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  • Build Shanghai dragon nine units will learn the knowledge of Shanghai Dragon

    language website

    third: make full use of the search engine

    construction sites including HTML, PHP, ASP, CSS, and so on, we used languages in these languages, HTML and CSS are we learning must be part of the Shanghai dragon, especially for the HTML language, we must master, or you may even know how to set up the forum sign doesn’t know how to link. Don’t know in the article, at least you can understand how to grasp the HTML what is the website structure, website structure layout, does not require that you can do it, but must be able to understand; and other languages, such as PHP, which is a kind of language, suggest to learn about the PHP blog as common dynamic website construction of language. It has a certain understanding is good, is that their website function which need to modify the program to know where to change, this one, at least you can In the A5 mission area after the list to earn extra money. read more

  • Site optimization of long tail words outside the station operation strategy and detail analysis

    is a website about hot springs tourism network, through the analysis of the tourists often because the routing problem to search for love in Shanghai, aiming at this problem, what is the travel route Tangyu hot spring as the theme for the creation of the deployment of the long tail of Related words in the title, the figure shows that when users search the long tail word or similar words are synonyms, love of Shanghai, so as to provide valuable information for the customer in the first time, at the same time, the author of this page ranking is also naturally be recommended to the front. read more

  • Ask yourself you called the real Shanghai Longfeng it

    is now Shanghai dragon can be said to have been interpreted too much, too much misunderstanding, a situation now is a novice learning a class soldier egg casually a few days can be proud to say that he is the Shanghai dragon practitioners, which on the whole optimization industry think, and then make an indelible "merit" of the industry, so you can see the Shanghai dragon Forum Forum rectification, close Shanghai Longfeng light-years direct chaos. Of course, Xingyi today said that these are not just a laugh, the feeling, because with website optimization become more and more essential skill of webmaster, optimization techniques have been marginalized, and the key of optimization was also infinite or misunderstood, the damage can be said to be great, and will be said several Shanghai dragon mentality, do not know if you have read more

  • The baby was verified by noble domain name domain name provider

    < meta name= "-site-verification" content= "noble baby code" />

    Add new

    choose this method, ask you to use an existing account login domain name provider.


    A window will pop up

    this is done! After a few seconds, your site will automatically be verified and the confirmation message is displayed.

    website in Google webmaster tools, and then follow the steps below can be verified by the domain name provider of domain name:

    then you will be asked to confirm whether you wish to verify the site. read more

  • Please remember your site total amount collected is not out of the site

    for a simple discussion.

    so how to check the website real amount included? The answer is very obvious, only the official tool is the most convincing and true.

    here, is actually very simple, you need to check your site has many pages in the index fell in love with the sea, then use the tools provided by the official Shanghai love is certainly the best choice, and how to see it, is also very simple, is to see the love of Shanghai statistical background "love sea search query" this option. Here is the index show the exact amount, and is updated daily, compared with the SITE data to be accurate. read more

  • Small and medium sized enterprises to recruit the real cause of Shanghai Longfeng extension personne

    2, with theoretical knowledge of brand planning, transmission planning, network marketing system and rich experience;

    Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion personnel recruitment

    For many

    we take a look at the major city recruitment Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon promotion specialist job requirements:

    to recruit Shanghai Longfeng promotion personnel of the company, promotion personnel is more than extension workers, they think, Shanghai dragon is a seemingly omnipotent, what would Zhang San say, the machine is out of order, then immediately call: "four Li, you come and help me out in this machine where, why your machine has no problem?", "Li Si, at the bottom of the site is full of code garbled, you should see, I’ll change the code", "four Li, can you give me the memory expansion machine?" and so on, a lot of extension workers encountered similar problems, try to imagine this is the promotion of personnel, all kinds of trouble? Every day waiting for him, he still has time to do the promotion? He is Shanghai dragon promotion personnel? We can stay with him? Of course not! read more