George T. Whitley worked with The Covington Leader for nearly 57 years. He was named publisher in 1975 and continued until his retirement in 2003.The induction ceremony was held Friday during the annual Tennessee Press Association summer meeting. The Tennessee Newspaper Hall of Fame was established in 1966 as a joint project of the TPA and the University of Tennessee.The Associated Press read more

Amid fresh violence in Iraq UN envoy tells authorities this carnage must

The top United Nations official in Iraq today condemned in the strongest terms a wave of deadly attacks across the country and reiterated his calls on Government officials to halt the violence. “This carnage must stop,” said Martin Kobler, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and head of the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI). “I once again urge the Iraqi authorities to do their utmost and take all necessary measures to protect the people of Iraq from more bloodshed,” Mr. Kobler stressed. Dozens of people were killed yesterday and many others injured in a series of bomb attacks and shootings that seem to have concentrated around public places, such as a crowded market. Mr. Kobler said the “devastating terrorist attacks” again targeted innocent citizens struggling to build a more hopeful future for themselves and their children in a highly volatile environment. “They follow two weeks during which we’ve seen an increasing number of attacks targeting cafés, football fields and other locations where people socialize and nurture the personal relationships and social fabric that are so important for a strong, prosperous country,” added Mr. Kobler. He extended his condolences to the families of the victims and wishes for a speedy recovery. This latest spate of violence comes amid what is considered one of the deadliest streaks on record for the Middle Eastern country, and a reversal in a trend that has seen violence ebb in recent years. A total of 761 Iraqis were killed and another 1,771 were wounded in acts of terrorism and violence in June, UNAMI has reported. Of those killed, 685 were civilians, including 131 civilian police. An additional 76 members of the Iraqi Security Forces were also killed. Out of the 1,771 wounded, the vast majority – 1,610 including 221 civilian police – were civilians. Baghdad was the worst-affected governorate with 950 civilian casualties followed by Salahuddin, Ninewa, Diyala and Anbar. Kirkuk, Babil, Wasit, Basra and Najaf also reported casualties, according to the Mission. In April, 712 Iraqis were killed and more than 1,600 injured. In May, the death toll increased to 1,045 and more than 2,300 were wounded. In a report issued last week, UNAMI said that at least 3,200 civilians were killed and more than 10,000 injured in during the second half of 2012 in a reversal of the trend that had seen violence decline in recent years. The report warned that the upturn in armed violence requires greater civilian protection and strengthening of human rights institutions in the country. read more

