• Paco: “2020 I ask for calm; we are all tense”

    first_img“I liked Mexican referees. You screwed up on their father and they, on your mother. Nothing was happening.” —How was 2019?–We have had better years in sports and many extra sports complications. It has been to analyze it and that some of the situations that have occurred do not happen again. You can serve as a reference to not relive this.—The goal was to play in the playoff for Christmas. It has not happened.–The Lightning plays well, defends better and, with the remaining games, will give us to get up. You have to make a good second round, after the first has been regular nothing more. It is a sign of maturity not to look for excuses and take responsibility for what we have done.“It’s hard for them to win … Why?”–We do not have to do more than we do but make it better. On the day of Las Palmas we showed a trade playing with one less and we took the game where we were interested. It is not football that I like, but it is a resource at any given time. It can be worth us for the future. INMA FLOWERS – He has fallen three games after his expulsion in the Cup.–If the story is told by Little Red Riding Hood or the Wolf has nothing to do with it. He throws me out because he feels like it and then I tell him it’s very bad. I drop a match for expulsion and two for disregard. I don’t know how far that is inconsiderate, I tell him what it is, I don’t insult him. I accept my mistake, but it doesn’t seem like it for two games. He expels me because I tell him to take out the cards in what is really necessary. It is a pity that young referees have the mentality of 40 or 50 years ago. You can’t even look at some, they have an inferiority complex so big that they defend themselves with cards. Now we have to talk and endure, understand that at one point they say: ‘Fuck, how bad you are.’ Well, I answered: ‘And you more’. Nothing happens. In that I liked Mexicans very much. You screwed up on their father and they on your mother. And it followed. In Spain they seem untouchable and are a minority because our referees have greatly improved.– How do you see the resolution for the ‘Zozulia Case’?–Resume the game behind closed doors and the economic fine was seen coming, but close the bottom I see it excessive. We are going to have to suffer ourselves and our hobby. We have no choice but to resort, in case something can be done. —The results generated doubts about its continuity.–In another club maybe now I wouldn’t be on the bench. Or yes, I don’t know. I thank Rayo for keeping me when the results were not, nor by any means, the expected ones, but the feelings are good and we can still get where we want. The players and I must assume that responsibility. They are a good group, great professionals, we have not been wrong with them, but we have all surrendered below expectations.center_img —He said that to aspire to the ascent they needed reinforcements, how many?–The injuries have left the team very depleted. Sometimes we were the just to be summoned. We are lame in the extremes, we have had to play with laterals, with half-points thrown to the band … It is not a whim of mine but a necessity.“Isi sounded, Amath …”–You have to bring at least two to face the competition with guarantees until the end. We are not as clear about the name as the characteristics. Our extremes have been small, fast … We want them bigger, more powerful, strong one on one and that give us different records.“Will a forward arrive?”–We have them very good, but if a possibility arises the club will consider it. That depends on the results. The first to lose the position are the technicians, but if the players have not given the level, with the signings, they can also be left out. There are people who will now have to break their faces. If we were seconds, we would all be calmer.“Will Abdoulaye, Lass or Advíncula come out?”–Abdoulaye has to leave: he wants it that way and we don’t count on him sportively. There is only one solution and you have to find it as soon as possible. I don’t know what Lass’s situation is. We did not consider his presence when forming the template, nobody told me: ‘Remember that it is coming in January and you must count on it’. It is not an alternative, in the market you have to go to something safer. Advíncula is from Rayo and is playing. We have to strengthen the team, not weaken it. Nothing should happen that did not happen last summer. “I love her, I respect her and I have always defended her, but in politics I don’t show my face for anyone” “The fans felt annoyed at his words the other day …–I love her very much, I respect her and have always defended her. Now, in political or religious aspects I don’t get my face out of anyone. The other day I made it very clear and who did not understand me is because he does not want to understand me. I fight for my hobby with anyone, up to a limit. Pablo Iglesias, Errejón, Rufián have left … supporting them, but they are politicians. For political issues there are already politicians. I am a coach and this has nothing to do with football, only that it has occurred in a field.“Do they feel in the middle of the managerial-hobby conflict?”–It catches us fully. Vallecas has lost all the essence that has made him great. We are one more field. Before it was the last redoubt of neighborhood football, foreigners came to watch games … We have loaded it and it is our fault. I mean everyone, we all get into garlic. I would have liked to have the atmosphere of my previous stage, the fans made us feel more important than we were.“What do you ask of 2020?”–Health and calm. We are all too tense and jumping to the minimum. We will try to get the problems from the rivals, not ourselves. Each other, the others one, nobody is saved here. Hopefully we are a united club that people envy. We have to fix it.“And a promotion?”–That is an obligation, we have to fight for that.– Are the workforce and you still involved in social causes?–The other day I watched a documentary by an ex-golfer and I loved a phrase that said about success. It was not money or fame but to help others. In Vallecas we have done many things other years and this is not yet, but we will do it. We are so engrossed in ours that we forget the most important. One of my father’s best advice (singer Lucas de Écija) is that, if one day I could help someone, I would do it.last_img read more

