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  • So the title has offbeat so good rankings

    friends search for a local station in Liuzhou Shanghai Shanghai dragon "dragon and phoenix", you will find the title is the target keywords piled up, however, ranked boss, maybe you will say this is normal, you will love Shanghai to the algorithm mechanism unpopular word stack is not very mature, but I think the following offbeat ranking it is worth pondering.

    why ranking of ups and downs, Shanghai dragon window ranking Zhaxian, rain Shanghai Longfeng trend for a while and so the phenomenon can be seen in the rankings by the word Shanghai Longfeng webmaster attention, is the key word that attention to these rankings are very good offbeat into the attention of the author, the author based on keywords in the title of the show of good rankings as we explained these offbeat Title: read more

  • Top 10 technology trends and entrepreneurial inspiration in 2014SF Financial Violations peddling pro

    SF financial release on gambling financial products


    rose by 15% every three months, then it would be close to 75% a year. For such financial products, it has been regarded as a very high yield.

    doing finance seems to have become the only road for every entrepreneur".

    2. uses pictures to communicate, this is a picture reading time. More and more we live in a world of vision. Camera, camera and computer all day in our hands, we use Instagram to capture and share our breakfast, we are on the way to work with Vine shooting and video sharing, our friend in the blog dinner photo, released on the Facebook of our living room decoration photos. read more

  • Analysis of love Shanghai tornado flow had come the new ways of promotion

    most of the webmaster of this phenomenon has been doomed, will let the brush flow site was search engine punishment should many webmaster know, this site was the Shanghai tornado love many It is without rhyme or reason. flow attack let the webmaster tremble with fear, for fear of their own hard optimization website search engine punishment. In fact, the idea is not so, if this can make the site being punished, if the malicious attack your competitors website what happens? So we must worry, search engine is not a vegetarian. read more

  • The enterprise website design website original content should pay more attention to the dynamic ente

    second employees, signing new product development and so on. Many new employees especially after signing, we need to write a report on the nature of news for its corporate website, on the one hand let the staff analysis of the single preparation before, in one for the rest of the staff has played a leading role in many, this kind of article is customers love reading very much. The article, done as a case to write an article, finally can write this list some summary articles and do. The contents of this original degree is high, but also users love to understand the content, you can see that this enterprise has no experience, and the strength of enterprises. This place to note is that for some secret aspects related to the enterprise’s own problems, it is best to take over a not too much to disclose the relevant details, if revealed corporate secrets, some people will have an ulterior motive as we get The loss outweighs the gain., competitors, the handle. read more

  • The structure of URL static and dynamic pseudo static which is more conducive to Shanghai Dragon

    The disadvantage of the

    disadvantages: user access speed is slow, why.


    let’s first look at the static and dynamic, pseudo static structure of the three URL what are the advantages and disadvantages.

    if a friend should know more clearly on the Shanghai dragon, common URL forms are static and dynamic, pseudo static three. If it is strictly classification, a pseudo static and dynamic, only form of static URL structure.

    The structure of URL


    static page

    Shanghai: Phoenix static pages are very friendly to search engines, as to why the friendly, may have a lot of people do not know, we directly in the advantage inside, you will be able to find search engines love what search engines love is fast, the website speed, that your web server is very good. Although the speed is very weak, only a few milliseconds, or less speed increase, but may be a little bit of time to make the search engine more love you. read more

  • 5 reasons can determine the site is down right

    site is down right above the performance belongs to this "upgrade", when the website pages were included only when the website home page. In addition to many new Adsense time after the optimization is still included in the search engine of the home, the right down the basic can be identified as the site has been K


    fifth: site or domain domain name is not in the first place:

    imagine a website search engine included some pages, and even disappear overnight. Perhaps this is the title of the search engine itself, but is more likely to lead to the unfavorable factors of the site itself. From the collected included no, which shows that the site had been "completely" by the "preliminary" abandoned the search engine; read more

  • How to improve the content of quality to achieve the best optimization effect

    more topics related to advanced website optimization 贵族宝贝 column Shanghai dragon qibing贵族宝贝/gaoji/ understand Shanghai Longfeng jones. "Enterprise website optimization to improve quality", "promoting the content of the page website weight significantly enhance the content strategy", "the contents of the original key in thought to create high weight website to read"

    You can also

    at this time, we can add some tips for knowledge, like: different pictures and different style of the budget should be how to choose the bride wedding photography agency? So high quality content is produced. For example: how to increase the number of wedding photos according to the figure, or different styles for different theme etc.. So the user can choose according to their own body and hair, rather than the simple answer. So we at this time to recommend appropriate wedding photography agency of our own, because the first answer is very close, so it is easy to obtain the trust of customers behind. read more

  • Love Shanghai for new sites and related algorithm optimization in Shanghai Dragon


    A: the new algorithm

    algorithm is also in constant change, a period of time before the love of Shanghai is very friendly to the railway station, a railway station on the line as long as basically less than an hour can be included, if you do the site more formal, but also do some high quality of the chain, then you the website is just on the line to be included in the page, even the website are included may. But the passage of time, now the railway station is no longer so friendly, you will often inspect the site in a sandbox, see your site has no regular updates, how to update the content, there is no original, quality is not high, for example, if you do these love Shanghai will be able to give you extra points, when the score reached a certain limit, then you can put your website to put out, including your website, but also a snapshot of your home page is generally good, the next snapshot. read more

  • How to make sitemap xml



    < –[if supportLists]–> <!! 1.; –[endif]–> Sitemap.XML

    ; noble baby?

    贵族宝贝贵族宝贝/support/webmasters/bin/ answer=40318& hl=zh_CN




    < –[if supportLists]–&g>!!


    id=32003044& sq=1

    format!Complete the following format:


    , the label respectively explained

    but many owners are still not look after the operation, this tutorial is taught you to create Sitemap.xml. read more

  • Four interview let me see the further Shanghai Dragon

    third station, give yourself a breathing space

    this is a network services company to ask a very practical problem to me. Indeed, Shanghai dragon’s purpose is to be able to get a good ranking in the search engines to get more customers through this platform search engine. There is no internship experience and successful cases of the graduates, when I answer the question of how much a little lack of confidence. I just graduated may need more guidance and training, but the employer may not be so good patience, a lot of strength of the people, what to spend time with an inexperienced graduates? So, want to be engaged in Shanghai Longfeng young people working in the student should try to make a success case. read more