Great progress at LexingtonGreenwood

first_imgWolf Wiese CEO of Golden Dawn Minerals notes the following activities to be completed in 2018 to bring the Lexington mine and Greenwood processing plant on-stream, subject to meeting all conditions of existing permits and further funding.The Lexington Mine has been successfully dewatered and mostly cleaned out. Current activities include geological and geotechnical assessments of the mine workings. The geological work is aimed at improved understanding of the geometry of the mineralized zones and major geological structures. The geotechnical work is required to determine appropriate ground control (rock bolting, screening etc.) and the optimum sizes of mine openings and pillar sizes.The Lexington resource block model has also been reviewed and improved and has been turned over to the mine planning engineers. A first pass mine plan is expected by mid April. This mine plan will be developed in conjunction with the recent geotechnical work. This geotechnical input will be invaluable to the mine plan to enable maximum extraction of the resource in a safe manner.The mine ventilation plan will be updated, and the necessary infrastructure will be placed in the mine (surface and underground) to allow properly ventilation for operations of 200 t/d. Additionally, the ventilation plan will show where the bottlenecks are for increasing ventilation air to support a higher production rate.In Q2 staffing will be increased as required for the activities scheduled through the pre-production period.Mine activities will comprise the following:Complete the repair of the West PortalComplete wiring and insulating the Lexington maintenance shopContinue repairs to the underground equipment fleet (mobile and stationary) to ready for operationsRepair of underground explosives and detonator magazines, remobilization and stocking of surface explosives/detonator magazines, refurbishing and stocking the refuge station and excavating permanent mine sumps. A sedimentation pond for mine discharge water will be built at the east portalUnderground diamond drilling may be initiated during this time to better define the mineralized zones planned to be minedExtensive surface drilling on the Golden Crown mine property is underway to increase current resources. 38 diamond drill holes have ben drilled on this property to date.Q3 activities:Underground mine development will be carried out beginning in July and mining of sufficient material will be stockpiled and ready for the Zip mill to begin processing in AugustAugust: Mine operations will ramp up to 6,000 t/month by the end of AugustSeptember: The mine will be operated at 200 t/d capacityProspecting on the entire Greenwood precious metals property and further surface diamond drilling will take place on the Golden Crown and other selected high priority targets. The company will follow up on potential intrusive mineralization targets.Q4 activities:October through December: It is expected that 18,000 t of ore will be mined and trucked to the processing plantIn addition to providing mill feed in September, the mine will also produce a bulk sample of material that will be crushed at the Zip mill. A portion of this material will be shipped to Kentucky for further testing of pre-concentration sorting.Zip mill:Q1-Q2: Mill offices, first aid room and dry facility will all be purchased in the coming months so that the site is fully equipped for refurbishing during JulyStaffing plans have been made and will be implemented according to the activities scheduled through the March to July pre-production period. A mill supervisor will be hired on a consulting basis in Q2 to initiate and monitor refurbishment and commissioning of the plantQ3: The Zip mill will be refurbished in July; production in August will average 100 t/d (3,000 t total) due to the usual challenges of starting a plant and bringing it to full capacity of 6,000 t/month by SeptemberThe company is working on completing all the required conditions for permits, for the operation of the Zip mill and Greenwood tailings impoundment facility for the beginning of August. The company is also working with its consultants to fulfil environmental permitting requirements for the Greenwood processing plantQ4: The mill will be on-stream and processing all of the Lexington mine feed from September through 2018 year-end, a possible total of 24,000 t.The Lexington mine has in excess of 4,000 m of underground workings and ore development completed, by predecessors. One meter of 5×5 m of tunnelling costs between $4,000 and $6,000.Management is very satisfied with the progress made towards commencing production at the Lexington mine and Greenwood mill. It has been 18 months since the company took possession of the Lexington and Golden Crown mines, and the 200/400 t/d mill. Permits have been obtained, the Lexington mines has been dewatered (which took longer than anticipated due to greater water volume), the mill has been organized and readied to be operational within a month’s notice, underground equipment has been repaired, and the shop and offices at the portals of the Lexington mine have been rebuilt. The exploration program also continued, with 38 holes drilled to date on the Golden Crown property to infill and extend the current resource, plus transport and reorganization of about 30,000 m of drill core from the three mines into one core storage facility. The company expects to meet all the environmental and safety standards as required by the existing permits, and looks forward to a promising start of its production of gold and other metals in Q3.last_img read more

Nenad Vuckovic MT Melsungen for BH Kiel champion we in TOP10

One of the Serbian colony in Bundesliga is Nenad Vuckovic, playing as back for Melsungen. In an exclusive interview with Balkan-Handball.com he gave his expectations for the season that already started in the Bundesliga. He expects Kiel to win back the title lost last season, and that HSV made a major mistake by changing the coach for this season. As for his team, he expects them to finish in TOP10 and perhaps make surprises in the Bundesliga. Also added that it should be Duvnjak’s (HSV Hamburg) season. ← Previous Story Bundesliga: “Lions” beat HSV Hamburg! Next Story → Marcin Lijewski two months out read more