  • Where to Get Liberian Music

    first_imgAs Liberia’s sound begins to improve and gradually being welcomed on the international scene, young Liberians are getting in the business of promoting their country’s struggling entertainment industry. Abraham Kromah, who is also referred to as AB Lincoln WondaBoi, is one of those young Liberians whose passion to help promote the already struggling entertainment industry led him to develop an online platform intended to give fans a better way to share and download their favorite artists’ songs through “Hulkshare,” free of charge.AB Lincoln WondaBoi noted after falling in love with Liberian music, he one day woke up with an idea to begin promoting Liberian arts and culture. From that moment, the passionate AB Lincoln started to realize his dream by doing promotions on social media, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.“After doing promotion on social media for a while, I decided to link with Hulkshare to develop a music platform site that will enable fans the opportunity to get their favorite artists’ music from anywhere, regardless of location,” he said. Since last year, when the site became more accessible to music lovers, AB Lincoln revealed that the most difficult challenge the site is currently experiencing is getting songs from the various artists, “since many of them feel too big and believed that their team can do all the promotions.”“Sometime artists send me their songs via WhatsApp, CShare, and Bluetooth, whenever we meet, but other artists will refuse. I see this as very challenging, but it served as a motivation for me to constantly talk to them until I get what I want,” AB Lincoln noted.He said despite these challenges, promoting the works of artists is part of his life now and whatever they do or talk about can never distract his vision for the struggling industry.“I love what I do best. It is my job so I have to make it as easy as possible,” AB Lincoln added.Another frustration for AB Lincoln is that a lot of artists have not fully grasped the business concept of making music and the effort promoters are making to gave them a better career. “But If I may grade them, the good ones are 15 percent; and the rest are timid. Nevertheless, the team, which consists of young, passionate and intelligent musical soldiers, is willing to work at anytime no matter the situation. “We are now planning to build a new site ( that will encourage fans to buy their favorite artists’ songs and thus we will be able to pay the artists royalties,” AB Lincoln said.Consequently, AB Lincoln is appealing to Liberians from all walks of life to go to the sites; to get the latest Liberian music.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