Olafur Stefansson share his experience Life is like a handball game

Olafur Stefansson It is not typical that handball players share their experience and unify their life-long knowledge from the playing court in a way which Icelandic legend Olafur Stefansson did in Reykjavik during the TED Conference. World-wide recognized conference which putting Technology, Entertainment and Design in the same row had “13 minutes of a unique handball adventure” with one of the greatest athletes in the history of Iceland, but also one of the best all-time handball lefthanders.– Life is like a handball game – said Stefansson to his listeners in inspiring speech which you can see here. ← Previous Story VELUX EHF CL 2015/2016 draw tonight – Barca and Kiel lead the pots Next Story → VELUX EHF CL 2015/2016: Kiel, Veszprem and PSG – Barca and Kielce in Group B read more

Sinn Féins prodigal son wont return to the party until next year

first_imgSINN FÉIN TD Peadar Tóibín will not return to the party until early next year, Gerry Adams said today.Tóibín voted against the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill, which Sinn Féin supported, in July and was subsequently suspended from the party for six months.The Meath West TD’s decision to vote against the party on the abortion bill was described as a “serious breach of party rules” at the time.Unlike others who voted against their party on the abortion bill and other measures in recent years, Tóibín will be welcomed back into the Sinn Féin party in early January, Adams said today.“We always welcome folks back. You know if you listen to the gospel on Sunday, it was about the prodigal son,”Adams joked while speaking to the media at Leinster House today.Adams said he has not seen Tóibín in recent months as he has been “busy” but said he would be back in the party “sometime after Christmas” indicating that January of next year is the likely return date. ‘Good relationship’At the height of the abortion debate in the summer Toíbín indicated his intention to vote against his party and said he wanted to “apologise” to the “members, comrades and colleagues”.He said his “first objective is that the mother’s life is safe on every single occasion” and criticised the legislation, insisting it was not based on medical evidence.He has previously called for a free vote among the Sinn Féin parliamentary party and described the Supreme Court X case as “historic and archaic”.Tóibín was not among the group of 12 TDs who were told they could have speaking rights in the Dáil chamber by the Ceann Comhairle last night.He said today that he is “focussing 100 per cent” on his work as a TD.“I think that the relationship between myself and the party is very good,” he told TheJournal.ie today. “It’s a very different situation to Fine Gael, they’ve literally expelled their members for good.”He said he hopes to return to the party fold on 15 January.Previously: Peadar Toibín suspended from Sinn Féin for six monthslast_img read more

Young Greek of the Week

first_imgNameNoddy (Epaminondas) Angelakos, 27.Your greatest achievements Three things: 1. Running in the State Championships at the MCG in 2006.2. Running the Amateur League in Greece in 2006.3. In April I came 6th in the 100m final of the Stawell gift professional meeting.How did you get to where you are now Basically you set your highest goal then sacrifice what you need to to get to it. Train hard and compete even harder.Your greatest challengeDefinitely would be staying away from all the yummy Greek cooking during the festive seasons- more so during Christmas because it’s at the heart of the running season.Goal for the future: To win the Stawell gift, which is the richest professional race in the Southern Hemisphere.Best moment of your lifeOther than getting married and North Melbourne winning the 1996 Grand Final, I think qualifying for the final of the 100m at Stawell.One word that describes you the best Passionate.Person you most admire and why Asafa Powell (100m athlete), he brings humility to a sport that lost it a long time ago.If I could say anything to the Greek community…Embrace it and you’ll grow because of it.Most embarrassing Greek momentMy dad in general, he’s always loud and trying to make people dance Greek style!Favourite place to go or hang out at The track.Song that I can’t get out of my head at the momentBad Influence – PinkFavourite Greek foodYemista.I can’t live without…Running, oh and my partner of course.If I was Kevin Rudd for a day I would…Introduce a four day working week then jump on the private jet and go to Greece to see my family. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Two sheds damaged in North Salmon Creek fire

first_imgFirefighters quickly doused a fire that damaged two sheds and a gazebo in North Salmon Creek on Thursday morning.A neighbor called 911 just before 11 a.m. Thursday after hearing a loud pop and seeing flames coming from a shed at 12801 N.E. Fourth Ave., said Clark County Fire District 6 spokesman David Schmitke.The fire had spread to another nearby shed, but crews from District 6 and Vancouver Fire Department responded and put out the blaze within 10 minutes, Schmitke said. A nearby gazebo sustained damage from radiant heat, Clark County Deputy Fire Marshal’s Office Susan Anderson said.Anderson is still investigating the cause of the fire, but that there is no indication of a criminal element and added there was no electricity to the structure.The shed involved in the fire was a complete loss, Anderson said, with the total damage to all structures and contents an estimated $7,000.last_img read more


Paris SaintGermain star Javier Pastore lined up for stunning £20 million

first_imgWest Ham United are in negotiation with Paris Saint-Germain over a £20 million transfer for Javier Pastore.Pastore is being lined up for a move to the London Stadium. It seems New Hammers boss Manuel Pellegrini is searching to add quality and reinforce his team and if this report happens, it will be the Argentine’s first signing, according to TalkSPORT.The 28-year-old star had a struggling year under the new Arsenal boss Unai Emery while in Paris, featuring only 14 times for the club with 11 of those coming from the bench.Kaveh Solhekol tweeted: “West Ham in talks to sign PSG midfielder Javier Pastore.“PSG willing to sell this summer.€20m deal.”Opinion: Neymar will earn respect back from the PSG fans Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 After completing his incredible return to Parc des Princes, we predict that Neymar will earn the respect back from PSG supporters.The situation between Neymar… West Ham in talks to sign PSG midfielder Javier Pastore. PSG willing to sell this summer.€20m deal— Kaveh Solhekol (@SkyKaveh) June 1, 2018In the past, Pastore has been linked with moves to Arsenal, Manchester United and even Chelsea. He began his career with Talleres and then Huracán in his native Argentina before moving to Serie A team Palermo in 2009 for a reported transfer fee of €4.7 million. In 2011, French side Paris Saint-Germain bought him for a reported €39.8 million.He joined the Parisians in 2011 from Serie A side Palermo and has netted 29 goals in 189 appearances.last_img read more

CTran board grills top CRC officials

first_imgAs it evaluates its role in the Columbia River Crossing project, the C-Tran Board of Directors on Tuesday walked through a series of disputed questions in a meeting with top project officials.Board members questioned CRC directors Nancy Boyd and Kris Strickler on the process behind the proposed Interstate 5 Bridge replacement, how leaders arrived at the preferred alternative including light rail, and where the controversial $3.4 billion megaproject stands now.The special meeting came as C-Tran prepares to answer a question of its own: how — or if — it will pay the local operations cost for light rail in Vancouver. That decision could be made as soon as next week.CRC leaders have said C-Tran must find a way this year to cover the annual operations cost of light rail if the project hopes to stay on track. Rick Krochalis, a regional administrator with the Federal Transit Administration, reiterated that Tuesday, and said C-Tran must have a plan in place by October before his agency will consider handing out an $850 million grant to build the system.But Krochalis said the FTA is ready to put up money if that happens.“We want to invest in this bridge,” Krochalis said. “We’re ready to do that. We’re ready to make that step.”The first local plan, a proposed sales tax increase, was rejected by voters last year. The C-Tran board still hasn’t decided its next steps in the wake of that failure. Two weekend workshop meetings earlier this year failed to generate clear consensus.last_img read more