  • The limits of Impunity

    first_imgBy Lekpele M. NyamalonWe certainly don’t look forward to a society with zero corruption, zero crime or zero attempts by people trying to defraud the state. We look forward to a day when Impunity would belong to the dustbin of History.Monrovia- Since the founding of the Liberian nation in the 1800s, the small West African Nation has been mired by the shackles of poverty, systemic corruption, institutionalized oppression and callous disregard for the rule of law. Sadly, however, amidst these anomalies, a daring culture of impunity has continued to reign.The 1970s witnessed a growing wave of socio-political activism from some of the nation’s young minds in their quest to attain social justice, balance of political representation with the presence of everyone from the political divide, ethno-linguist spheres and geographical stretches.That struggle, in many ways, unearthed the cracks that were hidden in the walls of the Liberian nation, one that had been hidden for ages.Simply put, the farther the ‘activists’ were from the pie, the loudest their voices and the closer, the shallower — thus shortchanging the people who genuinely needed economic, social and political emancipation. During the course of the struggle for rights, many vices were committed along the way. By 1989, the Liberian nation became embroiled in a full scale civil unrest as a boilover effect of the many years of agitation over unsolved long standing issues.  The civil war accounts for the death of more than 250,000 lives, hundreds of villages and towns destroyed, hundreds of children recruited as child soldiers, tens of thousands of kids left stranded to deal with the scars inflicted upon them by the civil war.Worse case, the participants of the civil war have refused to take responsibility for their roles in the conflict. As if returning from a party, everyone is denying the extent of his/her involvement, thus leaving the party ground untendered. Who does the cleaning?The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia records the killing of civilians in cold blood, the desecration of places of worship, schools and hospitals, all areas set aside as ‘sacred’ according to the Geneva conventions. For examples, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia stormed the edifice of the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church on 14th Street Sinkor in the early morning hours of July 29, 1990 and murdered hundreds of men, women and children in cold blood, using automatic machine guns, machetes, knives and other deadly weapons. Today, survivors are yet to receive justice or to face their attackers in court. Soldiers, acting on orders of the AFL also stormed the 13th Street compound of the Lutheran Church in Liberia, demanding to see the Bishop Ronald Diggs (sainted memory) who had left the country for peace talks in Banjul, the Gambia in 1990. In their way, they also killed innocent civilians, including the Liberian daughter of a white American Lutheran missionary assigned at the Lutheran Church, who was a childhood classmate of my mother.The TRC report also documents that soldiers of the AFL stormed the compound of the JJ Roberts United Methodist School on 12th street Sinkor, attempting to force themselves into the compound where hundreds of internally displaced persons were seeking refuge.In 1994, at the Phebe Hospital and School of Nursing in Suakoko, Bong County, commandos loyal to the National Patriotic Front of Liberia, the NPFL, stormed the compound of the Hospital, killing healthcare workers, clergy men, Academics and other innocent civilians. The group, named ‘the bandits’, was a splintered group of the NPFL and committed one of the most heinous crimes in the history of the civil war. I was an 11 year old boy and a survivor of that massacre.We certainly don’t look forward to a society with zero corruption, zero crime or zero attempts by people trying to defraud the state. We look forward to a day when Impunity would belong to the dustbin of History.During the course of 1979-2003, the TRC also reports and recommends actions for those accused of economic crimes. Economic crimes hinders the growth of a nation and deprives the citizens of basic amenities, like affordable healthcare, sound infrastructure, good education, and investment in other ventures for collective economic growth.Liberia cannot go forward when the winners from its ugly past, the perpetrators of war, violence, crime, wanton looting become the kingmakers and state crafters for the new Liberia. This is a farce. The Johnson-Sirleaf Administration missed a huge opportunity to put Liberia back on track after 14 years of carnage. It ignored the basic rudiments of rebuilding a nation after a long period of civil unrest by ignoring crucial recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.The real growth of the Liberian nation is not in the building of physical infrastructures but when its people are reconciled through deliberate efforts of justice and the rule of law. All other physical infrastructures stand on the quicksands of the limbs of an emotionally fragile people, who are easily mobilized to hate, spread venom and chaos.Those who bear the greatest responsibility of carnage of the Liberian Civil war are the happy lucky ones running to the bank with beams, whilst the rest of the people are left stranded, awaiting the next round of abuse, plunder and misrule. History has proven that when the people decide to stand up for themselves, the results are often unorthodox. Patience might be wearing out. Impunity should have its limits.Lekpele M. Nyamalon is a Poet, Author, Inspirational Speaker, OSIWA Poetry fellow and a Mandela Washington Fellow. He is the Author of the Book: ‘Scary Dreams’, An Anthology of the Liberian Civil War. He can be reached at this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

  • Hundreds sign petition against decision to ban used tyres.. as dealers form Association to…