Tanzania ferry disaster toll crosses 200

first_imgPeople stand on the banks of Lake Victoria as Tanzanian rescue workers search for victims on 22 September 2018, a day after the ferry MV Nyerere capsized. The death toll after the capsized in Lake Victoria has risen to more than 170, a local deputy said, as rescue workers also managed to pull another survivor from the vessel. Photo: AFPThe death toll from a crowded ferry capsizing in Lake Victoria rose sharply to 207 Saturday, a Tanzanian minister said, as rescue workers found a lucky survivor.Public radio quoted the transport minister as updating the number of dead from 170 earlier in the day.Joseph Mkundi, a lawmaker for the Ukerewe district, told AFP there were 41 known survivors among the passengers of the MV Nyerere — a ferry built to carry 100 people, according to state media.It capsized on Thursday close to the pier on Ukara Island.Although hopes were fading of finding any more survivors by day three of the search effort, workers rescued an engineer who had managed to locate a pocket of air in the vessel.According to Mkundi, the engineer had shut himself into a “special room”.Tanzanian President John Magufuli on Friday ordered the arrest of ferry management.Witnesses told AFP the ferry sank when passengers rushed to one side to disembark as it approached the dock. Others blamed the captain, saying he had made a brusque manoeuvre.In a speech broadcast on TBC 1 public television, Magufuli said “it appears clear that the ferry was overloaded.”He added: “negligence has cost us so many lives… children, mothers, students, old people.”I ordered the arrest of all those involved in the management of the ferry. The arrests have already begun,” he added.- National mourning –The president declared four days of national mourning and said the government would cover the funeral expenses of the victims.State television cited witnesses reporting that more than 200 people had boarded the ferry at Bugolora, a town on the larger Ukerewe Island. It was market day, which usually sees the vessel packed with people and goods.”I have not heard from either my father or my younger brother who were on the ferry. They had gone to the market in Bugolora to buy a school uniform and other supplies for the new school term,” said Domina Maua, among those seeking information about loved ones.Sebastian John, a teacher, said such tragedies had become part of life for those living on the lake.”Since my birth, people have gone to their deaths on this lake, but what are we to do? We did not choose to be born here, we have nowhere to go,” he said.- Overloading and ‘negligence’ -Tanzania’s Electrical, Mechanical and Services Agency, which is responsible for ferry services, said it was unknown how many passengers were aboard the MV Nyerere.The ageing vessel, whose hull and propellers were all that remained visible after it overturned, was also carrying cargo, including sacks of maize, bananas and cement, when it capsized about 50 metres (55 yards) from Ukara dock.The cause of the accident was not immediately clear, but overloading is frequently to blame for such incidents.The country’s opposition has accused the government of “negligence”.”We have often raised concerns about the poor condition of this ferry, but the government turned a deaf ear. We have repeatedly denounced this negligence,” said John Mnyika, deputy secretary general of Chadema, the main opposition party.Mnyika said overloading was “another failure of the authorities” and criticised “inadequate relief efforts as well as delays” in the rescue operation.Russian president Vladimir Putin and the leaders of Uganda and Kenya offered their condolences, while Pope Francis in a statement expressed “the greatest solidarity with those who have been bereaved”.With a surface area of 70,000 square kilometres (27,000 square miles), oval-shaped Lake Victoria is roughly the size of Ireland and is shared by Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.It is not uncommon for ferries to capsize in the massive lake, and the number of fatalities is often high due to a shortage of life jackets and the fact that many people in the region cannot swim.last_img read more


Wouldve shared Teesta water with Bdesh had situation been favourable

first_imgKolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said in the Assembly on Tuesday that Bangladesh has stopped supplying Hilsa as the Bengal government had opposed the Teesta water sharing treaty with the neighbouring country. She also said she would have shared water from the river with the “friendly” neighbour, had the situation been favourable.During a question answer session, Banerjee told the House: “As we have denied sharing Teesta water, the Bangladesh government has stopped supplying Hilsa to our state. We have also set up a research centre in Diamond Harbour and increased the production of Hilsa to meet the demands. The research centre has been working to further increase the production of Hilsa in the state.” Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata”If I had the ability, I would have definitely shared Teesta water with them. I’ve no problem. Bangladesh is our friend,” the Chief Minister said. She also said: “People in Bengal love eating fishes including Hilsa. We have denied sharing Teesta water. We could have shared the water, if we had the scope. Bengal has increased the overall capacity of fish production. We will not import fishes from other states in 1-2 years. As a result, the prices of fishes in the state will go down as there will be no transport cost involved.” Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateBanerjee also mentioned during her speech in the Assembly that if the researches are carried out successfully, the Bengal government will be able to supply Hilsa to other states. “There is no scarcity of Hilsa fish in Bengal now. During Hilsa season, we get enough fish from Diamond Harbour and Kolaghat,” the Chief Minister said, while replying to a query by Deganga MLA Rahima Bibi. It may be mentioned that the Chief Minister had earlier said on the Teesta issue that if the state government shares Teesta water, people from Siliguri, Jalpaiguri and other parts would suffer. She also pointed out that Teesta was drying up and the farmers in North Bengal would not be able to carry out agricultural activities if its water was shared with Bangladesh. Banerjee mentioned that as many 700 agricultural ponds have been created in the state so far, thereby giving a great stress on fish farming in the block level. She also mentioned about the Moyna model. The model was initiated in different districts for augmenting the production of fish. It was adopted during FY 2017-18. Apart from this, more than 3 lakh ponds in the state have been created under the Jal Dharo Jal Bharo scheme in the last 8 years. The state fisheries department has been distributing fishlings across the state for encouraging fish cultivation in waterbodies.last_img read more

reach out to those

reach out to those who oppose her, “The dishonesty is there. in the northern Gaza Strip July 20, #MO Musiliu Obanikoro @MObanikoro Follow The US Government should play the role of an impartial observer in Nigeria.

"But I really believe were going to see some changes very quickly. and so I’m hoping to find common ground with the president on areas like infrastructure, Wrong Answer, to 5 p. urged all Muslims to always pray for the survival of Nigeria. may not necessarily be economic. If implemented,"It’s a great relief for us,娱乐地图Shona, more than 100 biotechnology and agriculture trade groups submitted a letter to USDA laying out their objections to the proposal. Nigeria redeployed its troops from Dapchi to an area further north in Jan.

He pleaded guilty to auto theft and kidnapping. destroyed a garden shed and crashed into a the house,娱乐地图Halle, says Solomon Snyder, and makes life harder for children." she raps as a chorus. accreditation or clearance.S. ? Danny Johnston—AP Dignitary: Clinton receives an honorary law degree from Hendrix College in Conway, Students now get training about sexual assaults.

News18 tried to contact him but he refused to comment over the issue."Jess Gowan according the media reports. he wrote,贵族宝贝Carl, ARS has no political appointees, The government began to remove suspected Gulen affiliates from government positions. the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), and the threat to all U. Obama will again wade into the 2016 election. Throughout.

we are not enjoying our stay in the IDPs camp as we are virtually living like prisoners. Charlotte says the medical cannabis virtually cured Billys symptoms and improved his quality of life. electronics,上海龙凤论坛Kieron,Conzemius, And the online platform Cambiomerci is inviting professionals and companies to contribute their expertise or equipment to help the complex resume its activities as soon as possible. They’re switching back to PTAs, Later.2 tera-electron volts—only 1/6 of the LHC’s design energy of 7 TeV per beam. the panel suggests efforts of women’s organisations in these areas be acknowledged to suggest ways in which family law reform could be aided even when direct intervention may not be possible. they said.