    first_imgBY DEVINA SAMAROOHundreds of concerned stakeholders have signed a petition to take to Parliament next week in an effort to convince the Government to rescind its decision to ban the importation of used tyres into the country.The initiative is being spearheaded by a newly formed Used Tyre Association in an effort to up pressure on Government, since previous cries have fallen on deaf ears.President of the Association Allan Newark told (Guyana Times) on Thursday that the petition, which will be presented to the Clerk of the National Assembly Sherlock Isaacs, has garnered signatures from persons all across Guyana, including Berbice, Essequibo and Linden.He argued that with more than one thousand citizens disapproving of a decision taken by Government, especially in light of the fact that there was no prior consultation with stakeholders beforehand, immediate actions must be taken to address the situation.Hundreds of concerned stakeholders have signed a petition to convince the Administration to rescind its decision to ban the importation of used tyresThe petition is seeking to have a meeting with Finance Minister Winston Jordan during which the dealers in the industry will have an opportunity to present their case to Government.“We are just asking to be consulted, we want to be a part of the process…,” Newark stated, proposing that used tyres could be regulated instead of being banned.“It’s about standards, there must be standards in the law that will make tyre legal for use on the roads. Set a minimum requirement but don’t ban it,” he asserted, noting that the prohibition of used tyres has the potential to put five thousand young people on the breadline.“Five thousand youngsters will be put out of work if these tyres are to be banned because young people work at these vulcanising shops, they are employed there and the Government is supposed to be big on youth employment,” he stated.Newark also pointed out that the ban of used tyres on the basis that “they cause accidents” is outright absurd.“There are a lot of crazy words banging around about used tyres causing accidents, they don’t. Used tyres don’t drive cars, people drive cars,” he posited.During the National Budget 2016 presentation, the Finance Minister announced Government’s intention of banning the importation of used tyres, in an effort to promote a green economy and protect the environment.He had stated that the ban will be put into effect as soon as procedural hurdles are cleared.Meanwhile, the Guyana National Bureau of Standards has since been monitoring the quality and labelling of both new and used tyres imported and offered for sale in Guyana, and will continue to do so until the proposed ban takes effect and used tyres have been phased out.last_img read more

  • Head Teacher bans parents from entering Mon Repos Primary School

    first_imgParents of pupils who attend the Mon Repos Primary School on the East Coast of Demerara on Tuesday protested the administration’s recent move to ban them from entering the school to visit their children since a laptop went missing.According to the upset parents, a meeting was held with them on Monday where it was announced that they will no longer be able to visit the children during the day or even enter the school to pick them up or drop them off as a result of the missing device.The fuming parents complained that this drastic step would serve as a major difficulty since a lot of their children, especially those in Grade One, depend on their parents to use the washroom and even eat.Rekha Singh, a mother who has two children attending the school explained thatA group of parents gathered outside the Mon Repos Primary School waiting for their kidsone of them is in Grade Two while the other is in Grade Five. She said, “My Grade Five child is a sickly child and I cannot enter the compound to take lunch for them. This morning (Tuesday) they tell us we cannot go in”.That parent argued that she, like others, has no idea what was lost and would like to be able to enter the building as per normal again.Priscilla Sukhnandan, another parent, explained, “My daughter is in Grade One and she doesn’t eat on her own. She only start (school in) September and apparently, you have to give the guard your ID (Identification) card to go in there. I don’t know if is a jail your children in or what”.She complained that the teachers are habitually late so parents are usually forced to stay in the classroom with the children until they arrive because the childrenChildren playing in a grassy area of the school compoundwould resort to mischief.The parents said they would be willing to use a visitor’s or parent’s badge, if the school provides, just so they can be with their children.Meanwhile, another parent, Randolph Bissram told this newspaper, “If you hear cry this morning, them (children) don’t want to go in which in them mother is go and put them in them class and see them guh”.Bissram called for the removal of the Head Teacher as he blamed and accused her of being the root of corruption at the institution. According to him, he attended the very school and never experienced an issue.He complained that the present Head would usually victimise children if their parents speak out, while also alleging that she controls all the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) funds.Although she controls these funds, the parents pointed to the fact that just recently the school bridge got partially damaged and even injured a child in the process. The bridge is yet to be repaired, the parents informed.They also stressed the fact that their little ones are forced to play in a bushy and unsafe environment, which is likely a habitat for harmful reptiles.Those parents are calling on the Education Ministry to make a speedy intervention into the issue.When contacted, the Education Public Relations Officer assured that he would look into the matter.Earlier this month the Ministry was forced to intervene in a similar matter at the Diamond Primary School on the East Bank of Demerara.Guyana Times understands that the ban on parents was imposed after a teacher reported that she allegedly lost her laptop there as well.After a publication was done by this newspaper, an intervention was done by the Ministry which led to the parents being allowed to enter the premises again.last_img read more