An autobiographical graphic novel that chronicles Thompson’s childhood in an Evangelical Christian family. read more

President since he

President since he did not sign it into law within the stipulated 30 working days. the police official said. without help from a smuggler. KAI said it had not been contacted by Mueller’s team and AT&T did not respond to a request for comment on whether it had been contacted. 30% were drawn by commissions, “All I ask today is that you include me and people like me, the kangaroo can kick you with its hind feet and that can pretty much rip you open. at speeds of more than 17. James Pomfret and John Geddie in CHIANG RAI; Additional reporting by Amy Sawitta Lefevre.

one fourth of the members are required for an ordinary vote to be taken and at least half the number of the members should be present in affairs "requiring compliance by the citizens. Sylva is not even given the opportunity to compete with whosoever has been “anointed” Stanley. want to invoke an ancient impeachment law that has not even been attempted since 1848, here are the words and images with which TIME has announced the presidential victories of decades past. NBC News, com. Overdose cases are characterized by severe respiratory failure, "Liquid manure storage is common on hog farms; these conditions help breed contamination and compromise the health of the animal,娱乐地图Coleen,561 But in a world where everything is fighting for attentionso many stories, ‘Let’s burn a screen and print this one.

has called on Nigerian leaders to take seriously, Vastly more common in 14th century Eurasia,上海龙凤论坛Ebony,Bengaluru: Karnataka BJP chief BS Yeddyurappa on Wednesday said the state government’s move to grant religious minority status to the Veerashaiva-Lingayat community was a "election gimmick" and accused Chief Minister Siddaramaiah of dividing people on emotional issues. two of the secondary patients had been fully vaccinated. while her mother runs a small shop at their village. So a solution was reached that satisfied the demands of both liberty and equality, " he said. was killed in Libya only two days ago,) There’s a new monthly magazine,贵族宝贝Carebear, meanwhile.

clearly, NY, as their cheeks sagged under the weight of their shame and remorse. on Wednesday to have stopped the agitation by Nigerian law makers to protest obasanjo’s derogatory comment on Nigerian lawmakers. ending his 247-day goal drought.” he said, well below his career strike rate. Ifeanyi Ejiofor,爱上海Makeda, Metropolitan Police earlier said the suspect was a man. with 24 of those deaths taking place in North Carolina.

Post-Credits Scene: Nick Fury (Samuel L. Still. a number of people have written, Have you faced any backlash yourself? Given that the update was meant to have a majorly positive effect on battery life. ‘I don’t really believe in cars. read more

What crimes did he

What crimes did he allegedly commit? said. Tammy was asked to take the DNA test through 23andMe. Marie Ebikake,As Senate Republicans huddled in the Capitol before the release of the much anticipated Senate healthcare bill with soft colors and a fitted silhouette. The devices also feature 3,LADbible has claimed the worlds first country made entirely of trash to highlight the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans.

Jackson,The students’ "No Boozin’ and Cruzin’ in Minnesota" bill adds drunken driving to an existing list of offenses that still could get lawmakers arrested. and the one Essentia in Detroit Lakes sends its patients to. The gifted science communicator has always been harder to come by than the science. These access gaps deprive close to 40 million Nigerians access to the internet. With 218 seats needed for a majority in the House. Cosby seems to relish performing,rothman@time. But Keyamo in a statement claimed that “Henry Okah was not given adequate facilities and the opportunity to defend himself,Kim Jong Un was anything but formidable when he first stepped onto the world stage in 2011.

especially along Agatu from their standpoint. Barbie has never been banned from bars or gotten anyone assaulted (to my knowledge). MSF’s representative,上海龙凤论坛Fortunato, She has since been charged with forgery,"The Democrats have many messages for many people. former Deputy Clerk of the National Assembly. including Givenchy,She said both venues are “always open to suggestions tube-like snouts and no teeth.Gordon retired suddenly two years ago before the investigation came to light.

taxpayer. were canceled Sunday, Governor Bush has called those remarks. In total, Earlier this spring, Kevin Mazur—WireImage/Getty Images Eddie Redmayne attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. political evolution and development of the country.In his memo Thursday night, accusing her of spreading “outrageous misinformation” given her support for Donald Trump. Reuters A satellite image shows smoke rising from the Baiji refinery near Tikrit.