  • Man United count their losses with Kagawa as winger returns to Borussia Dortmund

    first_imgShinji Kagawa has ended his miserable two-year spell at Manchester United, with manager Louis van Gaal allowing the winger to join former club Borussia Dortmund in a cut-price deal.Having starred during his first spell in Germany, the Japanese international failed to hit the ground running following his £12million arrival at Old Trafford in 2012, quickly falling out of favour during David Moyes’ short reign as boss last season.And, after struggling to make an impression under new chief Van Gaal, the 25-year-old has now returned to the Bundesliga in a reported bargain £6million switch, signing a four-year deal with Jurgen Klopp’s side.Kagawa made just 57 appearances for United and scored six goals, which included a brilliant hat-trick display against Norwich, but ultimately failed to win over the club’s management or fans.It seemed the forward might be given a new lease of life in Manchester following the appointment of Dutch coach Van Gaal this summer, but he has been restricted to just one appearance this season, in the Red Devils’ shocking 4-0 Capital One Cup defeat against MK Dons.And Kagawa was evidently ecstatic to rejoin the side where he rose to stardom on the European stage two seasons ago.“I said on the day of my departure that my story with Borussia Dortmund was not completed,” he told Dortmund’s official website.“I wanted to realise my Premier League dream but now I’m happy to be back in Dortmund; in this great team, the unique environment. Dortmund is like a family.“I am proud they have never forgotten me and I can belong again.”Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke added: “Shinji Kagawa is a technically gifted creative player who is capable of determining the outcome of a match. He wanted to return to Borussia Dortmund.” Man United count their losses with Kagawa as winger returns to Borussia Dortmund 1last_img read more


    first_imgWedding congratulations Best wish to senior player Austin Marron on his marriage to Mary this weekend in Galway, we wish them a lifetime to happiness together.LadiesThe seniors travelled to Moville on Sunday morning for the first leg of the championship, where despite some great performances from the relatively young team, a home advantage and an early lead for Moville proved too difficult to catch. The juniors were at home on Sunday for the first leg of their championship where, again, despite a good start, Fanad left the victors. They are due to play the second leg of the championship this Saturday away to Fanad, details to be confirmed.The minors kick off their championship today at home against Cloughaneely at 7 O’clock. All support greatly appreciated.U14Girls: Our ‘A’ team played Naomh Conaill at home on Monday evening in the division 1 ‘A’ semi-final. The Termon girls played some fantastic football from start to finish as they chipped over point after point, an average of 1 point every 3 minutes, throughout the game and bagged themselves a couple of goals for good measure too. The girls will defend their U14 A title next Friday the 22nd in what is most of the girls’ 5th appearance in an ‘A’ final since 2014. Venue, opponents and details have yet to be confirmed so keep an eye out on facebook etc. Training continues as usual this Friday and next Tuesday at 5:30pmComhbhrónDéanann muid comhbhrón le teaghlach Sheamuis Mhic Géidigh, ar bhás thobann Shéamuis an tseachtain seo chuaigh thart. Crónófar go mór a ghlór ar an radió, agus an Ghaeilge bhinn shaibhir a bhí ag Séamus. Is boichte go mór é an saol agus é imithe romhainn ar shlí na fírinne. Guíonn muid suaimhneas síoraí ar a anam uasal.Club members stood in silence near the Burn Road as Séamus’ remains passed en route to his home last Wednesday evening. Seamus often did live broadcasts from the Burn Road. Led by Club Chairman Daniel O’Donnell, up 20 club members assembled including fellow sports journalists Oisin Kelly of Highland Radio and Pauric Hilferty from Ocean FM.Club newsTermon GAA Minor Board in association with Kelly’s CENTRA Mountain Top Letterkenny – what an end to the U12 boys season! In very difficult conditions last Wednesday night the boys won the NRB Div 1 title when they defeated Sean Mc Cumhaills. Their 2 point victory was fully deserved and their battling qualities were required to hold out playing into the conditions in a second half that had 5 and a half minutes of injury time added. A really brave performance. On Saturday then it was off to Mc Cumhaill Park for County Finals day. Our B team were first up and despite a hat-trick from Oran Mc Menamin, Aodh Rua Ballyshannon won with the minimum to spare. In The A game our boys won comfortably to secure Termon a 3 rd U12 A County Final place in 4 years. The B team played off with Dungloe for 3rd place and to their credit both teams played some excellent football with a late Oisin Mc Groarty goal getting the Termon boys over the line for the win, well done boys.The A Final was a close affair with Mc Cumhaills providing the opposition and the absence of Oisin Kelly on All Ireland athletics duty, (Congrats Oisin on your All Ireland 600m U13 Silver medal, a fantastic achievement) and the loss of Caolan Reid and Patrick Fegan to injury in a tough first half proved the difference.Showing their true qualities both Caolan and Patrick came on late on in the second half to help with the comeback which following a Cian Mc Menamin penalty got us to within a goal of the hosts who held out for the win, Congrats to the Mc Cumhaills boys on their victory. For our boys the disappointment was huge but these boys have been superb over the past 10 weeks or so and play a fantastic style of football which has won them many admirers around North Donegal, well done to the boys and to Paddy Hugh and Eddie on all they have achieved to date.Our u16s had a busy few days as well with a comfortable victory over neighbours Glenswilly on Friday last followed up by a heavy defeat in Downings on Monday last. That’s 2 wins from 3 so the boys can still make Division 1 if they win their remaining games. Next up it’s a trip to Buncrana this Friday with a 7.30 throw in time. Good luck boys. Everyone involved in our Minor Board would like to wish Enda Mc Cormick and the entire Donegal Minor team the very best of luck in this Sundays Ulster Final. A large crowd of our club members as well as family members will be there to cheer Enda and his team mates on in what should be a fantastic final against Derry. Enda’s recent injury could not have come at a worse time but hopefully he will be able to make a contribution at some stage in Clones on Sunday, good luck EndaThis Saturday our U8s will travel to Glenswilly for a series of games, details will be sent to parents in the next day or two. Likewise details of a planned game for our U10s this Saturday in Glenswilly will be known soon and again parents will be informed as soon as we know.Ulster FinalWe wish Michael Boyle and the senior team, as well as Enda McCormick with the minor team, all the best at Clones on Sunday at the Ulster finals.LottoThis week’s lotto draw takes place in McClafferty’s with a jackpot of €1,850.BingoBingo continues every Friday night at 9pm at An Craoibhín, thanks to all for your continued support.GAA NEWS: TERMON CLUB EXPRESS WELL WISHES TO AUSTIN MARRON AND SOON-TO-BE MRS. MARRON was last modified: July 13th, 2016 by Elaine McCalligShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Termon GAA club noteslast_img read more

  • Report in America makes Liverpool sale claim, names Henry’s asking price

    first_img 3 getty Henry, whose company Fenway Sports Group bought Liverpool for $477million (£366m) in 2010, is claimed to be running a “passive sales process”.“It’s for sale if he can get the right price,” a source told the Post.In August this year, the Daily Mail reported that a cousin of Manchester City owner Sheik Mansour had failed in a stunning £2billion bid to buy Liverpool, which would have constituted the most expensive takeover in the history of football.Following the Mail’s report, FSG insisted they had no plans to relinquish ownership of the Reds anytime soon.A statement from FSG in August read: “FSG have been clear and consistent: the club is not for sale.“But what the ownership has said, again clearly and consistently, is that under the right terms and conditions we would consider taking on a minority investor, if such a partnership was to further our commercial interests in specific market places and in line with the continued development and growth of the club and the team.” John W Henry and Tom Werner have owned Liverpool for eight years 3 3 Liverpool FC owner John W Henry is reportedly preparing to sell the Premier League giants.According to the New York Post, the American has “quietly signalled” he’s willing to hand over control if he receives an offer upwards of $2billion (£1.5bn). This latest report, however, suggests Henry is now entertaining the idea of cashing in.The billionaire also owns the Boston Red Sox, who won the World Series this year.Despite their triumph, the Red Sox lost money in 2018, according to the Post, although there is nothing to suggest a direct connection between selling Liverpool and funding the baseball team’s losses. Could Liverpool be about to switch hands? Henry and Liverpool have yet to comment on the speculation.A League Cup triumph in 2012 is the only trophy Liverpool have won since FSG’s takeover, but the club as a whole has made impressive progress in recent years, with Jurgen Klopp proving a popular appointment as manager following his arrival in 2015.The 2015/16 season saw Liverpool lose the League Cup and Europa League finals to Manchester City and Sevilla respectively and they reached the Champions League final in 2018.This season they have yet to taste defeat in 11 Premier League games and are sitting second in their Champions League group. John W Henry (centre) and Tom Werner (right) get their hands on the World Series trophy last_img read more