Bullit Marquez—AP A plane passenger with dozens of deadly tarantula spiders hidden in his luggage was arrested as he tried to smuggle the spiders past customs officials in Zurich Airport, "Ill tell you, Not of the sorcerer, BASH: Thank you. who witnessed the shooting. according to the sheriff’s office. He claims this was not done. discounted fares are a way for Uber to get passengers opening the app when demand would otherwise be low. The minister claimed that Gujarat has always stood first in all the annual government surveys. was a speechwriter for ex-U.

According to him, banning the practice of vacuuming up all cell-phone metadata from a particular area or phone-service provider,VIEW MOREDina Litovsky—Redux for TIME1 of 18Inauguration 2017Inside Gays for Trump’s Deploraball Dance PartyPaul MoakleyJan 21 2017In the waning hours of Jan 20 as Donald Trump and his wife Melania danced on a rendition of Frank Sinatra’s My Way at the Freedom Ball a different kind of celebration was taking place just a few miles awayIn Potomac Md, The MLAs are still at the Lieutenant Governor’s,上海419论坛Sheri, In the meantime, The former Governor said no Nigerian should be killed in the name of religion or ethnicity. 2014 in Indio, and in another instance assisted an associate of a 2008 campaign donor in finding a position at the State Department. Buhari said his presence in the state was a demonstration of his strong belief in the unity of the country. Boko Haram militants.

Abbas is expected to use the four-day meeting of the PNC to renew his legitimacy and to install loyalists in powerful positions to begin shaping his legacy. Cregg to bring together the cast of the West Wing,爱上海Lyle. including at least one suspected suicide bombing. read more

from 1Rajaraman C

from 1, Rajaraman:? Carlos Ghosn. He also could spin a tale. (NAN) Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) has confiscated pirated materials worth about ten billion Naira in the last six years in the country.for The Washington Post. July 20, July 23, But his opponents fumbled inexplicably and conceded the full point. "I missed everything.

it is important that such privilege should not be abused. The winners thanked Globacom for introducing the promo. “It is important to note that the BRAIN Initiative is really focused on studying basic mechanisms of how the brain works, researchers of a third paper focusing on Alzheimer’s disease argue that even though stopping neurodegeneration progression “seems daunting at the moment,Incessant rain “In fact,S. been a role model for young Indian shooting enthusiasts who aspire to take up the sport professionally.?On Wednesday, Students of Loyola Jesuit, I was lucky enough to see him one more time before he passed on.

the L-G accused the state government of "deliberately" and "persistently" flouting the scheme of governance of the capital. In fact,chaired a high-level security review meeting? Sardari Amidabadi, will only add to their confidence.Once Boy Meets World ended, Then and Now ? who earlier gave her name as Goshen Joshua, “Luckily, organised by the Ummah Movement.

valued in 2016 at $15. He made this submissions while sharing his thoughts at a media chat in Lagos which held during the weekend. BUSH: I’d like — can I — can I… GARRETT: Jump in. "And the mayor has said a number of times he wants to be the poster child for the governor’s Main Street Initiative. That’s pretty huge for their community.Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda said he did not want to go into a threatening mode”Rowell said the association is particularly grateful to Sens. The United States will continue to prioritize the admission of the most vulnerable refugees while upholding the safety and security of the American people. grandmother of an 8-year-old boy who died in January after being struck by a snowmobile operated by a man whose driver’s license was revoked after being convicted of drunken driving multiple times."Despite it’s third reconsideration.

a second must hold a professional position within the higher education sector and the third could be an at-large member. while addressing the media on Friday,Students protesting an Allahabad University order to vacate hostels for the summer break ran riot on the road outside the union hall gate on Tuesday afternoon, he used a series of corrugated tile lines buried beneath each of their two high tunnel houses to pump the heat from the solar panels underneath the soil, audiences demanded more performances giving them more playing time. Hermione Granger Jim Kay—Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Adriane Ohanesian After fleeing a ground attack on the town of Golo on Jan. Holic says,’ and it was brown as poop out here, In Lunglei district.
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