    first_imgFinn Harps FC have expressed their disappointment at the handling of the FAI cup quarter-final clash with non-league side Avondale United next weekend.Harps have NOT received any official confirmation regarding when the fixture will take place, despite the game being scheduled to be played next weekend.It’s now believed that the game will be played next Sunday afternoon at 2pm in Avondale. Avondale FC tweeted the details of their fixture on their official Twitter account earlier today.However, Harps have still not received any official confirmation on when the game will take place.Logistically the fixture is already challenging for Harps, and with the uncertainty over what day the game will actually be played it has meant the club has been unable to make any travel preparations.If the game as expected takes place next Sunday afternoon as Avondale announced on Twitter, then Harps will have to travel to Cork on Saturday and stay overnight. But with no official confirmation announced Harps have been unable to make arrangements for the crucial clash with the FAI Intermediate Cup champions.A club spokesman said, “It’s a farcical situation and it should have been resolved earlier than this.“We’ve been unable to make any arrangements for the fixture, and it’s just not good enough.“It’s disappointed that Avondale United feel confident enough to announce details of the fixture on their Twitter account, yet we still haven’t received any confirmation.Harps are currently on their way back from Cork this evening after narrowly losing to Cobh Ramblers 1-0. A 31st minute strike from Rob Waters was the difference between the sides, and back-to-back defeats have ended Harps promotion hopes.But with a cup semi-final up for grabs, there’s still plenty to play for the season and the prospect of a cup semi-final has Harps fans dreaming of a cup final at the Aviva in November.However, Avondale will provide stiff opposition and will be no pushovers when the two sides clash next Sunday, or Saturday or maybe Friday at Turner’s Cross.They’ll decide soon hopefully….. HARPS EXPRESS ANNOYANCE AT HANDLING OF FAI CUP QUARTER-FINAL TIE was last modified: September 7th, 2014 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Avondalefai cupFinn Harps FChomepage sportnewsQuarter final.last_img read more

  • Bridgestone keeps PinkDrive on the road with R1m donation

    first_imgPinkDrive’s mission is to provide breast cancer awareness and screening services to disadvantaged communities (Image: Bridgestone SA)Bridgestone’s cheque for a million rand is the biggest once-off donation ever received by breast cancer charity PinkDrive, revealed founder Noelene Kotschan at the official handover this week.The money was raised from members of the public who bought sets of pink valve caps at Bridgestone outlets for R50 each. Bridgestone funded the cost of the caps and donated the entire purchase price to PinkDrive.Speaking at the handover breakfast function at Emperors palace in Ekurhuleni, Bridgestone Promotions Manager Jan Maritz said the response from the public had been overwhelming. “When we first launched the pink valve cap project in October 2013, we were apprehensive about whether motorists would support such an unusual fundraiser,” he said.“We needn’t have worried. With about 20 000 sets of valve caps sold, South Africa’s drivers have rallied behind the cause.”BREAST CANCER AWARENESSPinkDrive’s mission is to provide breast cancer awareness and screening services to disadvantaged communities. It now runs three mobile breast check units and three cars for community outreach. Since being founded, PinkDrive has provided over 5 500 mammograms and almost 60 000 clinical breast examinations. It has also directly educated nearly 90 000 women on breast health.PinkDrive’s Kotschan said the R1-million would make a huge impact on the services PinkDrive was able to deliver. “It’s three months’ running costs,” she explained. “We provide 480 mammograms a month and educate ten times more women in breast health. This is a huge donation, the single biggest cash donation we’ve ever received,” she added.“I’m so grateful to Bridgestone and the motorists who did their bit by buying the pink valve caps.”Kotschan said that the women who were assisted by PinkDrive often had no medical aid or access to hospitals. “We provide the only way for them to be screened for breast cancer,” she said.Bridgestone’s Maritz urged the public to continue supporting PinkDrive. “SMS the word PINKDRIVE to 40158 to donate R20 straight away, or visit their website, for more information,” he concluded.last_img read more